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Work safety inspectors at Nishi again

Work safety inspectors have been called again to the Nishi site at New Acton after a piece of debris fell or was thrown from the building site onto nearby Parkes Way early on Friday.

ACT Work Safety Commissioner Mark McCabe said his office was preparing a “stack” of fines over safety compliance at the high profile mixed use development, after a “blitz" there on Wednesday and said the safety culture on the site was “appalling.”

“We’ve had a call out there this morning with a report that a large piece of Gyprock has either fallen or been thrown onto Parkes Way in front of an oncoming vehicle,” Mr McCabe told breakfast radio on Friday

“Sure enough we’ve gone out there and there’s the bit of Gyprock.”

“I’m just astonished.

“But I think it goes to the culture of that site, that site is a mess.

“The attitude on that site, the culture on that site is appalling.”

Mr McCabe and several of his inspectors conducted a blitz at the New Acton site on Wednesday, issuing up to six safety notices.