Stephen Innes owner of the Boatshed at Batemans Bay, Canberra.

Stephen Innes owner of the Boatshed at Batemans Bay, Canberra. Photo: Colleen Petch

IN ONE week more than a tonne of prawns and two tonnes of fresh fish fillets garnished with a tonne of lemons will be needed to feed the patrons of an inconspicuous fish and chip shop in Batemans Bay.
Summer is the busiest time of year for The Boatshed which has been run by the Innes family on the banks of the Clyde River since 1961.
Owner Stephen Innes said appetites for fresh seafood outstrip local supply and deliveries from Sydney arrive on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
‘“We have two boats we buy off in Ulladulla because they are north of the marine park but they go out about twice a week and it depends on the weather,’’ Mr Innes.
‘‘Some times we get a tonne and then nothing.’’
And the family-run shop will employ an extra 10 staff to cope with the Christmas rush.
‘‘We get about 50 per cent more people in summer,’’ he said. 
The 53-year old has started serving the third generation of customers  returning to buy fish and chips with their children or grandchildren and he plans to be around for a fourth.
‘‘It’s just so nice to hear ‘that’s the best fish and chips’, ‘that’s the best fish and chips’, when people are walking out the door.’’ 
But he denies there is a secret ingredient that keeps the hungry hordes coming back.
“The secret batter is just flour and water -it is the produce. We clean our oil everyday and don’t cook anything in advance.’’