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Woman who allegedly rammed police car after chase bailed

A woman who allegedly led police on a 14-minute pursuit before reversing into a police car while drunk has been released on bail.

Anna Zankin, 25, appeared in the ACT Magistrates Court on Monday morning on charges stemming from a chase that ended near the Cotter Dam on Sunday night.

Zankin is alleged to have fled from police after they tried to stop her unregistered Mitsubishi Lancer on Hindmarsh Drive in Rivett around 7.20pm.

Officers allegedly followed Zankin, chasing her through Weston towards rural areas near the Cotter Dam, reaching a maximum speed of up to 115km/h in an 80km/h zone.

Police say she stopped the car after turning on to a road that was still under construction.

Zankin, who has never held a driver's licence, then tried to reverse and rammed into a marked police car.

She was arrested and taken to Woden police station, where police allege she refused to undergo a breath test.

Ms Zankin was released on bail, subject to a range of conditions imposed by magistrate David Mossop.

She will appear before court again in mid-April.