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The kids' Christmas cheer could cost you dearly

Furby's, minature ride on cars, a frankenstien monster and a flying helicopter have made the list of what Canberra kids want for Christmas.

But the wish list will make gift giving an expensive exercise for mums and dads with the top ten items totalling more than $2000.

Children's toy retailer Toys R Us released their pre-christmas Top 10 toy list today. Taking the prize for most expensive, the bouncing backyard favourite - the trampoline will cost Santa's little elves $984.99.

While only three toys on the list would leave parents change from $100.

Gone are the days of simple sets of building blocks or moulding clay. These hi-tech toys use sophisticated technology ranging from voice recognition to a three-channel radio controlled, gyro stabilisation helicopter. The trampoline boasts a safety enclosure and new springs that promise an extra 60cm of bounce.

Spokeswoman from consumer advocate group Choice Ingrid Just said parents should be retail savvy.


"Some of these top ten toy lists that are being put out by toy retailers are essentially a catalogue so it's probably not surprising that you might see some high value items on that list," she said.

The average gift would set parents back $250 and Ms Just said parents should remember that there are cheaper alternatives to popular items.

"If your child does want a trampoline it doesn't mean you have to go out and buy one that's being advertised on a top ten list," she said.

"This time of the year if there's no science behind it then you can see that it's likely to be part of their advertising program or marketing for the year."

Although there is nothing wrong with releasing lists for inspirational ideas on what to buy for Christmas, Ms Just says children are usually comfortable with the basics.

"Depending on their age and stage kids can find fun and games in all sorts of ways," she said.

"What I do know for myself is that it's the homemade gifts... and time that is the greatest gift."


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