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Live AFL: Saturday 12 May


Edited by Teo Pellizzeri

Saturday Night Wrap

Essendon defeated West Coast by 61 points

Essendon had the upper hand in the first half but it wasn't until the first six minutes of the third quarter that the game was blown open. Four goals in six minutes was a devastating show of scoring power from the Bombers on the way to winning 16.17 (113) to 7.10 (52).
- Stanton, Watson and Zaharakis combined for 104 disposals in a commanding midfield display.

- West Coast lost Matt Priddis to concussion, Cox and Kerr fought hardest against the onslaught.
- After speculation all week about the Eagles' tactics when being tackled, the umpiring was a non-factor albeit with the Bombers bucking this season's trend in Eagles games by coming out ahead 19-18 in the free-kick count.

Collingwood defeated Brisbane by 58 points
Collingwood at times looked like kicking away to a bigger win but 17.14 (116) to 8.10 (58) still reflects a night where the Pies dominated possession.
- The Pies shared the scoring workload with six multiple goal-kickers, led by surprise forward Tyson Goldsack who booted three.
- Brisbane had some good individual stat earners but lost the disposal count 444-310 on a night where Collingwood controlled the ball.
- Nathan Brown was subbed out with a knee injury suffered in a marking contest, which will be a major concern both in the short term with Collingwood playing Geelong this weekend and the Pies' long-term finals aspirations.

EARLIER today Adelaide thumped Geelong by 50 points and GWS won its first game, defeating Gold Coast by 27 points and Richmond out-lasted Sydney with a gutsy 29-point win.

This concludes tonight's live blog. Keep an eye on for match reports and analysis.

Brisbane 8.10 (58) Collingwood 17.14 (116) - FULL TIME
Brisbane were feisty at times but the Pies were superior in every department. Arguably even the Gabba crowd was skewed in the Pies' favour.

Brisbane 8.10 (58) Collingwood 17.14 (116) - Q4 28.11
One more for the road as Goldsack becomes the outright leading goal-kicker on the ground after marking uncontested 20m out and converting with just eight seconds left on the count-down clock.

Essendon 16.17 (113) West Coast 7.10 (52) - FULL TIME
Essendon celebrate with the traditional jacket-wave on a night where the team announced itself as a contender and West Coast sufferd yet more injuries in a season where they could already afford no more.

Essendon 16.17 (113) West Coast 6.10 (46) - Q4 26.58
More icing on the cake as Davey runs into an open goal. West Coast not at the races with just 37 seconds to go on the count-down clock and the Bombers won the clearance to score in quick time.

Brisbane 8.9 (57) Collingwood 16.14 (110) - Q4 20.54
Tyson Goldsack takes a hand-off from Keeffe to kick his second goal of the game.

Essendon 15.17 (107) West Coast 6.10 (46) - Q4 25.58
Alwyn Davey kicks a 35m set shot goal.

Brisbane 8.9 (57) Collingwood 15.14 (104) - Q4 19.16
Margin just starting to get a bit ugly for Brisbane again as Cameron Wood pops through his second major.

Essendon 14.16 (100) West Coast 6.9 (45) - Q4 19.46
Stanton marks on teh edge of the goalsquare and slots it through. To go with his 35 possessions it's another monster night out.

Brisbane 8.9 (57) Collingwood 14.13 (97) - Q4 13.28
Sidebottom kicks his second major, no player on the ground has kicked more than two goals tonight.

Essendon 13.16 (94) West Coast 6.9 (45) - Q4 17.47
Back-to-back goals for West Coast to shave a bit of percentage damage off the result. The first Brennan running into an open goal, then a quick clearance and Josh Hill doing the same thing.

Essendon 13.16 (94) West Coast 4.9 (33) - Q4 15.28
Sting well and truly out of the game now with the Eagles in damage control and Essendon seemingly happy that 10 goals is enough of a margin to prove a point.

Brisbane 8.9 (57) Collingwood 13.12 (90) - Q4 6.41
Wellingham keeps Collingwood safely at arms length

Essendon 13.14 (92) West Coast 4.8 (32) - Q4 6.48
Bombers on the board in the final quarter with Jetta putting one through from the goal square.

Brisbane 8.9 (57) Collingwood 12.12 (84) - Q4 1.11
Polec puts through a running goal to kick-start the final quarter for the Lions. Any chance? Any takers?

