AFL round one: Collingwood v Fremantle

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Fremantle's Michael Walters takes a chest mark last year.
Fremantle's Michael Walters takes a chest mark last year. Photo: Getty Images

Fremantle has come to town for the season opener and shown it is more than serious about atoning its Grand Final defeat.
The Dockers tore apart Collingwood at Etihad Stadium by 70 points, sending many Pies' supporters home by three quarter-time.
The story should be 'how good were the Dockers' but instead the media glare will intensify on Collingwood until it meets Sydney in a fortnight.
Seldom have the Pies turned out such a poor performance. Yes, they were missing Ben Reid and Jesse White but what difference would they have made?
And it doesn't get much easier with the Pies due to meet Sydney, Geelong, Richmond, North Melbourne, Essendon and Carlton before the bye in Round 8.
Trav Cloke was kept scoreless by the brilliant Luke McPharlin and, as predicted, Aaron Sandilands did his own thing in the ruck, amassing 39 hitouts compared to the 24 for Grundy and Hudson combined.
The Dockers were simply stunning and turned it on in the second and third terms, booting 12 unanswered goals.
The speed with which they moved the ball was frightening with Dan Pearce, Nat Fyfe, Michael Barlow, David Mundy and Tendai Mzungu relentlessly feeding forwards.
The usual irritants in Hayden Ballantyne and Ryan Crowley were up to their old tricks, hassling the opposition's best and having an impact themselves.
Hard to find a fault in Freo's first match, leading most onlookers to conclude they'll be up there with the best again this season.
Collingwood? Ask again in a month.
Etihad was far from full on Grand Prix weekend leading many to question the AFL's decision to move away from the Richmond vs Carlton fixture that has worked so well in recent seasons.
All in all, this was a pedestrian opening to the season, unless you are Fremantle, of course.

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GOALS: PIES: Pendlebury, Swan, Macaffer, Elliott, Young. DOCKERS: Ballantyne 3, Pearce 2, Crowley 2, Mundy 2, Walters 2, Barlow, Mzungu, Sheridan, Pavlich, Hill, Fyfe.

BEST: PIES: Pendlebury, Beams, Ball, Swan. DOCKERS: Barlow, Sandilands, Johnson, Fyfe, Mzungu, Pearce, McPharlin.


Q4 PIES 46 DOCKERS 116 (23mins)

Dockers move the ball at lightning speed from defence to attack and Walters kicks his second.


Q4 PIES 46 DOCKERS 110 (21mins)

Clinton Young kicks Collingwood's fifth goal. His game has been one of the few shining lights.

AFL behind

Q4 PIES 40 DOCKERS 110 (20mins)

Rushed behind minimises the damage to a mere 70 digits.

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Q4 PIES 39 DOCKERS 110 (18mins)

Michael Walters dribbles through his first for the night.

Q4 PIES 39 DOCKERS 104 (15mins)

Crowley pushes back hard to rush a behind.

Tom Langdon has 19 disposals and five tackles on debut. Great effort.


Q4 PIES 38 DOCKERS 104 (14mins)

Mundy's second goal extends the margin to 64 points.

AFL behind

Q4 PIES 38 DOCKERS 98 (13mins)

Pavlich marks in front of Frost (where was he?!) Misses the shot at goal to the near side. He's kicked 1.4. Hill also kicks a behind.

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Q4 PIES 38 DOCKERS 96 (8mins)

Jamie Elliott takes a contested mark and then converts the goal from 20m.

AFL behind

Q4 PIES 32 DOCKERS 96 (6mins)

Ben Sinclair misses to the left. One behind.

AFL behind

Q4 PIES 31 DOCKERS 96 (4mins)

Mayne runs down a Collingwood player on the wing and ball ends up with Pav who misses. Great tackle by Mayne to cause the turnover!

AFL behind

Q4 PIES 31 DOCKERS 95 (2mins)

Rushed behind to the Dockers begins the scoring for the last term.

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GOALS: PIES: Pendlebury, Swan, Macaffer. DOCKERS: Ballantyne 3, Pearce 2, Crowley 2, Barlow, Mzungu, Mundy, Sheridan, Pavlich, Hill, Fyfe.

Lachie Neale ready to come on for the Dockers. Fyfe looks the likely substitute. He's not happy!

Sub Kennedy is on; Marty Clarke is in the vest.


Q3 PIES 31 DOCKERS 94 (26mins)

Sidebottom hits the post. Unlucky... meanwhile, Dockers go down and kick another one through Crowley, his second.

AFL behind

Q3 PIES 30 DOCKERS 88 (22mins)

Fyfe boots a behind. And that's closely followed by a rushed behind. Swan looks ok now. Sorry for the alarm earlier!

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