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Live AFL blog: Sunday 22 April



FULL TIME - Melbourne 9.13 (67) Western Bulldogs 13.10 (88)
Western Bulldogs win after surviving a Melbourne charge to within a point. A first win under Brendan McCartney while Mark Neeld's first win as coach of the Demons will have to wait for another day.

Q4 29:16 - Melbourne 9.13 (67) Western Bulldogs 13.10 (88)
Dahlhaus kicks a behind from 30m with just 19 seconds left on the count-down clock

Q4 27:10 - Melbourne 9.13 (67) Western Bulldogs 13.9 (87)
Sting out of the game with just two minutes left on the count-down clock. Bulldogs will win for the first time this season and Melbourne will remain winless.

Q4 23:44 - Melbourne 9.13 (67) Western Bulldogs 13.9 (87)
Desperate scrap in the Bulldogs' forward 50m. Wallis had two Demons try to drag the ball under him...Bate was whistled for falling in his back. Wallis kicks the goal from 35m directly in front to get the Bulldogs home.

Q4 20:32 - Melbourne 9.13 (67) Western Bulldogs 12.9 (81)
Ball went to the hot-spot with the umpire shouting touched, play-on. Dunn out-manoevered his opponent but his snap from 15m bounced into the post.

Q4 19:03 - Melbourne 9.12 (66) Western Bulldogs 12.9 (81)
About to tick into time on. Melbourne with the ball trapped in its attacking half but Garland can only kick a behind from an opportunistic snap.

Q4 16:46 - Melbourne 9.11 (65) Western Bulldogs 12.9 (81)
Towering mark from Jeremy Howe! Already had mark of the week stitched up...until he took this one! Leapt over a pack and sent the ball inside 50m where it spilled out for a boundary throw-in.

Q4 13:47 - Melbourne 9.11 (65) Western Bulldogs 12.9 (81)
Cale Morton takes the ball from a stoppage and kicks a high 40m snap goal. Sold two baulks before letting rip with the right-footed kick. Back to 16 points with 10:51 to go on the count-down clock.

Q4 7:18 - Melbourne 8.10 (58) Western Bulldogs 12.9 (81)
Davey blind-turns at about 35m out and kicks a brilliant goal from the boundary line! Melbourne hanging on just.

Q4 6:20 - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 12.9 (81)
Bulldogs dominating the clearances and the Demons have barely ventured forward in teh final term. Giansiracusa finishes another smooth move with a goal to make it four straight goals since the Dees drew to within a point.

Q4 3:28 - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 11.8 (74)
Quick chain of Bulldogs handballs works its way inside attacking 50m and ends with Jordan Roughead who snaps around the corner from 35m.

Q4 FIRST BOUNCE - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 10.8 (68)
Bulldogs win the first clearance but Higgins' bouncing snap towards goal rolls through for a point. Higgins is on for Ayce Cordy. Mitch Clark has been subbed out for Luke Tapscott to receive more attention on his potential neck injury.

THREE QUARTER TIME - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 10.7 (67)
Melbourne got momentum but the Bulldogs had the answers. Djerrkura's late goal keeps the Bulldogs 15 points up at the last change.

Q3 31:04 - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 10.7 (67)
Potentially serious injury to Mitch Clark after he comes down from a marking contest head first...all the pressure on his neck. But after attention from the trainers he is able to walk himself from the ground. Replays looked bad but all fans will be relieved that Clark can walk away from such a heavy blow.

Q3 28:07 - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 10.7 (67)
Djerrkura snaps a goal after the ball spilled loose from Liam Jones...but you have to question how he disposed of the ball. Pinned in a tackle by Frawley and made no attempt to kick or handball. Bulldogs get a lucky one with 2:30 until three-quarter time on the count-down clock.

Q3 25:34 - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 9.7 (61)
Mitch Wallis tumbles through a snap shot behind from 40m out.

Q3 23:00 - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 9.6 (60)
Grant kicks a roving goal against the run of play to steady the Bulldogs again. Rushed behind follows from the nextcentre clearance.

Q3 22:00 - Melbourne 7.10 (52) Western Bulldogs 8.5 (53)
Picken went up before acceptances in the Bulldogs backline and dropped a mark...James Sellar stayed down and roved the spill! He handed off to Moloney who slotted a goal from 35m. Melbourne fans are going wild in the stands!

Q3 18:34 - Melbourne 6.10 (46) Western Bulldogs 8.5 (53)
Quick clearance for the Demons...James Sellar marks but can't convert the set shot.

Q3 17:37 - Melbourne 6.9 (45) Western Bulldogs 8.5 (53)
Giansiracusa kicks a goal from the square after Dahlhaus got the ball out of the middle against the run of play and was scragged as he kicked. Would have been a down-field free even if Gia hadn't been on the end of the kick.

Q3 14:38 - Melbourne 6.9 (45) Western Bulldogs 7.5 (47)
Watts was left on his own 15m out on a slight angle to take a chest mark...after a nervous and long approach he kicks truly and draws Melbourne to within two points! Magner with the goal assist.

