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AFL Round 5: Western Bulldogs v Carlton

Dale Thomas and Adam Cooney
Dale Thomas and Adam Cooney 

FULL TIME - Western Bulldogs 13.13 (91) defeated by Carlton 18.11 (119)

Carlton's team of walking wounded survived the loss of Chris Judd to break through for a first win of the season. 

Judd's first appearance of the season, coming on as the substitute, lasted just minutes as he pulled his right hamstring late in the third quarter.

With Ed Curnow (thigh) and Zach Tuohy (knee) both struggling, Carlton had the quality to take their chances and keep the Bulldogs at arms length in the final quarter.

Ryan Griffen led the possession count with 32, while Jack McRae (30) and Luke Dahlhaus (28) were other top Bulldogs. 

Lachie Henderson booted 5.3 from 16 possessions and eight marks as Carlton's leading forward, while Jarrad Waite booted two goals. Bryce Gibbs led the stats with 29 touches while Marc Murphy (28, two goals), Andrew Walker (26) and Kade Simpson (23) were other major ball-winners.

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FULL TIME - WB 13.13 (91) CARL 18.11 (119)

The siren sounds with the ball in dispute on centre wing

Q4 27.00 - WB 13.13 (91) CARL 18.11 (119)

Two minutes to go on the count-down clock. 

Sting out of the game. 

AFL behind

Q4 25.00 - WB 13.13 (91) CARL 18.11 (119)

Casboult runs down Griffen holding the ball as Griffen was running to 55m out. 

Carlton take the ball down field with Thomas kicking to Waite who dives the mark in the forward pocket. 

Waite kicks a behind. 


Q4 23.00 - WB 13.13 (91) CARL 18.10 (118)

Carlton paddle the ball forward around the left forward pocket. It eventually sits up for Everitt to take possession. He kicks to the advantage of a running Henderson!

Henderson lines up from the top of the goalsquare and kicks the sealer! With 4.49 to go Carlton will finally get on the board in 2014. 

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Q4 19.45 - WB 13.13 (91) CARL 17.10 (112)

Rowe tries to clear from the last line of defence but kicks straight to McRae. 

He squares to Crameri 25m out. 

Crameri misses from in front! With 7.02 to go there is just not enough time left for misses like that! 

Q4 18.30 - WB 13.12 (90) CARL 17.10 (112)

Picken goes long inside forward 50m...Stevens picks up and hands off to Giansiracusa...who fumbles! And then soccers through a point!


Q4 17.15 - WB 13.11 (89) CARL 17.10 (112)

Henderson marks 45m out in the pocket and squares to Scotland a 40m from goal in the corridor. 

A goal here might do it regardless of how many injured players the Blues have. 

Scotland kicks from 45m...and puts it through!

Two goals for Heath Scotland and with 8.44 the Blues surely have a big enough lead! 

Q4 15.00 - WB 13.11 (89) CARL 16.10 (106)

Crameri can't mark as Curnow's opponent Liberatore sends it long inside 50m. 

Curnow is taken back to the bench injured. 

10 minutes to go. Do the Dogs have the quality or will Carlton hold out? 

Q4 13.45 - WB 13.11 (89) CARL 16.10 (106)

Curnow is jogging with a pronounced limp. He's back on but clearly not 100 per-cent. 

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Q4 13.15 - WB 13.11 (89) CARL 16.10 (106)

Cooney kicks a long point from 45m out in the left forward pocket. 

AFL behind

Q4 12.30 - WB 13.10 (88) CARL 16.10 (106)

Thomas roves from a ball up 45m out...runs into the right forward pocket but can only kick a behind to the near (right) side. 

Curnow looks ready to return on the sideline. 

Q4 11.00 - WB 13.10 (88) CARL 16.9 (105)

Koby Stevens is reported for forceful front-on contact on Kane Lucas. On the half forward flank. 

Lucas takes his kick but the Bulldogs spoil it out towards the pocket. It goes out for a throw-in. 

Q4 10.00 - WB 13.10 (88) CARL 16.9 (105)

Ball being paddled forward by Giansiracusa but he can't take possession. 

Chasing players see it through for a rushed behind...but Curnow crashes into the behind post! 

He's able to run to the bench but it looks like he has an injured left hip. 

Q4 7.30 - WB 13.9 (87) CARL 16.9 (105)

Scotland marks 15m from goal after a quick clearance and wrestling off Jong. 

But he tried to get up and play on only to slip! He's wrapped up 12m out! No holding the ball free kick to add insult but still a critical missed opportunity for what would have been a near-certain set shot! 

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Q4 6.15 - WB 13.9 (87) CARL 16.9 (105)

The Bulldogs believe!

Crameri is all on his own side on the left forward flank. He receives a pass from Liberatore 55m out, runs to 50m and kicks a left-foot goal on a 45-degree angle. 

Q4 4.45 - WB 12.9 (81) CARL 16.9 (105)

Cooney and Walker wrestled in a one-on-one 20m from goal but the umpires held the whistle. A good contest and Walker breaks even to deny the Bulldogs a shot on goal. 

Giansiracusa kicks a long point. 

Q4 2.30 - WB 12.8 (80) CARL 16.9 (105)

Giansiracusa catches Tuohy holding the ball but gives the ball straight back with an errant kick trying to centre the ball! 

Q4 START - WB 12.8 (80) CARL 16.9 (105)

Carlton have had the answers all night but will the Judd injury be the emotional let-down that allows the Bulldogs to pounce? 

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