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Swimmers and swans mix it in Lake Burley Griffin

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Life's a beach if you're willing to take the plunge into Lake Burley Griffin.

Swimmers were recently given the all-clear to dive into the waters and the Cannon family of Duffy wasted no time in doing just that at Yarralumla Beach.

Natalie and Lee Cannon and their children Tara, 8, and Elliott, 2, were spotted cooling off with the black swans.

The elder Cannons go kayaking when the water is good, and their children jump on board and enjoy the paddle and water play afterwards. ''We're water lovers,'' Ms Cannon said. ''When we can't get to the coast, we get on the lake.''

She waxed lyrical about the charms of Lake Burley Griffin.

''It's beautiful, especially on a day like today: it was still, it was warm, it was lovely,'' Ms Cannon said.


Before they visit the lake, the Cannons check online to be sure the water is safe for swimming.

''Personally, I wouldn't put my head under but the kids are pretty resilient. They haven't been sick,'' Ms Cannon said.

She and her husband are Canberra born and bred and both swam in the lake when they were younger, too.

''It was better quality water back then,'' Ms Cannon said.

Also keen on kayaking, the Tomecko family of Forde were taking to the lake for the first time in their new kayaks.

Patrick and Nikoleta Tomecko and their children Meshika, 12, Rimian, 6, and Orlan, 4, had a paddle and a picnic lunch.

''We are into water. It was beautifully calm and the perfect temperature,'' Mr Tomecko said.

They didn't swim but ended up soaked all the same.

Mr Tomecko had no qualms about the water quality: ''The children are pretty hardy and the lake is safe for kayaking.''

According to the National Capital Authority's most recent Lake Burley Griffin water quality updates, East Basin Central Basin, Ferry Terminal, Lotus Bay, Yarralumla Beach, Weston Park East and Weston Park West are open and bacteria levels are low. Black Mountain Beach has an algae status of 'medium', but no restrictions are in place.