Essendon 12.14 (86) West Coast 4.8 (32) - Q4 3.58
Eagles finally peg a goal back. Beau Waters marked uncontested 40m out and put through his set shot.

Brisbane 7.9 (51) Collingwood 12.12 (84) - Three-quarter time
A double-salvo from Dane Swan had Collingwood threatening to blow the game open but Brisbane won the quarter by three points to hang in 33 down.

Brisbane 7.8 (50) Collingwood 12.12 (84) - Q3 28.20
Didak snaps a special goal from 20m after soccering the ball into the 50m arc...Keeffe picked it up and dished off for an impromptu one-two. Instant reply from Collingwood.

Brisbane 7.8 (50) Collingwood 11.12 (78) - Q3 26.40
Black snaps a goal fro Brisbane to close the margin back to 28 points. 1.25 to go on the count-down clock this term.

Essendon 12.14 (86) West Coast 3.7 (25) - Three-quarter time
The siren sounds on arguably the most devastating quarter of football this season to date. Essendon put West Coast to the sword with 7.4 to two points. Is this the tipping point to have fans and neutrals alike genuinely believing that Essendon are a threat for this year's premiership?

Brisbane 6.8 (44) Collingwood 11.12 (78) - Q3 23.38
Brown kicks a goal from a tight angle to suspend belief that Brisbane could do something in the final quarter if they get on a roll.

Brisbane 5.7 (37) Collingwood 11.11 (77) - Q3 21.00
Merrett puts through a goal for Brisbane

Essendon 12.13 (85) West Coast 3.7 (25) - Q3 23.05
Jetta's long kick to the hot-spot is marked by Bellchambers...he pops through a 20m set shot. Make that seven unanswered goals in this quarter for Essendon.

Essendon 11.12 (78) West Coast 3.6 (24) - Q3 20.59
It took until time-on but the Eagles are on the board in this quarter...a long ball to the goal-line was held by Darling but not before it'd crossed the line for a point.

Brisbane 4.7 (31) Collingwood 11.8 (74) - Q3 15.23
Two goals in quick succession to Swan after Rockliff gave away a free kick to Pendlebury and he sent the ball quickly into attack.

Essendon 11.12 (78) West Coast 3.5 (23) - Q3 17.44
Party time took a brief recess for Essendon but Ricky Dyson's snap keeps the scoreboard ticking over. The Eagles haven't scored in this quarter and have barely gone inside forward 50m.

Brisbane 4.7 (31) Collingwood 10.8 (68) - Q3 12.38
Breathing space again for the Pies as Swan kicks his first goal of the night.

Brisbane 4.7 (31) Collingwood 9.7 (61) - Q3 7.08
GOAL! Karnezis' second of the game is keeping Brisbane in it on the scoreboard if nothing else. The Lions have subbed Hanley off and Zorko is on for his debut.

Essendon 10.10 (70) West Coast 3.5 (23) - Q3 8.29
Crameri marks Ryder's pass and sends a 50m set shot through! Superb footy from the Dons.

Essendon 9.10 (64) West Coast 3.5 (23) - Q3 6.11
Davey converts a 40m set shot and this blitz is one of Essendon's best! Four goals in six minutes has blown this contest to smithereens.

Essendon 8.10 (58) West Coast 3.5 (23) - Q3 5.12
Bang, bang, bang for Essendon as Crameri goals from the top of the square. Essendon dominating the centre square now and the Eagles, save for the very first clearance of the quarrter, have barely made it past half way.

Essendon 7.10 (52) West Coast 3.5 (23) - Q3 2.42
Lovett-Murray runs into an open goal after another quick clearance. Red alert for West Coast now.

Essendon 6.10 (46) West Coast 3.5 (23) - Q3 1.15
Ryder marks a long kick inside 50m from Heppell and converts the set shot from close range. Perfect start to the second half for the Bombers.

Essendon 5.10 (40) West Coast 3.5 (23) - HALF TIME
Essendon's midfield engine of Zaharakis, Watson and Stanton has combined for 57 possessions in the first half. Cox and Kerr have 12 possesisons each for West Coast. All goal-kickers on the ground are singles.

Brisbane 3.7 (25) Collingwood 9.6 (60) - Q2 - HALF TIME
A grinding second quarter ends with Collingwood up by 35 at half time after extending its lead by eight points in that term.