Q3 13:31 - Melbourne 5.9 (39) Western Bulldogs 7.5 (47)
Bulldogs can't buy an inside 50. Moving the ball slowly and Melbourne pressing all the way up the ground now.

Q3 10:34 - Melbourne 5.9 (39) Western Bulldogs 7.5 (47)
Real passion from the Demons now...trapping the ball inside forward 50m on the boundary line and Moloney wins holding the ball for a Bulldog dragging it under the pack. But he sends the set shot from the boundary further wide and out on the full.

Q3 6:52 - Melbourne 5.9 (39) Western Bulldogs 7.5 (47)
Melbourne have responded here with Clark intercepting the Bulldogs kick-in and finding Bail at the hot-spot 30m out. He converts the set shot.

Q3 4:35 - Melbourne 4.9 (33) Westren Bulldogs 7.5 (47)
Bate takes a mark going back with the flight and slots the goal to keep Melbourne close on the scoreboard.

Q3 FIRST BOUNCE - Melbourne 3.8 (26) Western Bulldogs 6.5 (41)
Western Bulldogs open the goal-kicking the second half through Liam Jones.

FULL TIME - Sydney 17.11 (113) North Melbourne 10.17 (77)
McGlynn misses the set shot after the siren. Sydney win by a comfortable margin in the end after jumping North Melbourne with five first-quarter goals to one and holding various arms-length margins all day. Parker, Kennedy and Jack the leading disposal winners for Sydney while North Melbourne after last weekend's goal-fest didn't have a player kick more than two majors.

Q4 30:36
McGlynn marks in the pocket and the siren sounds

Q4 26:34 - Sydney 17.10 (112) North Melbourne 10.17 (77)
Late sting in the tail for Sydney. Armstrong on his own inside forward 50m and slots a 40m set shot on a slight angle.

Q4 24:20 - Sydney 16.10 (106) North Melbourne 10.17 (77)
Jude Bolton seals victory with a snap goal. 3:40 to go on the count-down clock. North have been playing catch-up from the start.

Q4 21:08 - Sydney 15.10 (100) North Melbourne 10.17 (77)
The equation is getting difficult for North Melbourne now. Four goals down, six minutes to go on the count-down clock.

HALF TIME - Melbourne 3.8 (26) Western Bulldogs 6.5 (41)
Potentially a big momentum shift right on the half-time siren with Bate marking 10 seconds to go and converting as the bell rings! Will that give Melbourne the belief to launch a comeback in the second half or will we see a third quarter more like their capitulation against Richmond last weekend?

Q4 18:22 - Sydney 15.10 (100) North Melbourne 10.16 (76)
Time the enemy...but North peppering has pegged the margin back to four straight kicks now

Q2 23:06 - Melbourne 2.8 (20) Western Bulldogs 6.4 (40)
Melbourne kick a behind it may have been the worst thing for them in the last few minutes...Bulldogs go coast to coast and get the ball in Cooney's hands 45m out slight angle...class. He makes the set shot look easy.

Q4 11:22 - Sydney 15.10 (100) North Melbourne 10.13 (73)
Campbell soccers a goal through to get it back to a five-goal game. As an aside - how lucky are the Launceston fans? Next week they get Hawthorn v Sydney in match of the round. Tasmania may have more than its fair share of Gold Coast and GWS bookings but they've won the lottery on this one.

Q2 18:04 - Melbourne 2.6 (18) Western Bulldogs 5.4 (34)
It's been scrappy...Picken incredibly lucky not to be pinged holding the ball 30m out directly in front of Melbourne's goal.

Q4 8:04 - Sydney 15.10 (100) North Melbourne 9.13 (67)
Kennedy tries to show some superboot skills but his attempt to kick a goal from way out is off hands and through for a behind, breaking the century for Sydney

Q4 6:21 - Sydney 15.9 (99) North Melbourne 9.13 (67)
Lindsay Thomas kicks a canny goal after Cunnington did the hard work in the clinches.

Q4 4:00 - Sydney 15.9 (99) North Melbourne 8.12 (60)
North Melbourne first goal of the final quarter through Drew Petrie...instant reply from Lewis Jetta with his third of the afternoon. As you were.

Q2 10:36 - Melbourne 2.6 (18) Western Bulldogs 5.3 (33)
Straight out of the centre the Bulldogs go inside 50m again! Cordy marks on the lead about 30m out on a slight angle! He then fails to make the distance with a shook across the face...but up until the kick it looked ominous for the Demons' backline.

Q2 10:04 - Melbourne 2.6 (18) Western Bulldogs 5.3 (33)
Bulldogs two in a minute...quick centre clearance...front and centre roving 30m from goal by Justin Sherman and he rolls through a left-footed snap. Cordy presented well as the lead-up target to create the spill.

Q4 FIRST BOUNCE - Sydney 14.9 (93) Sydney 7.11 (53)
Sydney an even 40 points up at the start of the final term

Q2 7:56 - Melbourne 2.6 (18) Western Bulldogs 4.3 (27)
Adam Cooney converts a set shot from 35m directly in front. Was attacking the ball but got two hands wrapped around the head for a free kick

Q2 4:13 - Melbourne 2.6 (18) Western Bulldogs 3.3 (21)
Trengove marks just inside forward 50m...wrong side for a right footer...puts it across the face. Had to strive to make the distance.

