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AFL Round 15: Collingwood v Carlton

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Collingwood's Heritier Lumumba under pressure from Andrejs Everitt.
Collingwood's Heritier Lumumba under pressure from Andrejs Everitt. Photo: Pat Scala

FULL TIME - Collingwood 13.13 (91) defeated Carlton 11.10 (76)

Collingwood controlled the scoreboard and dominated the stats but still needed a late Steele Sidebottom goal to secure victory against Carlton at the MCG on Sunday night. 

Carlton trailed by 23 points at the last change and had closed to within nine points when Ben Kennedy picked off a cross-field pass from Ed Curnow and handed off to Steele Sidebottom, who booted the back-breaking goal. 

Sidebottom collected 33 possessions and kicked two goals while Dane Swan (30), Taylor Adams (27) and Scott Pendlebury (24, two goals) were other high ball winners. 

Curnow (28 touches), Chris Judd (27) and Kade Simpson (26) were Carlton's top ball winners. 

Mitch Robinson was reported for striking Taylor Adams while Dayne Beams was reported for an incident where he appeared to strike Ed Curnow. 

Jamie Elliott left the game with a suspected upper leg injury. 

The crowd at the MCG for the Sunday night game was 40,936. 

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FULL TIME - COLL 13.13 (91) CARL 11.10 (76)

Siren denies Daisy Thomas a mark inside forward 50m. All over and Collingwood win! 

Boos ring around the MCG. 

Q4 31.00 - COLL 13.13 (91) CARL 11.10 (76)

The fans here are getting a "Coll-Ing-Woooood" chant going.

Young breaks off half back but the umpire busts him for running 15m without a bounce. 

Q4 29.00 - COLL 13.13 (91) CARL 11.10 (76)

Just 1.35 to go now. 

Ball in dispute on half back for Collingwood.

Out for a boundary throw-in. 


Q4 27.00 - COLL 13.13 (91) CARL 11.10 (76)

Hospital kick across the face of goal from Curnow!

He was looking for Simpson in the corridor but it was picked off easily by Kennedy!

He hands off to Sidebottom 45m out from goal...Sidebottom kicks it into a vacant goalsquare where it bounces through!

What a way to lose it!

What a way for Sidebottom to win it!

Just 2.28 to go. 

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Q4 26.30 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 11.10 (76)

Carlton going forward...Everitt snaps it from the top of 50m to the goalsquare...Menzel is one on two and can't take possession under pressure. 

Collingwood clear around the wing. 

Cloke with a big mark to relieve pressure! 

Cloke drives it to the forward 50m...Macaffer buried but no free for in the back. 

Kennedy picks up the ball and hands it to Beams who goes to the goalsquare.

Players wrestling over a loose ball...Judd comes away with the ball and gets it outside defensive 50m. 

Free kick to Carlton on half back. 

Q4 25.00 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 11.10 (76)

Series of stoppages in Carlton's forward 50m. 

Ball scrambled outside 50m and wrapped up for another bounce. 

4.22 to go. 

Q4 22.45 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 11.10 (76)

Tonight's crowd is 40,936. The smallest Carlton-Collingwood MCG crowd since 1921. 

The cynic in me suggests we'll be watching this game at Etihad Stadium next year then! 


Q4 21.45 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 11.10 (76)

Docherty scrambles the ball from the right forward pocket to Menzel in the corridor!

Just four possessions for Menzel tonight so hopefully he's warm!

He's only 20m out in front...Menzel kicks the goal!

The Blues are getting close! 6.01 to go on the count-down clock. 

Q4 20.30 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 10.10 (70)

Some willing tackles on the half-forward flank for Collingwood.

Pies perhaps unlucky not to get a free on a couple of occasions, it's wrapped up for a bounce. 

Carlton clear from the stoppage via Murphy. 

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Q4 18.30 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 10.10 (70)

Ball pinging end to end. 

Collingwood's delivery lacking. 

Carlton with a high hopeful ball...spoiled and picked off by Keefe...Collingwood rebound through the corridor. 

Seedsman goes for it from the top of 50m...bounces at top of the goalsquare. 

Young smothers an attempted clearance from Tuohy and it's out for a throw at the Pies' end. 


Q4 14.00 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 10.10 (70)

Yarran into the forward 50m...marked by Henderson!

20m out on a slight angle...he does his best to miss it...but it scrapes in!

Two goals in quick succession for Carlton!

They've let it get to the absolute limit but with 11.10 to go there's time if they're good enough. 


Q4 12.45 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 9.10 (64)

Murphy gives Carlton a lifeline!

Great play from Robinson to intercept Collingwood's clearing kick and hand off to his captain 20m out. 

Robinson picked off Jesse White's kick to win back the ball. 

Q4 10.30 - COLL 12.13 (85) CARL 8.10 (58)

Dwyer delivers to Beams leading out...he marks on the paint of 50m on a 45-degree angle. 

Beams' only thought is of a set shot. 

He tries his luck from 52m....across the face for a behind. 


Q4 8.45 - COLL 12.12 (84) CARL 8.10 (58)

Pendlebury is swung 360 degrees in a tackle but it never pinned his arms...he keeps his balance after breaking the tackle, hands off to Young, who snaps a goal from 25m out!

That should be the sealer!

Pendlebury got given all the time in the world to get the ball away and he made Carlton pay. 

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Q4 6.30 - COLL 11.12 (78) CARL 8.10 (58)

Quick ball movement for Collingwood through the middle...Thomas passes to Beams!

Beams lines up 45m out...and kicks the goal!

Collingwood restore their advantage. Henderson's miss exacerbated by Beams holding his nerve! 

AFL behind

Q4 5.00 - COLL 10.12 (72) CARL 8.10 (58)

Yarran receives a releasing handball to run through the corridor and Henderson! He gave Keefe the slip on the lead!

Henderson lines up 40m out on a slight angle...and hits the post! A bad miss! 


Q4 3.00 - COLL 10.12 (72) CARL 8.9 (57)

Carlton free kick, here it comes!

And 50m penalty for mouthing off against Keefe!

Henderson is walked to the goalsquare...and puts it through!

It was a soft free kick but Carlton will take it! 

Q4 2.00 - COLL 10.12 (72) CARL 7.9 (51)

Docherty now with an ambitious attempt from the boundary line in the left pocket. Another behind. 

Q4 1.15 - COLL 10.12 (72) CARL 7.8 (50)

Curnow snaps a point from the left forward pocket. That would have been the perfect start for Carlton. 

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