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'Tools will be sold, and the ute burnt': owner's prediction for theft

The owner of a builder's ute that was stolen with "at least" $40,000 worth of tools in the back said he doesn't expect to see his car or his tools again.

The white Holden Rodeo ute was parked in the driveway of a home in Stretton Crescent, Latham, when it was stolen some time on Wednesday night. The vehicle's alloy tray was fully loaded with carpenter's tools. 

Both the ute and the tools belong to commercial fit-out company Northside Commercial, whose director Dean Crowe said the worker that was using the vehicle slept through the theft, and woke in the morning to find it gone.

The ute is one of six vehicles branded with the company's name - Northside Commercial Pty Ltd - down the side.

Mr Crowe said he believes the tools are worth "at least" $40,000, but doesn't think he'll ever see them again.

"I reckon the tools will be sold and flogged off for nothing, and the ute will turn up on the side of the road burnt out," he told Fairfax Media on Friday, adding that amongst the specific tools were also fittings, fixings and other "incidentals".


"The biggest problem is you don’t know what you’re actually missing until you go to use it."

Mr Crowe said the worker responsible for the vehicle has been able to continue working using borrowed tools.

He said while he has had tools taken off the back of vehicles and from worksites before, this is the first time his company has ever had a fully-laden vehicle stolen.

Anyone with information about the stolen vehicle or tools is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or via the website.