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Live coverage, St Kilda v Carlton


Will Brodie

Zach Tuohy and Stephen Milne get acquanited.

Zach Tuohy and Stephen Milne get acquanited. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

Thanks for your patronage and see you for more live footy on Friday night, when Collingwood and Geelong lock horns at the MCG in the 2011 grand final rematch.

ST KILDA 5.3  11.5  16.6  19.8 (122)
CARLTON 5.1  8.6  12.10  14.14 (98)
Goals: St Kilda: S Milne 4 T Milera 3 A Saad 2 D Armitage 2 R Stanley 2 B Goddard F Ray J Koschitzke J Steven L Hayes N Riewoldt. Carlton: D Ellard 3 A Walker 2 E Betts 2 B Gibbs C Judd H Scotland J Waite K Simpson M Kreuzer M Robinson.
Best: St Kilda: Ray, Hayes, Steven, Milera, Blake, Dempster, Montagna, Jones, Goddard, Armitage, Milne. Carlton: Judd, Walker, Kreuzer, Scotland.
Umpires: Troy Pannell, Stephen McBurney, Matthew Leppard.
Official Crowd: 38,823 at Etihad Stadium.

The Saints go into the eight at the expense of Hawthorn, and the Blues blow a chance to top the ladder. As against Essendon, the Blues had no answer when their prime movers were curtailed, with Marc Murphy, Kade Simpson and Heath Scotland shut down. A high proportion of their goals came from stoppages inside-50, where the absence of ruckman Ben McEvoy hurt the Saints. But in general play, the Saints held sway for all but brief periods of each quarter. The Saints got a contribution from more of their forwards, with Saad and Milera causing as many problems as Riewoldt and Milne, and Stanley making a timely two-goal intervention in the last term.

St.Kilda's Rhys Stanley battles with Carlton's Matthew Kreuzer.

St.Kilda's Rhys Stanley battles with Carlton's Matthew Kreuzer. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

The Blues now face another tough challenge against in-form Adelaide at Etihad Stadium on Sunday, while the Saints take on West Coast in Perth.

FINAL SCORE. St Kilda 19.8 (122) v Carlton 14.14 (98)
Lenny Hayes says there was a "finals atmosphere" tonight. His efforts were typically inspiring. Leigh Montagna, having jusy played his best game for some time, discusses sending a jumper to Liz Hurley, wife-to-be of Saints fanatic Shane Warne, and his team's determination to play "aggressive footy" tonight. That they did, restricting Carlton's creative runners, and outgunning them in the clinches.

Q4 1.00 St Kilda 19.8 (122) v Carlton 14.14 (98)
Gibbs misses from point blank range. Saints fans are singing their song. This is their best performance under new coach Scott Watters, and the contributions from youngsters makes it their best win in a year.

Lenny Hayes and Andrew Walker tangle.

Lenny Hayes and Andrew Walker tangle. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

Q4 2.00 St Kilda 19.8 (122) v Carlton 14.13 (97)
Ellard misses, and fittingly, Ray takes a strong mark on the wing. His job on Simpson has been pivotal.

Q4 2.30 St Kilda 19.8 (122) v Carlton 14.12 (96)
An overexcited Saad tries to do too much and gets caught by Scotland, who delivers perfectly to the disappointing Hampson, who misses the set shot from 40 metres.

Q4 3.44 St Kilda 19.8 (122) v Carlton 14.11 (95)
GOAL. Saints. Stanley.
That should do it. The Saints hold up the rebounding Blues, and force stoppages inside their 50 metre arc. The ball eventually falls to Stanley 40 out, and his high quality right foot snap soars through.

St.Kilda's Nick Riewoldt juggles a mark ahead of Carlton's Lachie Henderson.

St.Kilda's Nick Riewoldt juggles a mark ahead of Carlton's Lachie Henderson. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

Q4 4.42 St Kilda 18.8 (116) v Carlton 14.11 (95)
GOAL. Blues. Ellard.
Carlton throwing caution to the wind, monopolise possession, and again its Murphy to Ellard. The little man again kicks truly from directly in front. The Blues have gone small inside 50, belatedly, and it's paying dividends. St Kilda just needs to keep their composure and win a few more key contests to record a massive upset win, but it's all Carlton for the moment.