THREE QUARTER TIME - Sydney 14.9 (93) Sydney 7.11 (53)
Sydney killed the game in the third term with five goals to one. North Melbourne were exciting and high-scoring last weekend, today they'll be lucky if they crack 80 points. Not sure even they saw it coming.

Q2 1:36 - Melbourne 2.5 (17) Western Bulldogs 3.3 (21)
Aaron Davey crumbs expertly after a moonball inside forward 50m was off-hands and sat perfectly for him to snap on the left foot. Melbourne looking motivated at the start of the second term.

Q3 27:41 - Sydney 14.9 (93) North Melbourne 7.10 (52)
Wells tried to kick a miracle snap on his left foot from the forward pocket but it landed on the goal-line and was off hands through for a rushed behind

Q3 25:24 - Sydney 14.9 (93) North Melbourne 7.9 (51)
Jarrad McVeigh kicks a clever banana...teammates get around him. Just a good feeling about the Swans right now.

Q3 23:54 - Sydney 13.9 (87) North Melbourne 7.9 (51)
McGlynn just misses as he shoots at his fourth. Game slipping away from North Melbourne here with the avenues to goal well and truly dried up

QUARTER TIME - Melbourne 1.5 (11) Western Bulldogs 3.2 (20)
Both teams putting on a display of why they are winless to date this season. Melbourne squandered a number of set-shot opportunities to kick to a lead and apply scoreboard pressure. The Bulldogs forward forays have been too infrequent to suggest they can get a strangle-hold on this match.

Q1 28:22 - Melbourne 1.5 (11) Western Bulldogs 3.2 (20)
Griffin on the run is played through by a Djerrkura handball again...this time his shot looks good on first look but it just shaved the post! The goal umpire is ademant and there will be no review

Q3 19:11 - Sydney 13.8 (86) North Melbourne 6.9 (45)
McGlynn kicks his third goal of the game and Sydney are surely too far gone now for even the most stirring North comeback

Q3 17:08 - Sydney 12.8 (80) North Melbourne 6.9 (45)
Goldstein has been sacrificed for Harper. Both teams have now used the substitute - for those of you joining us recently, Sydney's Gary Rohan suffered a lower leg fracture in the opening minutes of the game and was subbed out for Tony Armstrong. Straight to hospital for assessment for the young Swan

Q3 15:54 - Sydney 12.8 (80) North Melbourne 6.9 (45)
Campbell tried to conjure something out of nothing but could only kick a behind

Q1 21:54 - Melbourne 1.4 (10) Western Bulldogs 3.1 (19)
High contact free kick for Dahlhaus conceded by Moloney...he sets sail from 50m and puts it over the pack on the goal-line! Team-lifter for the Doggies.

Q3 13:09 - Sydney 12.8 (80) North Melbourne 6.8 (44)
Ryan O'Keefe kicks a goal on the snap and you would suggest the elastic is stretched to its limit if not broken. North need a run of goals now to give hope for the final term

Q1 19:43 - Melbourne 1.4 (10) Western Bulldogs 2.1 (13)
Acrobatic from Howe inside forward tunneled by his man and earned a free kick 30m out slight angle. Set shot is poor, he hooks it to the near side.

Q1 18:58 - Melbourne 1.3 (9) Western Bulldogs 2.1 (13)
Clark with another set shot pushes it across the face, 40m out slight angle

Q1 17:59 - Melbourne 1.2 (8) Western Bulldogs 2.1 (13)
That is to say, Jeremy Howe congratulations on winning mark of the week. Can't think anything will beat that. Classic speccy.

Q1 16:28 - Melbourne 1.2 (8) Western Bulldogs 2.1 (13)
Grant was able to lead up and take the ball but his shot on the turn didn't have enough bend to avoid going through for a point...Howe takes a big grab as the Demons bring the ball back in. Keep an eye out for it in mark of the round nominees.

Q1 15:25 - Melbourne 1.2 (8) Western Bulldogs 2.0 (12)
Dahlhaus snapped a quick kick around the corner after a suspect non-disposal from Djerrkura...didn't matter because it fell in Grant's lap and he slotted the set shot from 30m. Cause for Melbourne fans to feel a bit hard done by.

