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Tuggeranong homes caught in serious ACTEW flooding

Massive water spill and mud slip damage cleaned up after water main burst.

Macarthur resident Steve Sharkey had plenty of time to reflect on his good fortune on Wednesday as he restored landscaping around his driveway and garden. 

His property, just metres across Jackie Howes Crescent from the site of a massive water spill and mud slip in the early hours of Tuesday morning, suffered only minimal outside damage.  

Just down the hill two homes were flooded and about five gardens suffered water damage from the burst water main.

"We were pretty lucky given how close it is," Mr Sharkey said.

"It was about 6.30 in the morning when I was woken. When I came out to get the paper I could see where all the water had gone down the driveway and to my fenceline but nothing came inside." 

The clean up continued in at least one low lying property in nearby Hardie Close.


The homeowner, who asked not to be named, said his property had suffered serious flooding and a large clean up continued on Wednesday afternoon.

As crews worked to fill a huge hole around the restored pipe and conducted pressure testing, Mr Sharkey said pavers, plants and a few other items had been dislodged by the water. He used a shovel to move gravel and sediment. 

"It caused a deep trench under part of the pool fence but missed most of the garden and appears to have gone down the grass alleyway in between the houses. It could have been a lot worse."

An Actew Water spokeswoman said residents in Macarthur, Fadden, Gilmore, Wanniassa, Richardson and Chisholm should see water supply return to normal.

Some minor amounts of sediment and discolouration can be expected as supply returns to the pipes, the spokeswoman said. 

Mr Sharkey said the company would have to contribute to clean-up costs for the worst hit residents but he had finished his own clean up.

"They should make sure it doesn't happen again," he said. "That is pretty important. It looks like they have been putting new stuff in there and taking a few big pipes out today." 

"It was pretty crazy for the houses along the street but down the hill definitely got the worst of it," Mr Sharkey said.