Brisbane 3.7 (25) Collingwood 9.6 (60) - Q2 24.37
Jonathan Brown kicks a set shot goal...while Collingwood has a major injury concern with Nathan Brown hurt in a marking contest and subbed out for Yagmoor.

Essendon 5.10 (40) West Coast 3.5 (23) - HALF TIME
West Coast had the run in the last two minutes of the quarter but couldn't hit the scoreboard to make the half-time margin even more flattering. With Priddis concussed and out of the game, it's going to take a lock-down effort in the second half for the Eagles to snare a miracle away win.

Essendon 5.10 (40) West Coast 3.5 (23) - Q2 27.24
Darling marks a Scott Selwood long bomb just outside the goal-square and bananas through a goal. West Coast are still clinging on against an Essendon outfit that has controlled the first half.

Essendon 5.10 (40) West Coast 2.4 (16) - Q2 24.12
West Coast rush a behind to deny Jobe Watson a goal from the boundary...Neates has been activated as the sub to replace the concussed Matt Priddis.

Essendon 5.9 (39) West Coast 2.4 (16) - Q2 22.24
West Coast creaking under pressure again. Dempsey cut open the midfield with a run, passed to Melksham who found Crameri who had ghosted free close to goal again. This time he converts from 15m out.

Essendon 4.9 (32) West Coast 2.4 (16) - Q2
Kerr kicks a goal against the run of play with a running shot from 45m on the boundary. Gut-running from the wing got him free to run onto a hand-ball and break into the 50m.

Brisbane 2.1 (13) Collingwood 9.4 (58) - Q2 11.59
Keefe kicks a set shot goal from the forward pocket

Essendon 4.8 (32) West Coast 1.4 (10) - Q2 16.50
Eagles creaking under Bomber pressure...a desperate kick from the back pocket fell in Stanton's lap but his 45m set shot from a tight angle was across the face.

Essendon 4.7 (31) West Coast 1.4 (10) - Q2 14.55
Scoring now becoming a bit easier for Essendon after Zaharakis was able to split open the centre square and find Stanton on the lead. He made no mistake from 45m out.

Essendon 3.7 (25) West Coast 1.4 (10) - Q2 12.08
Jake Melksham is taken high as Dean Cox gets him with a poke in the eye...both were chasing a loose ball. Melksham converts from 30m out directly in front.

Essendon 2.7 (19) West Coast 1.4 (10) - Q2 9.43
Major worry for West Coast with Matt Priddis struggling on the bench and needing to head down the race to take the concussion test. West Coast surely nearing the point of no return with yet another prime mover potentially out of the match.

Brisbane 2.1 (13) Collingwood 8.4 (52) - Q2 1.48
Collingwood won a quick clearance, Cloke out-marked Patfull and converted the set shot! Pies on fire.

Brisbane 2.1 (13) Collingwood 7.4 (46) - Q2 0.40
Sinclair capitalises on an errant hand-ball and dribbles through a quick opening goal to keep the rout going at the start of the second term.

Essendon 2.7 (19) West Coast 1.4 (10) - Q2 4.39
Crameri gambled and won by sneaking ahead of the ball and marking uncontested 20m out when Essendon won a contest in the middle...but his set shot lets him down as he hooks it across the face from a slight angle.

Essendon 2.6 (18) West Coast 1.3 (9) -Q2
West Coast were not clean from the kick-in and the ball ends up with Ryder 40m out. He converts the set shot to extend Essendon to a match-high nine point lead.

Essendon 1.6 (12) West Coast 1.3 (9) -Q2 0.30
Essendon win the first clearance but Melksham's entry inside 50m is wide to the left and out of bounds on the full

Brisbane 2.1 (13) Collingwood 6.4 (40) - Quarter Time
Few surprises in the first quarter as the Pies jumped to a 27-point lead. The question is more about sustaining the scoring rate rather than if Collingwood will go on and win.

Brisbane 2.1 (13) Collingwood 6.4 (40) - Q1 27.00
Rich kicked a long pot-shot for goal and put it through! But wait, it's a video review...did the ball hit the top of the padding? It did not, goal for Brisbane.

Essendon 1.6 (12) West Coast 1.3 (9) - Quarter Time
Jetta's late goal ensured Essendon got to the break in front after doing a lot of attacking for little scorebaord reward in the first quarter. Jobe Watson has 13 disposals and Zaharakis 11 for the Bombers.