Q3 5:53 - Sydney 11.8 (74) North Melbourne 6.8 (44)
Double strike for Sydney with Josh Kennedy kicking a goal then Everitt following up with a major of his own, third of the afternoon, from the centre break. All of a sudden North find themselves 30 points down again

Q1 11:59 - Melbourne 1.2 (8) Western Bulldogs 1.0 (6)
Mitch Clark kicks Melbourne's first goal from a set shot. Crowd coming into the game in light rain

Q3 - FIRST BOUNCE - Sydney 9.7 (61) North Melbourne 6.8 (44)
Action underway at the SCG and North Melbourne strike first with a behind

Q1 6:59 - Melbourne 0.2 (2) Western Bulldogs 1.0 (6)
Watts out-marked Easton Wood but his set shot from 40m out directly in front is hooked across the face and through for a behind

Q1 5:13 - Melbourne 0.1 (1) Western Bulldogs 1.0 (6)
Clark marks on the lead in the forward pocket at the city end but his right-footed kick from under the Southern stand is away to the near side. First score on the board for Melbourne

Q1 2:37 - Melbourne 0.0 (0) Western Bulldogs 1.0 (6)
Ryan Griffen spears through a sublime finish after some fancy footwork from Djerrkura led his Melbourne opponent away from Griffin's path, then shot a handball too him at full flight. A promising opening given the weather and conditions

Melbourne v Western Bulldogs underway. Our live blog will bring you all the action from this match and the second half of Sydney v North Melbourne this evening. If you're just catching up with the day's action then scroll down to see the blow-by-blow account of Geelong's 10-point win against Richmond

Melbourne v Western Bulldogs starting soon. A reminder that Markovic was a late out for the Bulldogs with Austin coming in for his first game with the club.

HALF TIME - Sydney 9.7 (61) North Melbourne 6.7 (43)
A three goal game seems about right at half time. Sydney had two bursts for the majority of their goals while North have had a surge of their own. Luke Parker has 20 touches for the Swans and Josh Kennedy 16 while Anthony with 18 has seen a lot more of the ball for North Melbourne than any of his teammates.

Q2 30:17 - Sydney 9.7 (61) North Melbourne 6.7 (43)
Two minutes to go on the count-down clock. A goal either way will change the scoreboard pressure through the half-time interval

Q2 28:47 - Sydney 9.7 (61) North Melbourne 6.7 (43)
Brent Harvey free kick on the boundary 40m out...wheels out onto his right foot to make the most of the angle and brings it back with a natural arc! Kangaroos with an important goal to stay in touch.

Q2 27:17 - Sydney 9.7 (61) North Melbourne 5.7 (37)
Goldstein snapped what looked like a goal...but the video review is inconclusive and "umpire's call" is deemed to be touched off the boot. Tough break for North Melbourne.

Q2 25:47 - Sydney 9.7 (61) North Melbourne 5.6 (36)
North Melbourne with a foray inside 50m but Sydney are able to rush a behind

Q2 22:02 - Sydney 9.7 (61) North Melbourne 5.5 (35)
Everitt takes a pot-shot from 40m and nails his second goal! North Melbourne closed this game right up but such is the nature of catch-up footy, Sydney have the upper hand with this latest surge

Q2 20:02 - Sydney 8.7 (55) North Melbourne 5.5 (35)
Superb goal Lewis Jetta! North Melbourne kicked a behind and Sydney cleared their lines to the midfield...Jetta took on the ball wide on the left and got it up to half forward...ball spilled and he took the crumbs, straddled the boundary line and burnt off his opponent to run into open space and snap a goal! Lindsay Thomas and Liam Anthony left in his wake. Lock it in for goal of the week!

Q2 15:32 - Sydney 7.6 (48) North Melbourne 5.4 (34)
Score review after a scramble on the North Melbourne goal line...MacMillan was sliding in with arms out-stretched and his soccer kick narrowly avoided a shave of the post. But the video is conclusvie, North Melbourne goal!

Q2 12:17 - Sydney 7.6 (48) North Melbourne 4.4 (28)
Reid couldn't mark going back with the flight but Bird picked up the spill and spotted Bolton 30m out from goal. The Swans veteran converted from a slight angle.

Q2 10:02 - 6.6 (42) North Melbourne 4.4 (28)
Sydney's turn to hit right back...White rode a tackle and handed off to Malceski who used his reliable left from 45m to get the quick reply for the Swans

Q2 9:02 - Sydney 5.6 (36) North Melbourne 4.4 (28)
Very matter of fact high-fiving from North Melbourne after Cunnington kicks a goal straight from the centre clearance. Ball spilled off hands to Cunnington all on his own 15m out from goal

Q2 8:02 - Sydney 5.6 (36) North Melbourne 3.4 (22)
McVeigh was pinged out of a ruck contest for holding the ball and not making an effort to dispose...Wells accepted the free kick and nailed the set shot to close the game right back up

Q2 3:17 - Sydney 5.6 (36) North Melbourne 2.3 (15)
Thomas kicks a 40m set shot no sneaks inside the post and over leaping Swans defenders on the line

Q2 1:47 - Sydney 5.6 (36) North Melbourne 1.3 (9)
Jetta hands off to McGlynn running into an open goal and he misses from 30m out! That was a great chance for Sydney to strike first in this quarter

Q2 FIRST BOUNCE - Sydney 5.5 (35) North Melbourne 1.3 (9)
North Melbourne chasing the game with Sydney 26 points up at quarter time.