Q4 7.20 St Kilda 18.8 (116) v Carlton 13.11 (89)
Kreuzer hits the post after Scotland risked a corridor pass.

Q4 8.39 St Kilda 18.8 (116) v Carlton 13.10 (88)
GOAL. Blues. Ellard.
Murphy's fine centreing pass is marked 35 metres out and the sub delivers for his second goal. That was the first Blues mark inside 50 this term. The Blues remain within striking distance.

St Kilda's Leigh Montagna tackles Carlton's Jeff Garlett.

St Kilda's Leigh Montagna tackles Carlton's Jeff Garlett. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

Q4 9.38 St Kilda 18.8 (116) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
GOAL. Saints. Armitage.
Gram, 65 metres out finds Armitage directly in front and the midfielder, trussed up like Rick McCosker in the 1977 Centenary Test, converts tio give St Kilda their biggest lead of the night.

Q4 10.35 St Kilda 17.8 (110) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
Carlton aren't winning the ball in contests, hence they aren't getting the ball forward enough - 4 inside 50s to 11 this quarter.

Q4 11.55 St Kilda 17.8 (110) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
Judd - who else? - gets the Blues running from defence, but their entry goes out of bounds on the full. Kreuzer and Jamison now the forward targets for Carlton.

Stephen Milne celebrates beating the Blues in round 24, 2011.

Stephen Milne celebrates beating the Blues in round 24, 2011. Photo: Getty Images

Q4 12.50 St Kilda 17.8 (110) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
Riewoldt contested mark on 50 and his long shot just misses. That might have been the tipping point if it had gone through.

Q4 15.12 St Kilda 17.7 (109) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
GOAL. Saints. Stanley.
Gilbert clears the huge pack at carlton's end, Russell gets a bad bounce and Saad takes off with nothing but the goals in front of him Russell catches him, but the Saad handpass goes to an even quicker player in Stanley, who runs to the goalsquare and dribbles through the first goal of the final term. Blues yet to score this term.
Memo those who whinge about big packs - they mean there thrilling foot races happen elsewhere!

Q4 15.55 St Kilda 16.7 (103) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
Now it's Carlton's turn to hold the ball in their half. Huge pack near the Blues goal, and multiple stoppages, not good for the ruck-challenged Saints.

Saint Nick Riewoldt battles with Blue Lachie Henderson.

Saint Nick Riewoldt battles with Blue Lachie Henderson. Photo: Sebastian Costanzo

Q4 16.30 St Kilda 16.7 (103) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
SUBSTITUTION: ST KILDA: Siposs on for Wilkes. Ellard gave the Blues plenty of run in the final minutes of the third quarter when he came on as sub for Carlton.

Q4 17.25 St Kilda 16.7 (103) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
The Saints keep up the forward  pressure, forcing a clearing kick out on the full. The long kick back is marked strongly by Stanley 20 out directly in front. But he misses! Huge let-off for Carlton.

Q4 19.00 St Kilda 16.6 (102) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
St Kilda go forward first, via a strong Riewoldt mark, but the Blues hold firm, their strong tackling forcing a kick out on the full from Ray.

THREE QUARTER TIME St Kilda 16.6 (102) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
Possessions: St Kilda: Ray 23, Montagna 22, Goddrad 18. Carlton: Judd 24, Curnow, Scotland 16.

THREE QUARTER TIME St Kilda 16.6 (102) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
A pulsating last minute as both teams opened each other up but were, for once tonight, unable to get the score on the board. Steven burst through on the boundary, but his centreing kick was too wide of Milne. Goddard's spoil on Gibbs set up anopther chance, but Robinson's desperation saved the day for the Blues. Carlton upped their intensity in the final five minutes of that quarter, and if they can maintain that level for longer in the final term, this will be a cliffhanger, because they were creating scoring opportunities and not letting St Kilda get the ball in their half. St Kilda has been the better team, but can they play that style of footy again for another quarter?

