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Website offers plenty to get the teeth into

Fairfax launches a new food website,, this week. Here you will find all our content, plus searchable databases of restaurant reviews, recipes and wines, and extra features like an easy way to buy the wines reviewed.

The site unites Fairfax food and wine coverage under one banner, taking in food stories from Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne and others, including the invaluable Good Food Guides.

It has videos - interviews with star chefs, plus how-to advice from making pastry to carving ham. Choose Canberra in the dropdown menu on the homepage.

You'll find content in four sections - eat out (for restaurants), cook (for recipes), drink (for beer and wine reviews) and food news, updated as it comes to hand.

You can also have your say through a rotating comment feed, and give your own ratings to restaurants and wines.

You'll find your favourite columnists - Bryan Martin with his tales of country living, Owen Pidgeon with advice about what to do in your Canberra garden each week, Susan Parsons with stories of local gardeners and Claire Low with her valiant attempts at pastrymaking.

Our recipe columnists Diana Lampe, Robbie Howard and Debbie Skelton are also there, so never again should you have to rifle through stacks of papers to find that elusive recipe.

Chris Shanahan joins other Fairfax wine reviewers on the drinks pages. is edited by Sarah McInerney.