FULL TIME - Geelong 11.9 (75) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Richmond kicked just one point after the 10-minute mark of the final quarter...While the Cats could not put the game out of reach on the scoreboard, they did turn on a masterclass in lock-down football

QUARTER TIME - Sydney 5.5 (35) North Melbourne 1.3 (9)
North Melbourne already in for an afternoon of catch-up footy after the Swans had all the running...even in spite of losing Gary Rohan to a fractured lower leg

Q1 28:01 - Sydney 5.5 (35) North Melbourne 1.3 (9)
Everitt kicks a goal for Sydney to extend Sydney's lead to 26 points

FULL TIME - Geelong 11.9 (75) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Geelong win by 10 fairness to the Cats it was quite a "big" 10 points with the Cats going up another gear when challenged in the last quarter and then locking the ball at their attacking end in the dying stages.

Q4 27:52 - Geelong 11.9 (75) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Ball finally inside Richmond's forward 50m but it's a boundary throw-in with 11 seconds to go

Q4 27:00 - Geelong 11.9 (75) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Joel Corey wins the game for Geelong...smothering Morris' handball as Richmond tried to run out of defensive 50m, then kicking the ball to Steve Johnson who milks time off the clock and sends his set shot through for a point

Q4 25:52 - Geelong 11.8 (74) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Down to 1:52 on the count-down clock. All or nothing now for Richmond with a ball-up defensive side of the centre square

Q4 24:13 - Geelong 11.8 (74) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Big turn-over forced by Corey Enright who intercepted a Richmond hand-ball...passage of play ends with Stringer kicking another point for the Cats who are moving closer to the knock-out blow

Q1 24:04 - Sydney 4.4 (28) North Melbourne 1.3 (9)
McGlynn dinks through his second goal of the game after Jack spoiled the ball into space

Q4 23:05 - Geelong 11.7 (73) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Duncan roved off a boundary throw-in and snapped a behind

Q4 22:28 - Geelong 11.6 (72) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Ball at the right end for Geelong...deep in the forward pocket with 3:56 left on the count-down clock

Q1 21:18 - Sydney 3.4 (22) North Melbourne 1.2 (8)
Turn-over by North Melbourne...Lewis Jetta capitalises and out-runs Atley to kick the Swans' third. A flying start

Q1 20:19 - Sydney 2.4 (16) North Melbourne 1.2 (8)
Bird kicks a set-shot point for Sydney

Q4 17:44 Geelong 11.6 (72) Richmond 9.11 (65)
Jackson roved the ball off the pack but the ball was touched before bouncing through...behind to Richmond with 6:54 to go on the count-down clock

Q1 17:49 - Sydney 2.2 (14) North Melbourne 1.2 (8)
Jack misses a gettable shot on the run for Sydney

Q4 16:09 - Geelong 11.6 (72) Richmond 9.10 (64)
Free kick to Deledio 40m out from goal...across the face and off hands in the end for a boundary throw-in

Q1 13:52 - Sydney 2.1 (13) North Melbourne 1.2 (8)
McGlynn kicks Sydney's second goal of the day to put the Swans in front by five

Q4 13:54 - Geelong 11.6 (72) Richmond 9.10 (64)
Christensen kicks a roving goal for Geelong to give some breathing space. Hawkins again crucial spilling the ball

Q1 12:21 - Sydney 1.1 (7) North Melbourne 1.1 (7)
MacMillan goals for North Melbourne to level the scores

Q4 10:44 - Geelong 10.5 (65) Richmond 9.10 (64)
Geelong went inside forward 50m and Jackson took possession...Stringer wrapped him up with a textbook tackle and the umpire saluted holding hte ball! Stringer kicks it to the goal-line and the ball deflects off the post. Hearts were fluttering behind the goal as Cats fans thought Duncan had soccered the crumbs through for a major

Q4 9:30 - Geelong 10.4 (64) Richmond 9.10 (64)
Foley goals on the turn and the Tigers are level! Christensen is trying to shrug the trainers behind play but he was hit hard in the side of the head...leave that for the MRP, we have a game!

Q4 7:59 - Geelong 10.4 (64) Richmond 8.10 (58)
Steve Johnson couldn't mark 48m out but Houli fell into him and conceded a free...Stevey J chipped short and high for Hawkins but all it did was give time for Richmond to spoil...Christensen is taken out with a big bump as the Tigers sweep out of defensive 50m

Q4 5:27 - Geelong 10.4 (64) Richmond 8.10 (58)
Matthew White got a free kick for a push in the back and set sail 50m on the wind...he was riding it all the way as it bent back through for a Richmond goal to get the Tiges within a kick!

Q1 5:48 - Sydney 1.0 (6) North Melbourne 0.1 (1)
Hamish McIntosh kicks a behind with the set shot after play re-starts after the Rohan stretcher

Q1 4:48 - Sydney 1.0 (6) North Melbourne 0.0 (0)
Rohan gives a thumbs-up as he is stretchered down to the rooms but the TV replays are not pleasant viewing...