Q3 2.54 St Kilda 16.6 (102) v Carlton 12.10 (82)
GOAL. Blues. Robinson. H
olding the ball paid directly in front 25 metres out. Milera had no chance to get the ball out, a ludicrous call, but the Blues pressure eventually told - they had held the ball inside their half for three minutes.

Q3 2.54 St Kilda 16.6 (102) v Carlton 11.10 (76)
A long kick eludes Betts and just misses going through for goal, then the next Carlton thrust is marked on the goal line. They are desperate now for another goal before three quarter time.

Q3 4.24 St Kilda 16.6 (102) v Carlton 11.9 (75)
GOAL.  Blues. Ellard.
Great tap from Hampson from throw-in and Ellard's hopeful snap floats through from 35 metres out. Many goals from stoppages tonight for the Blues, who have a big advantage in the ruck.

Q3 5.42 St Kilda 16.6 (102) v Carlton 10.8 (68)
GOAL. Saints. Armitage.
Brilliant baulk from Hayes on the boundary line opens up a chance for Dal Santo, who finds Armitage in 50 metres of space. He settles and delivers on the run from 40 metres. Biggest lead of the game to the Saints, it's there's for the taking right now.

Q3 6.53 St Kilda 15.6 (96) v Carlton 10.8 (68)
Waite just took his first mark, on the wing. Shaun Hampson has taken three marks and has not had a shot at goal.

Q3 9.16 St Kilda 15.6 (96) v Carlton 10.7 (67)
GOAL. Saints. Milne.
Classic crumber's goal from the stoppage 30 metres out. Given a block and accelerating at the right moment after a throw-in, Milne gets the footy and curls it around his body for a crucial major.

SUBSTITUTION: Carlton: Ellard  on for Joseph.

Q3 13.14 St Kilda 14.6 (90) v Carlton 10.6 (66)
GOAL. Saints. Goddard.
Steven's hard work, Hayes' handpass in traffic and Saad's audacious run inside 50 give Goddard a gimme in the goalsquare. That gets the chant going from the Saints fans. Pulsating game that is far from settled given the rate of scoring, but the Saints have done well to re-establish this four-goal lead. The next goal is very important.

Q3 13.42 St Kilda 13.6 (84) v Carlton 10.6 (66)
GOAL. Saints. Milne.
Saad's incisive long kick puts Joseph under pressure on Milne, and he concedes a holding free kick. Milne converts a rare direct drop punt set shot.

Q3 14.52 St Kilda 12.6 (78) v Carlton 10.6 (66)
GOAL. Blues. Walker.
Efficient rebound from the Blues ends with Hampson on 50 out amrking Simpkin. Walker demands the short pass, 35 metres out on a sharp angle, and delivers a dead straight drop punt. Four marks and 2.2 for Walker.

Q3 16.00 St Kilda 12.6 (78) v Carlton 9.6 (60)
GOAL. Blues. Scotland.
Garlett finds Scotland 35 metres out with a perfect footpass from 65 metres out. This time Scotland converts as one would expect.

Q3 17.15 St Kilda 12.6 (78) v Carlton 8.6 (54)
GOAL. Saints. Steven.
Methodical rebound from St Kilda through the corridor finds Gilbert, then Riewoldt 55 metres out. He pinpoints his pass to Steven in the pocket. The saints rover converts easily. Godo start to the quarter from St Kilda.

Q3 19.20 St Kilda 11.6 (72) v Carlton 8.6 (54)
Milera misses with a left foot snap afetr a handball from Riewoldt 20 metres out.