Brisbane 1.1 (7) Collingwood 6.4 (40) - Q1 25.18
Heath Shaw snaps a goal

Essendon 1.6 (12) West Coast 1.3 (9) - Q1 23.49
Leroy Jetta puts Essendon on the board with a 40m set shot. Watson set Dyson loose with a hand-ball off the half-back line and Dyson's kick to Jetta was perfect.

Brisbane 1.1 (7) Collingwood 5.4 (34) - Q1 22.10
Karnezis marks and goals to give Brisbane hope late in the first quarter

Essendon 0.6 (6) West Coast 1.3 (9) - Q1 21.34
Essendon doing a lot of attacking but Dean Cox marks a set shot on the goal-line to keep the Bombers waiting for their first major

Brisbane 0.1 (1) Collingwood 5.4 (34) - Q1 21.00
Goldsack converts a shot to continue the first-quarter rout. Collingwood looking a class above.  

Brisbane 0.1 (1) Collingwood 4.4 (28) - Q1 17.49
Collingwood add another through Sinclair. Elastic already starting to stretch between these two.

Essendon 0.4 (4) West Coast 1.3 (9) - Q1 16.04
Hurn kicks a long goal to cap a flowing move and break the stalemate

Brisbane 0.1 (1) Collingwood 3.3 (21) - Q1 15.24
Collingwood already controlling the match with Sidebottom kicing a goal

Essendon 0.4 (4) West Coast 0.3 (3) - Q1 13.49
Anyone for a goal? A lot of stoppages both in packs and along the boundary as both teams battle for clearance supremacy.

Brisbane 0.1 (1) Collingwood 2.3 (15) - Q1 11.05
GOAL! Cameron Wood gets a 50m penalty and converts Collingwood's second goal of the night.

Essendon 0.4 (4) West Coast 0.2 (2) - Q1 9.55
An insight into the West Coast mindset? Glass heard a whistle in a marking contest and jogged back assuming he'd won the free. Only to be caught out when he discovered it was going the other way. Essendon went inside 50m but couldn't manufacture a shot on goal.

Essendon 0.3 (3) West Coast 0.1 (1) - Q1 6.34
Carlisle marks Ryder's pass 30m out on a slight angle...but never looked confident and pushed his set shot across the face. Best chance of the night for either side so far.

Brisbane 0.0 (0) Collingwood 1.1 (7) - Q1 2.44
Pies kick the first goal of the night through Cloke. Didak nearly makes it two with a point on the run.

Essendon 0.0 (0) West Coast 0.0 (0) - First Bounce
Underway at Etihad Stadium and also at the Gabba where Chris Dawes is a late out for Collingwood, replaced by Yagmoor who is the sub.

Richmond 13.13 (91) Sydney Swans 8.14 (62) - FULL TIME
Cotchin led all ball-winners with 27 disposals, 11 contested, five tackles and six clearances. Grigg had 26 possies to go with his three goals. Foley a game-high 16 contested possessions out of his 25. Kennedy finished up with 21 touches, 15 contested, as Sydney's leading ball-winner. Only three Swans (Jack, McVeigh) cracked 20 possessions.

Richmond 13.13 (91) Sydney Swans 8.14 (62) - FULL TIME
Huge final quarter from Foley and Riewoldt. 40,000 crowd found their voice after a goal early in the last extended the margin out to 20 points. Riewoldt kicked 4.4, Grigg three goals all after half time, all of them when the game was in the balance. Josh Kennedy was Sydney's only multiple goal-kicker. 

Richmond 13.13 (91) Sydney Swans 8.14 (62) - FULL TIME
Richmond get a rushed behind off hands in the last time for any more scoring as the siren sounds on the Sydney kick-in. A gutsy win for Richmond after being challenged by the Swans in the third quarter.

Richmond 13.12 (90) Sydney Swans 8.14 (62) - Q4 26.37
50m penalty against Deledio for encroaching the mark takes Bolton to 30m out but his set shot hits the post.

Richmond 13.12 (90) Sydney Swans 8.13 (61) - Q4 23.55
Dennis-Lane gets free in the 50m again and this time converts from 45m out. Three minutes to go on the count-down clock.

Richmond 13.12 (90) Sydney Swans 7.13 (55) - Q4 22.49
Dennis-Lane strains to kick a 50m point. Down to 4.30 on the count-down clock

Richmond 13.12 (90) Sydney Swans 7.11 (53) - Q4 19.10
It's the Grigg show! Another 50m bomb from Grigg, this time on the run after a flowing move started at the back of the centre square. Relax Tigers fans, it's in the bag now with 7.13 to go on the count-down clock.

