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Wrong time and place for the littlies

Having published some readers' condemnations of the ''battleaxes'' and ''stuffy old farts'' who made a fuss about children laughing and playing during Voices in the Forest, here is a contrary opinion.

A Hawker reader writes, ''As one of the 'stuffy old farts' who raised a cheer when the MC politely asked parents to keep their children under control … The point was that the little darlings' shrieks of joy could be heard clear as a bell over the million-dollar voices on the stage … I'm not sure why the children needed to run riot when the performers were singing and playing their hearts out, there was plenty of time in the intermissions for them to let off steam. Why bring children to this event if you don't want to sit with them and share the experience? It also wasn't cute … to see elderly volunteers and security guards being ignored by feral children and their self-indulgent parents when they were repeatedly asked to behave themselves.

''Ah well, next year I'll save my hard-earned dollars and stay home so the little dears can have a wonderful time without the need to show any respect for performers or the elderly.''