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Territory leads in multiple births

IF YOU think you're seeing double - or triple - you might be right. Canberra, according to the latest figures, has the highest ratio of multiple births in the country.

The latest available figures show there were 83 multiple births in the ACT in 2011, from about 5000 pregnancies, which was the greatest percentage of twins, triplets or more of any state or territory.

And while twins may be a whole lot more work than single babies, they also mean double the love for new mums and dads, according to parents.

However, parents of multiples do benefit when the community helps out, because the going can get tough when more than one baby comes long.

That is the message from Amelia Haddock, president of the Canberra and Region Multiple Birth Association and mother of three-year-old twin boys, during Multiple Birth Awareness Week, which ran from March 10 to March 17.

On Saturday, the association held its annual Family Fun Day, where about 100 families gathered to enjoy jumping castles, slides and pony rides at the Holt Community Hub.


Suzy Lawler had her quadruplets Harry, Priyah, Baxter and Ruby Ceeney at the Canberra Hospital eight years ago and their brother Archer was born a year later. She said as a single mother she sometimes felt like it was ''five against one'' but having five healthy children made the hard times worthwhile.

''They adore each other, the bond is amazing, they've got built-in friends for life,'' she said.

Ms Haddock said parents of multiples loved watching the way their children interacted with each other but some struggled financially and with the demands it placed on their time.

She encouraged anyone who was interested in helping out a family with multiples to get in contact with the association.

''Lots of our volunteers are grandmas or grandpas whose family live a long way away, so if they're craving a cuddle with a baby we can do better than one,'' she said.