Q1 1:33 - Sydney 1.0 (6) North Melbourne 0.0 (0)
Major injury concern for Rohan now with his right leg...a suspected broken leg and the Swans youngster is really suffering

Q1 1:10 -  Sydney 1.0 (6) North Melbourne 0.0 (0)
Rohan marks in the goal square and converts the set shot to open the scoring for the Swans

Final quarter underway in Geelong. Horlin-Smith has been subbed out for Jesse Stringer

Sydney and North Melbourne underway at the SCG. Substitues are Armstrong and Harper. Late change at Etihad Stadium is Markovic out, Austin in for the Western Bulldogs.

Richmond kicked 4.4 to Geelong 3.1 in that quarter and even though the wind-assisted end hasn't necessarily been the scoring end, Richmond do have it last

Q3 28:06 - Geelong 10.4 (64) Richmond 7.10 (52)
And just like that Geelong get the quick reply. Motlop slots a goal from 50m on the run after the goal assist from Hawkins...he led up to Chapman's pass, bought the ball to ground and Motlop roved it expertly. Cats settle with 39 seconds before the three-quarter time siren.

Q3 26:23 - Geelong 9.4 (58) Richmond 7.10 (52)
TIGES HAVE GOT A SNIFF! Nahas kept his balance brilliantly to hand-ball off to the man front and square running into forward 50m...Daniel Jackson! He loads up on the right foot and splits the middle from 45 on the run!

Q3 23:53 - Geelong 9.4 (58) Richmond 6.10 (46)
Comedy of errors in the Richmond forward looked good as White passed to Grigg who went long to Riewoldt...but the Richmond forward couldn't take clean possession without having to run into the forward pocket and double back...then Riewoldt handballed to an unaware Vickery! Nahas saved the situation by running onto the loose ball and winning a free for head-high contact. The home fans weren't happy but Nahas converted the 20m set shot.

Q3 22:08 - Geelong 9.4 (58) Richmond 5.10 (40)
Chapman boots a vital goal for Geelong...Steve Johnson marked on the lead but didn't want to take the set-shot from outside 50m. He kicked a ball into open space 30m out from goal, Chapman ran onto it, feigned to snap on his left but had the time to straighten up and put through a drop punt on his right.

Q3 20:05
Richmond controlling the ball with short gets them to 15m out before Riewoldt can't control a tumbling ball and Mackie clears

Q3 18:10 - Geelong 8.4 (52) Richmond 5.10 (40)
Half chance for Richmond...Brandon Ellis snaps a behind

Q3 16:31
Bartel might have been unlucky not to receive holding the ball within shooting distance on goal...the man he monstered in the tackle Batchelor is still catching his breath

Q3 14:07 - Geelong 8.4 (52) Richmond 5.9 (39)
Tuck sent a high ball to Miller one-on-one with Gillies...who had a fist-full of the Richmond forward's jumper and gave away the free kick 30m out on a slight angle. Miller misses to the near side. News from the Richmond bench is Matt White has been subbed in for Addam Maric

Q3 12:18 - Geelong 8.4 (52) Richmond 5.8 (38)
Cats forced the turn-over in midfield and Selwood made Richmond pay by hitting up Mitch Duncan completely unmarked 35m out directly in front. A clinical set shot to finish a smooth move from Geelong.

Q3 10:54 -Geelong 7.4 (46) Richmond 5.8 (38)
Hawkins marks on the lead and gives his set shot a good 60m ride but it shaves the post.

Q3 - Geelong 7.3 (45) Richmond 5.8 (38)
Grigg is played into open space in the corridor and has all the time in the world to take three bounces and run to 20m out, slotting a goal to bring Richmond back within seven points

Q3 8:07
Cats venture inside forward 50m but Horlin-Smith excitedly sends a shot on goal ballooning out on the full

Q3 7:05
Cam Guthrie was third man in to help Lonergan after he overran the ball and Jack Riewoldt took possession near the boundary...Addam Maric was lurking to receive the dish-off but Guthrie intercepted it and cleared the danger

Q3 5:11- Geelong 7.3 (45) Richmond 4.8 (32)
Stringer and White yet to be activated for either side...Geelong had to pull the trigger early last week after Andrew Mackie was unable to recover from a head clash with Lindsay Thomas

Q3 4:11 - Geelong 7.3 (45) Richmond 4.8 (32)
At last the goal comes for Richmond! Geelong can't get it out of their defensive 50m and Addam Maric dishes off from a spill to a running Robin Nahas. The bad news is Tyrone Vickery appears to be struggling with a right shoulder injury

Q3 2:46 - Geelong 7.3 (45) Richmond 3.8 (26)
Selwood rushes a behind under duress but is less than impressed that he didn't receive a free kick prior to crossing the line for...err you guessed it...high contact

Q3 1:50 - Geelong 7.3 (45) Richmond 3.7 (25)
Houli tried to send a long shot bouncing through but the ball reared up and bounced through for a point off the head of Jack Riewoldt...expect a few replays of that one during the week

Q3 0:38 - Geelong 7.3 (45) Richmond 3.6 (24)
Richmond buck the trend of Geelong winning the first clearance and goaling from it...Riewoldt takes a contested mark hard up against the boundary line 35m out...he can't get the shot right and Bartel marks next to the behind post

Second half underway at Simonds Stadium...Sydney v North Melbourne starts at 3.15pm Melbourne time

Grigg leads all comers with 17 first-half possessions while Joel Selwood and Harry Taylor have 16 each for Geelong. Deledio has 15 touches at 73% efficiency. Stokes is the only multiple goal-kicker on the ground. Selwood has seven contested possessions and four clearances...Ivan Maric has eight contested possessions and Martin eight contested to go with four clearances.

