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AFL Round 16: Sunday 6 July

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Jake Stringer is one of the young Dogs wh0o must stand up against players of the calibre of Cat defender Andrew Mackie.
Jake Stringer is one of the young Dogs wh0o must stand up against players of the calibre of Cat defender Andrew Mackie. Photo: Pat Scala
AFL analysis

Round 16 has come to an end and we have our third different ladder leader in as many weeks!

After Sydney’s impressive 27-point victory against West Coast in the wet at Patersons Stadium today, the Swans are now a game clear on top of the table after Hawthorn (Round 15) and Port Adelaide (Round 14) both held the mantle.

That was the Swans’ 11th win in a row. Who can stop them? They are looking more like the premiership favourites with each passing week.

And a clear gap has now appeared between the top teams and the rest of the pack.

With Geelong recording their gritty 13-point win against the gritty Bulldogs in similar conditions at Simonds Stadium to those confronted by the Swans and Eagles out west, the sixth-placed Magpies have slipped two games behind fifth.

The Cats, Dockers, Power and Hawks are all on 11 wins and are separated only by percentage.

In Sunday’s other game, things went from bad to worse for the Saints as they suffered an 85-point hammering at the hands of fellow strugglers Carlton.

The result was St Kilda’s 10th loss in a row - their biggest losing streak in 25 years.

Looking ahead to next week and there are two clear standout games.

Adelaide faces Hawthorn at Adelaide Oval on Friday night while old foes Essendon and Collingwood, who are separated by just one game, do battle at the MCG on Sunday.

We hope you enjoyed following all the action with us this weekend, be sure to do so again in Round 17!

Good night.


GEELONG     3.3, 7.5, 9.8, 10.9 (69)
BULLDOGS    0.4, 3.6, 6.11, 7.14 (56)

Geelong: Duncan 2, Kersten 2, Hawkins 2, Bartel, Johnson, Christensen, Murdoch
Bulldogs: Crameri 2, Bontempelli 2, Dahlhaus, Griffen, Hunter

Geelong: Motlop 30, Johnson 25, Taylor 23
Bulldogs: Griffen 32, Liberatore 32, Picken 22

Q4 26 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 56

Throw-in on centre wing. The Cats are home

0:47 to go.


Q4 24 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 56

A chain of handballs featuring Griffen, Stringer and Honeychurch ends up with Hunter in the goal square who slams it home! Is there time?

1:38 to go

AFL umpire

Q4 23 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 50

The ball goes out for a throw-in but Rivers probably should have received a free kick for being shoved in the back by Hrovat!

2:12 to go

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Q4 22 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 50

Throw-in 75m around from the Dogs' goal.

They haven't scored a goal this quarter and need at least three to win.

It's an improbable scenario

3:29 to go

Q4 20 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 50

Throw-in on the wing.

The Dogs have to throw caution to the wind if they want to win

4:07 to go

Q4 20 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 50

It's like a cake of soap out there! Players from both sides struggling to pick the ball up on Geelong's half-forward line

4:30 to go

Q4 18 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 50

Throw-in 65m around from Geelong's goal.

It's going to be tough for the Dogs from here.

5:46 to go

AFL behind

Q4 18 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 50

Macrae's rushed kick forward is marked beautifully overhead by Dahlhaus against Bews!

But from 30m out on a slight angle, Dahlhaus' set shot starts right and stays right. Bad miss

6:19 to go

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Q4 17 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 49

Throw-in 50m around from the Dogs' goal

7:10 to go

AFL behind

Q4 15 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 49

Picken pings Motlop for holding the ball and from 40m out on a very tough angle his set shot never looked like it

7:56 to go

AFL behind

Q4 15 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 48

Dahlhaus handballs it to Hrovat who snaps from 35m out but misses to the left

8:34 to go

Q4 13 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 47

Leading disposals: Griffen (29), Liberatore (28), Motlop (28), Johnson (24), Taylor (21), Bontempelli (20)

Q4 12 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 47

Geelong have had 62 more marks than the Dogs (81-19)!

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Q4 10 MIN, GEEL 69 WB 47

Hawkins takes the chest mark in front of Roughead.

Hawkins lines up from 30m out deep in the pocket and he plants it straight through the big sticks!

That is a magnificent goal under pressure!

Can the Dogs hit back?

Q4 9 MIN, GEEL 63 WB 47

Rivers boots it forward but Selwood drops the mark under duress 30m out in front of goal

Q4 8 MIN, GEEL 63 WB 47

Horlin-Smith has been subbed off and Hartman is on for his second AFL game

Q4 7 MIN, GEEL 63 WB 47

Macrae's long ball forward is ill-directed and goes straight to Enright

Q4 6 MIN, GEEL 63 WB 47

Kersten's kick slews off the side of his boot and goes out of bounds on the full in the Cats' forward line

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