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Tributes for ALP stalwart and 'hilarious heckler' Brendon Morrison

He was known by generations of Canberrans for dressing up as Santa every Christmas and driving around the suburbs in his ute to shower delighted children with lollies.

He was also a life member of the Labor Party and a ''notoriously hilarious heckler'' at sub-branch meetings.

Brendon Morrison, a double amputee from Stirling who nevertheless went full tilt at life, died this week. He is survived by his wife, Di.

His funeral will be held on February 26 at 10.30am at St Raphael's Catholic Church in Queanbeyan.

Mr Morrison, 59, died in Canberra Hospital on Monday.

ACT Labor secretary Elias Hallaj said Mr Morrison had been a member of the Labor Party for 20 years, was an active member of the Weston Creek sub-branch, and had always shown great support for local candidates.


The ALP awarded him life membership last year. A plumber, he was also involved in the local union movement.

''Brendon will be missed by many people,'' Mr Hallaj said. ''He had a sense of humour, he was always an optimist, and he was a notoriously hilarious heckler.''

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher also paid tribute to Mr Morrison.

''Brendon was a generous man, a committed Canberran, and an active member of the ALP. He treated everyone equally, spoke passionately for campaigns he cared about, and never missed the opportunity to say hello,'' she said.

''In all my time of knowing Brendon, he never once complained about his own health or how that impacted on him. Brendon will be missed by many people across Canberra.

''Because his death was so sudden, I can't really believe I won't have another opportunity to see his friendly face about Canberra or take his calls on Chief Minister's Talkback.''

Many people in Canberra, such as Debbie Carlisle, will remember Mr Morrison for playing Santa in the suburbs every Christmas, spending his own money on lollies and delighting children for more than 25 years.

''Mothers would come out with their children and say, 'I remember you when I was a little girl','' Ms Carlisle said.

''It was something he did out of the generosity of his own heart, and people looked forward to it every year.''

Mr Morrison was also a huge fan of the Canberra Raiders and Collingwood Football Club, tributes to both clubs emblazoned on his prosthetic legs. He worked tirelessly to improve services for amputees in the Canberra region.

He was a long-time worker for the ACT government and was president of the NSW/ACT branch of the Plumbers Union for more than 10 years.

NSW Plumbers Union state secretary Dave Broadley said Mr Morrison was ''very well known and very well respected''.

''He was the first bloke to put his head on the block for workers' rights, and he also did a lot for the community,'' he said.

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