Richmond 12.12 (84) Sydney Swans 7.11 (53) - Q4 17:25
Hannebery misses a set shot from 40m out on a slight angle. Down to 8.25 to go on the count-down clock.

Richmond 12.12 (84) Sydney Swans 7.9 (51) - Q4 13.34
Deledio missed a set shot from 40m after a free kick only to get the ball straight back from Sydney's kick-in and make no mistake from 55m! Richmond in control with 10 minutes left on the count-down clock.

Richmond 11.11 (77) Sydney Swans 7.9 (51) - Q4 10.20
Interchange infringement by Ellis coming on as the sub...50m penalty from the centre square puts Seaby just inside forward 50m and his wobbly kick just clears the pack. A gift with 13 minutes left on the count-down clock.

Richmond 11.11 (77) Sydney Swans 6.9 (45) - Q4 8.46
Riewoldt marks on the lead, a finger-tipper in front of Richards. He converts the set shot for his fourth of the day. That should do it for the Tigers now!

Richmond 10.11 (71) Sydney Swans 6.9 (45) - Q4 6.39
Momentum now back with Richmond after marking 15m out and converting from a slight angle. Daniel Jackson again vital in the build-up.

Richmond 9.11 (65) Sydney Swans 6.9 (45) - Q4 4.07
Jackson got a hand-ball out of a tackle to Grigg at the top of the 50m at his raking left-footed kick sailed through to get Richmond the all-important first goal of the final term!

Richmond 8.11 (59) Sydney Swans 6.9 (45) - Q4 2.25
Big team-lifting tackle by Jake Batchelor to stop a forward thrust from Ben McGlynn. But the Tigers need a goal to get a stunned crowd back behind them. Brandon Ellis is still yet to be activated on the bench.

Richmond 8.11 (59) Sydney Swans 6.9 (45) - Three-quarter time
So how about those Josh Kennedy Brownlow odds? 18 possessions, 13 contested and two goals including the team-lifter on the three-quarter time siren. Richmond's Cotchin leads all comers with 24 possies while Houli, Martin (21), Newman, Foley and Deledio (20) all have more touches than Sydney's leading stat-getters Kennedy and Bolton (18).

Richmond 8.11 (59) Sydney Swans 6.9 (45) - After 3QT siren
Kennedy marks Jetta's kick 40m out from goal...and converts the set shot as the siren sounds with the ball in mid-air! A very short quarter by modern standards, going 26 and a half minutes.

Richmond 8.10 (58) Sydney Swans 5.8 (38) - 22.05
Ben McGlynn kicks a 45m set shot goal from a 45 degree angle to keep Sydney within striking distance.

Richmond 8.10 (58) Sydney Swans 4.8 (32) - 20.54
Sydney not waiting any longer to activate Trent Dennis-Lane as he comes into the game for Luke Parker. Possibly a knee injury for Parker making the decision injury related rather than tactical.

Richmond 8.10 (58) Sydney Swans 4.7 (31) - 18.07
Grigg holds his nerve with a 45m set shot to relieve the pressure on Richmond after Malceski turned the ball over coming out of defensive 50m and Grigg was able to mark uncontested straight in front.

Richmond 7.10 (52) Sydney Swans 4.7 (31) - 13:54
Martin marked in the forward pocket and put his 40m set shot from a tight angle out on the full to the near side. Sydney are turning the screws in general play but Richmond still have the upper hand on the scoreboard.

Richmond 7.10 (52) Sydney Swans 4.7 (31) - 12:35
Houli went for a spectaular mark but came down heavily on his left shoulder...he was able to get up and run it off. Neither sub has been activated.

Brisbane v Collingwood - Pre-Match
Chris Dawes is out with a virus for Collingwood replaced by Peter Yagmoor. Yagmoor and first-gamer Zorko are the starting subs.

Richmond 7.10 (52) Sydney Swans 4.7 (31) - 7.50
Grundy marks Jetta's kick in the forward pocket...and converts from 25m on a tight angle. Plenty of Swans run to him for high fives, looks like there is a bit of belief creeping in!

Richmond 7.10 (52) Sydney Swans 3.7 (25) - 5.52
Everitt took a mark too far out to score but Newman conceded a cheap 50m for encroaching the mark. He converts the 35m set shot from almost straight in front.

