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Suspended prison sentence for groper

A Canberra man who inappropriately touched an intellectually disabled woman at a southside club has walked free from a Canberra court.

John Bruce Kenney was sentenced to seven months' jail after pleading guilty in the ACT Magistrates Court to an act of indecency.

The 67-year-old was given a further three months' jail for a bail breach as he committed the crime while on a suspended sentence for a similar offence.

Magistrate Peter Dingwall on Tuesday released Kenney on a suspended prison term as he had already spent more than five months behind bars awaiting sentence for the indecent act.

The court heard Kenney inappropriately touched an intellectually disabled woman at the Southern Cross Club in Woden in August last year.

He left the club after being warned by staff, but handed himself in to police three days later.


The defendant was arrested after viewing CCTV footage with officers and admitting it was ''self-explanatory''.

Kenney told police he had drunk three schooners of beer and thought the woman had welcomed his advances.

He admitted he got a sense of sexual satisfaction when he touched the woman.

The magistrate ordered Kenney to enter an 18-month good behaviour order and undertake drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Kenney, who lived in supported accommodation at the Ainslie Village at the time of the offence, has a history of committing indecent acts in public.

He was given a three-month suspended sentence in 2011 after grabbing a woman's breast and getting naked in a Fyshwick toilet block in separate incidents.

At the time Kenney, who represented himself, told the court he had shown remorse in a letter he wrote to the victim of the indecent act.