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AFL Express: Saturday 24 May

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PORT ADELAIDE    4.2, 8.3, 11.7, 15.10 (100)
HAWTHORN          2.3, 4.4, 10.6, 13.8 (86)

Port Adelaide: Monfries 4, Wingard 3, Gray 2, Hartlett 2, Boak, Polec, Mitchell, Schulz
Hawthorn: Gunston 3, Breust 3, Lewis 2, Burgoyne 2, Birchall, Hartung, Hallahan

Port Adelaide: Boak 34, Ebert 28, Polec 26, Cornes 25
Hawthorn: Lewis 38, Suckling 28, Smith 27, Burgoyne 24

The Power were challenged a few times by the undermanned Hawks but like they have done so often this season, they ran over the top of their opponents in the final term.

Port Adelaide booted four of the first five goals after three-quarter time to put the result beyond doubt.

It’s not the Port way to go into their shells, even if the game is up for grabs in the final term, and they kept taking the game on, using the corridor and it worked to their advantage once again in front of a record crowd of 52,233.

Ken Hinkley’s men are now one game clear on top of the ladder after winning six games in a row for the first time since 2007.

But hats off to the Hawks, they were gallant and never gave in with the likes of Gibson, Lake, Mitchell, Rioli, Roughead and Whitecross all on the sidelines.

They really are a champion team and these two sides will no doubt meet again in September some time.

Port Adelaide’s elite running ability and transition was a hallmark again tonight and while they are one of the most attacking sides in the comp, they also proved that they can grind it out and apply some good defensive pressure.

The Hawks tried their best to control the tempo of the game in the face of the Port onslaughts abd finished up with more disposals (418-354), tackles (74-62) and inside 50s (55-47).

But they weren’t as damaging with the ball as the Power who ultimately answered every Hawthorn challenge.

Port’s best were Wingard, Boak, Monfries, Ebert, Polec, Cornes and Lobbe.

For the Hawks, they were best served by Lewis, Gunston, Breust, Schoenmakers, Suckling, Smith and Burgoyne.

AFL behind

Q4 31 MIN, PA 100 HAW 86

Wingard wins the free kick after being held by Lewis.

Wingard goes back from 45m out but misses to the left.

11 seconds remaining.

Q4 30 MIN, PA 99 HAW 86

Ball up on centre wing.

1:11 remaining.

Q4 29 MIN, PA 99 HAW 86

We'll have a throw in on centre wing.

1:25 remaining.

Q4 28 MIN, PA 99 HAW 86

Boundary throw-in on Hawthorn's forward flank

1:53 left.

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Q4 28 MIN, PA 99 HAW 86

Burgoyne collects the loose ball and drills a spectacular goal from 45m out near the boundary. There is still time!

2:16 remaining.

AFL behind

Q4 26 MIN, PA 99 HAW 80

Hartlett marks it 50m out but shanks it and denies himself a third fourth-quarter goal.

3:08 remaining.


Q4 25 MIN, PA 98 HAW 80

Burgoyne's snap from 35m out finds the intended target. The Hawks still have a pulse.

3:55 remaining.

Q4 23 MIN, PA 98 HAW 74

Smith's hurried snap under pressure from 35m out goes out on the full.

4:46 left in the game.

AFL behind

Q4 23 MIN, PA 98 HAW 74

Hallahan's shot on goal is off line.

5:10 remaining.

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Q4 21 MIN, PA 98 HAW 73

Schulz runs into the open goal and that should be game over now.

6:00 remaining.

Q4 20 MIN, PA 92 HAW 73

52,233 fans in attendance - that's the biggest crowd for a home-and-away clash involving Port Adelaide. Amazing stuff.

6:40 left in the game.

Q4 19 MIN, PA 92 HAW 73

Ebert has it on the half-back flank.

7:30 left in the game.

AFL free kick

Q4 16 MIN, PA 92 HAW 73

Cornes kicks it to Westhoff who takes a huge mark over Lewis and Stratton.

The Hoff goes back and from 50m out on a tight angle can't make the distance.

Wingard ends up giving the free kick away to Ceglar.


Q4 14 MIN, PA 92 HAW 73

Wines dishes it off to Kane Mitchell who snaps from 40m out and splits the big sticks!

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Q4 13 MIN, PA 86 HAW 73

The belief in this Hawthorn team is highly admirable, they just don't know how to give up.

Q4 12 MIN, PA 86 HAW 73

Hallahan's snap from long range goes out of bounds on the full next to the Hawks' behind post.


Q4 12 MIN, PA 86 HAW 73

Simpkin pings Polec for holding the ball in the middle of the ground.


Q4 11 MIN, PA 86 HAW 73

Smith pinpoints it to Hallahan and he goes back from 50m out on a tough angle and kicks a magnificent goal! Hawks stay in touch.

AFL behind

Q4 6 MIN, PA 86 HAW 67

Simpkin's quick snap from 20m out misses.

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