Richmond 7.10 (52) Sydney Swans 2.6 (18) - 3.30
The signs are already ominous for Sydney at the start of the second half. Last line of defence being left to do the grunt work while Chris Newman picks off wayward forward thrusts across the middle.

Richmond 7.10 (52) Sydney Swans 2.6 (18) - Q3 1.00
Richmond won a clearance and Cotchin spotted up Riewoldt 50m out on the lead. But his 50m set shot from the boundary was pulled to the near side and never swinging back.

Richmond 7.9 (51) Sydney Swans 2.6 (18) - Q3 First Bounce
Both substitutes, Ellis and Dennis-Lane, remain green-vested for the start of the second half.

Half-time: Richmond 7.9 (51) Sydney Swans 2.7 (19)
A great half by the Tigers. Two goals each in the second term but, importantly, Richmond's intensity hasn't dropped off. They are miles in front with uncontested possessions and overall disposals. They have laid the foundations for what will undoubtedly be labeled an important victory.

Richmond 7.9 (51) Sydney Swans 2.6 (18) - Q2 24.00

Approaching the dying stages of the second half. Richmond maintaining their ascendancy. But the Swans have stemmed the flow and are winning their share of contested possessions in the past 10 minutes.

Richmond 7.7 (49) Sydney Swans 2.4 (16) - Q2 17.50

GOAL! - Josh Kennedy gets Sydney's second. The visitors are hanging on. Nathan Foley leading the way with 17 possessions for Richmond.

Richmond 7.7 (49) Sydney Swans 1.4 (10) - Q2 15.25
Tigers maintaining their advantage. Richmond destroying Swans for overall disposals (+78) while they are also comfortably in front on the tackle count. Miller and Riewoldt two goals each.

Richmond 7.6 (48) Sydney Swans 1.2 (8) - Q2 9.55
Richmond by 40 points. Ruckman Ivan Maric does the damage .... speaking of players who've been handy acquisitions for the Tigers.

Richmond 6.6 (42) Sydney Swans 1.2 (8) - Q2 6.25
Miller for the Tigers. Hasn't he been a handy player this year? A terrific set shot goal from close to the 50-metre arc. Some reports Jack Riewoldt has gone off for treatment.

Richmond 5.6 (36) Sydney Swans 1.2 (8) - Q2 1.55
Swans get on the goal-scoring board. Daniel Hannebery scores a vital goal as the Swans seek to stay in touch.

QT: Richmond
5.6 (36) Sydney Swans 0.2 (2)
Gee whiz. What a quarter by the Tigers! Cotchin and Foley with 11 possessions each in a dominating display. Grigg and Martin just behind with 10 touches. The Richmond faithful are on their feet. Swans goalless in the opening quarter for the first time since last year's semi-final against Hawthorn.

Richmond 4.6 (30) Sydney Swans 0.2 (2) - Q1 28.02

Stunning quarter so far from Richmond. Tigers dominating the key statistics: 18 more contested possessions, 12 more tackles and their disposal efficiency is well ahead.

Richmond 3.2 (20) Sydney Swans 0.2 (2) - Q1 19.20
Two goals to Jack Riewoldt thus far. The forward is looking up and about. Genuine twilight game at the 'G with the lights off at the opening bounce.

- Forgive us for a brief foray into non-AFL news. Black Caviar has just won her 21st consecutive race to remain unbeaten across her career. Bring on Royal Ascot

Richmond 2.0 (12) Sydney Swans 0.0 (0) - Q1 7.32
Tigers off to a flyer. Goals to Jack Riewoldt and Dustin Martin.

4.35pm -
There are no late changes at the MCG. Richmond is starting with Shane Edwards, Daniel Jackson and Reece Conca on the bench while Brandon Ellis is the substitute. And for the Swans, Dan Hannebery, Luke Parker, and Lewis Jetta are on the pine while Trent Dennis-Lane is the substitute.


  • The umpires up to their usual standards I see.

    Date and time
    May 12, 2012, 5:57PM
    • should I call the wahhhhhmbulance?

      Hong Kong
      Date and time
      May 12, 2012, 9:45PM
      • Love the fact that the Bombers have a growing injury list in terms of opposition players we have injured each week. Shows as long as you take out important players by vicious tackling early in the game you can get a real advantage

        Date and time
        May 12, 2012, 10:02PM
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