HALF TIME - Geelong 7.3 (45) Richmond 3.6 (24)
Richmond failed to kick a goal with the wind at their backs in that quarter while Geelong opened up the margin to 21 points with three unanswered goals. Richmond will need to lift its skill level and conversion in the third quarter to hang in there and take this contest to the last term.

Q2 26:03 - Geelong 7.3 (45) Richmond 3.6 (24)
Hammer blow for Richmond...after all the peppering at one end Stokes provides the cutting edge at the other. Soft turn-over inside Richmond's defensive 50m goes straight to Hawkins who hands off for Stokes to run to 15m out and kick a goal

Q2 22:46
Morris couldn't take clean possession as he chased a ground ball towards his goal about 30m out...Podsiadly wanted it more but his swiping shot at goal misses everything and bounces out for a boundary throw-in next to the behind post

Q2 20:45
Nahas takes the ball in midfield after a hand-off from Tuck and feeds Brad Miller on the lead...Millers' 45m set shot died on the line and didn't make the distance. No score!

Q2 19:22
We're stuck in a holding pattern of kick-to-kick between the Richmond forward pocket and half-forward flank. Tigers can't kick a goal but Cats can't break the lines.

Q2 17:35 - Geelong 6.3 (39) Richmond 3.6 (24)
Deledio blazes away from outside 50m and is wide to the left. And to think this game had 7 goals straight before a behind was kicked.

Q2 16:33 - Geelong 6.3 (39) Richmond 3.5 (23)
Harry Taylor got too cute kicking the ball short out of the back pocket and Newman cut the ball off 40m from goal...his set shot goes across the face on the wind for another Richmond point

Q2 15:15 - Geelong 6.3 (39) Richmond 3.4 (22)
Martin earned a free-kick on half forward about 65m from goal...his roost found a way to stay wide to the right-hand side rather than be carried by the wind. Richmond peppering now.

Q2 13:16 - Geelong 6.3 (39) Richmond 3.3 (21)
Martin kicks Richmond's first score of the quarter with a behind snapped out of a stoppage...Geelong made a meal of the kick-in but Deledio and Nahas couldn't get on the same page with a hospital hand-ball and Geelong's defence was able to rush another point.

Q2 11:13 - Geelong 6.3 (39) Richmond 3.1 (19)
Hawkins got separation on Rance and marked uncontested from Podsiadly's pass 40m out from goal directly in front...he set the ball out to the left-hand post but the wind couldn't bring it back enough. Same post Trent West hit moments earlier.

Q2 10:35
Brad Miller marks just inside Richmond's forward 50m and attempts a set shot from up against the boundary line...the wind takes complete control and swings the ball out of bounds on the full to the near side.

Q2 8:15 - Geelong 6.2 (38) Richmond 3.1 (19)
The wind costs Motlop goal of the week! A dashing run from the centre and one-two with Taylor Hunt ends with a flying shot on goal from 50m...but it holds up in the wind and Podsiadly marks going back with the flight. J-Pod slots the set shot from the goal-square.

Q2 5:47 - Geelong 5.2 (32) Richmond 3.1 (19)
Podsiadly received a bouncing pass from Johnson about 35m out from goal on a tight angle, but rather than turn 180 degrees and shoot for goal he looked into the corridor and found Trent West. West sends his 35m set shot into the post after hooking the kick.

Tony Armstrong and Kieran Harper will be starting in the green vest and there have been no late changes for the Swans or Kangaroos

Q2 2:45
More goal-line dithering as Rance tried to straddle the goal-post and keep the ball from going over the line for a rushed behind...the umpires conclude it brushed the behind post and will be a boundary throw-in rather than a score

Q2 0:54 - Geelong 5.1 (31) Richmond 3.1 (19)
The Cats strike within the opening minute for the second quarter running as Chapman crumbs the spill 20m from goal and kicks a left-footed snap. A kick well-practised in his repetoire.

Richmond's turn to kick to the wind-favoured open end of Simonds Stadium

Batchelor leads all comers with 11 disposals in the first quarter while Grigg and Newman have nine each, while Selwood leads the Cats with seven.

No multiple goal-kickers yet but Tom Hawkins did look ominous on the lead the opening term.

QUARTER TIME - Geelong 4.1 (25) Richmond 3.1 (19)
Geelong kicked goals from some free-flowing football on the back of a wind advantage while the Tigers hung in at the end of the term. 50m penalties played a part for both teams keeping it accurate in the windy conditions.

