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AFL Round 12: Geelong v Carlton

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Suns face red-hot Swans

Rohan Connolly previews round twelve of the AFL season, including Gold Coast's clash with Sydney on Sunday.

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GEELONG    3.1, 10.6, 12.7, 16.11 (107)
CARLTON    4.4, 7.5, 12.9, 15.12 (102)

Geelong: Hawkins 4, Stokes 3, Murdoch 2, Horlin-Smith 2, Bartel, Motlop, Walker, Mackie, Selwood
Carlton: Gibbs 4, Thomas 3, Menzel 2, McLean, Yarran, Garlett, Warnock, Casboult, Rowe

Geelong: Kelly 27, Guthrie 23, Horlin-Smith 22, Stokes 22
Carlton: Gibbs 29, Walker 22, Docherty 21, Simpson 21

A classic contest at Etihad Stadium ends in an amazing five-point win for the Cats!

Their experienced heads just know how to find a way to win, don’t they?

Carlton looked just about home and hosed when Rowe kicked a goal to put them 16 points up at the 12-minute mark of the final term.

That was their sixth consecutive goal and at that point they had registered 11 scores in a row (6.5)!

But Geelong dusted themselves off, switched into gear and booted four of the last five goals – including an inspirational match-winner from skipper Joel Selwood – to grab an unlikely win!

Carlton were probably the better team for most of the night. They ran harder and played one-on-one footy quite effectively, but in the end they couldn’t close out the contest and for the second week in a row they let a final-quarter 16-point lead slip through their fingers.

The result means Geelong temporarily go to second on the ladder and they have now won 12 from 12 against Carlton at Etihad Stadium.

It was also the Cats’ fifth win in a row against the Blues.

Carlton’s final chances are now in tatters and they could slip further towards the bottom four this weekend.

Hawkins, Stokes, Kelly, Guthrie, Horlin-Smith, Taylor and Mackie were Geelong’s best while Carlton’s standouts were best-on-ground Gibbs, Thomas, Walker, Carrazzo, Docherty, Simpson and Casboult.

Q4 32 MIN, GEEL 107 CARL 102

Another ball up 10m out from Carlton's goal!

0:14 to go

Q4 31 MIN, GEEL 107 CARL 102

Ball up 20m out from Carlton's goal!

0:29 to go

Q4 31 MIN, GEEL 107 CARL 102

Garlett's shot o ngoal is punched over the boundary line by Bartel!

0:41 to go


Q4 30 MIN, GEEL 107 CARL 102

Cometh the moment cometh the man!!

Selwood's shot on goal on the run from 48m out on a tough angle splits the big sticks!!! Incredible!

1:12 to go

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Q4 29 MIN, GEEL 101 CARL 102

Throw in 55m out from Geelong's goal

1:25 to go


Q4 28 MIN, GEEL 101 CARL 102

Horlin-Smith roves the pack beautifully and from 20m out snaps his second goal!

One point in it again! What a thriller!

1:52 to go!

Q4 27 MIN, GEEL 95 CARL 102

Murphy tackles Motlop 25m out form Geelong's goal, forcing a ball up.

2:14 to go.

Q4 27 MIN, GEEL 95 CARL 102

Throw in 20m around from Geelong's goal!

2:25 to go

Q4 26 MIN, GEEL 95 CARL 102

Throw-in on Geelong's forward flank

2:58 to go.

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Q4 26 MIN, GEEL 95 CARL 102

Throw in on centre wing.

3:08 to go

Q4 25 MIN, GEEL 95 CARL 102

Rowe takes the saving mark in front of Josh Walker 30m out from Geelong's goal

3:20 to go.

Q4 25 MIN, GEEL 95 CARL 102

Ball up 60m out from Geelong's goal.

3:35 to go


Q4 24 MIN, GEEL 95 CARL 102

Gibbs takes it upon himself and snaps an absolute ripper under pressure from 40m out on a tough angle! That was magnificent and could decide the contest!

3:52 to go.

AFL behind

Q4 23 MIN, GEEL 95 CARL 96

Rivers spots up Lonergan who probably should have been awarded a 50m penalty after the ball was pushed out of his hands by Thomas.

In any case, Lonergan lines up from 40m on a tough angle but just misses.

One point in it!

4:55 to go.

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Q4 22 MIN, GEEL 94 CARL 96

Kelly's snap from the boundary is marked by Rowe on the behind line.

5:44 to go.

Q4 21 MIN, GEEL 94 CARL 96

Horlin-Smith has left the ground after copping a knee to the back from Casboult.

6:11 to go.

AFL behind

Q4 21 MIN, GEEL 94 CARL 96

Guthrie roves the pack but his snap shot under pressure is off line.

6:27 to go.

Q4 20 MIN, GEEL 93 CARL 96

Stringer bursts clear of the congestion after selling Gibbs some candy and drills the ball to Hawkins who takes a lovely overhead mark in front of Jamison.

Hawkins lines up from 35m out but is told to play on by the umpire and doesn't make the distance under pressure! I think he took too long to take his kick! You don't see that very often!

AFL behind

Q4 19 MIN, GEEL 93 CARL 96

Kelly bangs it forward from 50m out, the ball is off line but takes a wicked bounce and hits the post! Boy oh boy!

8:07 to go

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