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Taxi-bash accused released on bail

A man who allegedly punched out the front teeth of a Bangladeshi taxi driver told him to "piss off back to your own country" before the attack.

Michael Liam Jackson, 31, appeared in court on Thursday charged with repeatedly punching the taxi driver in the face, knocking out three teeth and dislodging another outside a home in Forde late on Saturday February 16.

The alleged bashing followed a dispute over money, and after Jackson became angry because his friends were not taken to McDonalds on the way home from Rydges Lakeside Hotel in the city.

The defendant was part of a group of eight passengers who tried to get into 54-year-old Mohammad Hussain's taxi from Rydges.

The taxi driver, who only had room for seven, refused and ordered another taxi.

When passengers were dropped off at the Forde address, Jackson allegedly became angry after a bank card was declined twice trying to pay the $65 fare.


He allegedly threw some money at the driver, told him to take it and "piss off back to your own country".

Another friend paid the rest of the fare, the court heard.

But a minute later Jackson re-emerged and walked up to Mr Hussain's taxi, the court heard.

He allegedly abused the taxi driver for not taking his friends to McDonalds.

Jackson then landed a series of strong blows to the right side of the Mr Hussain's face, it will be alleged.

The assault left Mr Hussain in hospital and he has previously told Fairfax Media his future dental work could cost up to $26,000.

The court heard the incident had been captured on CCTV.

Jackson is charged with recklessly inflict grievous bodily harm and was granted bail on Thursday.

He will reappear in court late next month.