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Two hurt in shopping centre blast

UPDATE: Police believe cap gun ammunition was involved.

Two men have been treated for burns and fragment injuries following an explosion in the food court of the Westfield Belconnen Mall.

Witnesses report the blast occurred at about 1pm near Donut King, breaking glass and producing a cloud of smoke.

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One witness, Simon, said the explosion happened within two metres of the Donut King store.


"I just wanted to get my kids out of there,'' Simon said.

"We were sitting down about five metres away when the explosion happened - it sounded like a chandelier dropping.

"It wasn't a huge bang but afterward there was a man lying down with blood on his stomach and chest.

"I'm not sure what it was. If it had been a larger explosion, it would have injured a lot of people."

ACT Emergency Services confirmed that one man has been treated by paramedics for burns and fragment injuries before being transported to Calvary Hospital in a stable condition.

A second man has been treated for fragment injuries to his face.

Four more patients are being assessed by intensive care paramedics.

Some witnesses speculated the incident was the result of a gas bottle detonating, while others blamed a "homemade confetti bomb".

ACT Fire and Rescue have deemed the area safe and handed the scene to ACT Policing to investigate the cause of the explosion.