Q1 29:40
A bit of goal-line conjecture as Grimes runs back with the flight...takes possession and at the very last moment decided against rushing a behind and kicking the ball away. Geelong players stopped thinking he'd crossed the goal-line but no call was forthcoming from the goal umpire

Q1 28:49
Errant handball from tuck gave Corey the chance to send the ball inside 50m but Ivan Maric saved the day with a defensive mark. Less than a minute on the count-down clock now until quarter time

Q1 27:03
Horlin-Smith takes the chance to endear himself to the home fans as he matches the much more senior Miller on Richmond's half-forward line and prevents Tiger veteran winning clean possession

Q1 25:06 - Geelong 4.1 (25) Richmond 3.1 (19)
Steve Johnson marks in the forward pocket but his drop-punt goes across the face and out of bounds on the full. He hung the ball out for a big left-to-right swing but the wind didn't take the ball and left it to slide across the face.

Q1 23:27 - Geelong 4.1 (25) Richmond 3.1 (19)
Geelong's turn to kick a point as hit-up target Hunt pushes his shot across the face from 45m. A physical passage of play left Newman on the turf in the build-up but the Tigers skipper looks okay to play on

Q1 21:04 - Geelong 4.0 (24) Richmond 3.1 (19)
Conca blots the scoresheet with the first behind of the day...he shook Duncan's tackle but his kick on the run from 45m slid across the face. Looked a decent opportunity to bring Richmond level.

Q1 19:49 - Geelong 4.0 (24) Richmond 3.0 (18)
Lonergan leads Riewoldt to the ball and out-points the Tigers spearhead to end a Richmond attack

Q1 16:34
Both teams are making a myth of accuracy issues at a windy Simonds this the equal and opposite reaction to last night's West Coast-Hawthorn miss-a-thon?

Q1 15:48 - Geelong 4.0 (24) Richmond 3.0 (18)
Motlop hit up Hawkins on the chest as the forward led Grimes to the ball and marked 40m from goal almost directly in front...The Tomahawk slots the set shot beautifully for his first.

Q1 14:06 - Geelong 3.0 (18) Richmond 3.0 (18)
A Richmond player encroached within 5m of Josh Hunt's mark...he is walked to 20m out on a slight angle and slots the goal.

Q1 12:19 - Geelong 2.0 (12) Richmond 3.0 (18)
Tigers in front after Riewoldt marked in the goalsquare from a Deledio attempt on goal from 45m on a tight angle. It might have been going through but Riewoldt made it a certainty.

Q1 9:59 - Geelong 2.0 (12) Richmond 2.0 (12)
Interchange infringement gifts Ivan Maric a 50m penalty and a set-shot goal. Tied back up without a centre bounce.

Q1 8:48 - Geelong 2.0 (12) Richmond 1.0 (6)
Joel Selwood kicks a long goal from 50m on the back of the wind. Flowing football from the Cats that was lacking a lot of the time last weekend. 

Q1 7:58 - Geelong 1.0 (6) Richmond 1.0 (6)
Batchelor cut out a Geelong attack by streaming off the half-back line with a mark and a bounce...his good interception isn't matched by the disposal and Geelong wrap the ball up on Richmond's half-forward line.

Q1 5:15 - Geelong 1.0 (6) Richmond 1.0 (6)
Ball trapped in the Richmond forward 50m. Jack Riewoldt at the bottom of a pack but yet to get a clean possession. 

Q1 2:12 - Geelong 1.0 (6) Richmond 1.0 (6)
Deledio ran through the centre square with three bounces and delivered to the advantage of Vickery who dragged in a contested mark 20m out from goal...he kicks the goal from a slight angle but the ball definitely struggled against the wind! Richmond on the board and Vickery straight into the game for the Tigers.

Q1 0:28 - Geelong 1.0 (6) Richmond 0.0 (0)
Stokes roves the first goal of the day from the Cats' first entry inside 50m and a minor scuffle breaks out without any further free kicks. One clearance, one goal for the Cats.

Welcome to this afternoon's live blog of the Sunday triple-header in the AFL, starting with Geelong v Richmond from Simonds Stadium. Geelong had to throw the gates open to get all the fans in to see the premeirship flag unfurled, with typically windy conditions allowing it to fly firmly out in the centre of the arena.

Follow our free-flowing discussion of match events starting with Geelong v Richmond from Simonds Stadium at 1pm. Stay with us for Sydney v North Melbourne and Melbourne v Western Bulldogs through the afternoon and evening.

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WCE ($1.04)vs STK ($11.00) 19:40Domain Stadium
Sun, 06 SepTimes shown AEST
MEL ($3.20)vs GWS ($1.36) 13:10ES
COL ($1.28)vs ESS ($3.70) 15:20MCG
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AFL 2015
Overall standings
Team P W L D % Pts
Fremantle 21 17 4 0 125.10 68
West Coast Eagles 21 15 5 1 143.00 62
Hawthorn 21 15 6 0 156.77 60
Sydney Swans 21 15 6 0 124.11 60
Richmond 21 14 7 0 121.39 56
Western Bulldogs 21 14 7 0 116.76 56
Adelaide Crows 20 13 7 0 119.10 54
North Melbourne 21 13 8 0 109.08 52
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