HALF-TIME St Kilda 11.5 (71) v Carlton 8.6 (54)
Carlton coach Brett Ratten has told Channel Seven he is going to start ace midfielder Marc Murphy at half-forward in a bid to stymie tagger Clinton Jones, with Kade Simpson to go into the clinches. The Saints have laid 12 more tackles, and had 25 more touches than Carlton, and their disposal efficiency with their slower ball movement is 72% to 66%

HALF-TIME St Kilda 11.5 (71) v Carlton 8.6 (54)
Of note:
Marc Murphy has been curtailed by Clinton Jones, gaining only seven metres net for Carlton from his eight possessions. Blues key target Jarrad Waite has not taken a mark. Half of Chris Judd's 18 possessions have been won in a contest. Carlton has had 27 inside-50s to St Kilda's 23. The St Kilda small forwards Milera, Saad and Milne have kicked seven goals between them; Carlton's Walker, Betts and Garlett have kicked three goals between them.

HALF-TIME St Kilda 11.5 (71) v Carlton 8.6 (54)
St Kilda: Steven, Gram, Montagna, Ray 14, Dempster 13, Milera 11. Carlton: Judd 18, Gibbs 12, Duigan 11, Walker, Scotland 10.
Best players: St Kilda:
Milera, Steven, Montagna, Hayes, Jones, Dempster. Carlton: Judd, Kreuzer, Betts, Gibbs, Scotland.

Q2 0.02  St Kilda 11.5 (71) v Carlton 8.6 (54)
GOAL. St Kilda. Saad.
Scotland misses a 50-metre set shot, and the Saints press forward. Riewoldt spoils; Milne handballs; Hayes lays a huge tackle on Curnow, and Saad mops up the spillage, curling through a low snap from 20 metres. St Kilda's second last second goal of the match gives them a handy half-time break.

Q2 1.23  St Kilda 10.5 (65) v Carlton 8.5 (53)
GOAL. Saints. Milne.
Steven explodes from the pack on the boundary 70 out and delivers to Milne in the pocket. he plays on and curls his right foot snap through for a trademark small forward's goal.

Q2 3.06  St Kilda 9.5 (59) v Carlton 8.5 (53)
Bad miss from directly in front by Russell after a good pass from Garlett into the corridor.

Q2 3.49  St Kilda 9.5 (59) v Carlton 8.4 (52)
The Blues work the ball forward after a holding the ball is paid against Saad deep in their defence. They share the ball with Murphy finding Walker on a 45 degree angle 45 metres out missing to the right.

Q2 7.40  St Kilda 9.5 (59) v Carlton 8.3 (51)
GOAL. Blues. Betts.
Kreuzer delivers a perfect tap from stoppage 45 out - Betts is the first of many Blues in line in the corridor, and his left foot sap is a gem. Blues have rallied and locked the ball in their half for the last three minutes. Chris Judd is up to 17 possessions, most of them hard-won in the packs.

Q2 9.00  St Kilda 9.5 (59) v Carlton 7.3 (45)
Carlton clears from centre bounce thanks to Murphy free kick. Simpson misses set shot from 35 metres. Milera doing it at both ends finds Milne udner pressure in the back pocket, but Milne's kick goes out on the full. Fast and fierce game on here.

Q2 9.52  St Kilda 9.5 (59) v Carlton 7.2 (44)
GOAL. Blues. Gibbs.
Huge mauling pack tackles and is tackled before Judd gets the decisive handball out, and Gibbs delivers a badly needed goal from 45 metres for Carlton.

Q2 10.33  St Kilda 9.5 (59) v Carlton 6.2 (38)
GOAL. Saints. Milera.
Jones and Dal Santo combine brilliantly on the boundary line 60 out to set up a chance for the busy Milera, whose shot on the run is touched just over the line. Video referral confirms it is St Kilda's fourth goal of the quarter.

Q2 11.06  St Kilda 8.5 (53) v Carlton 6.2 (38)
Carlton trying to lift their intensity; Saints holding firm with strong midfield tackling.

Q2 12.50  St Kilda 8.5 (53) v Carlton 6.2 (38)
GOAL. Saints. Hayes.
Montagna centres the ball udner pressure in the pocket and Hayes reads the chaos better than everyone else, dribbling a snap from just outside the goalsquare. Reward for effort for the Saints, who are right on top this term.

Q2 14.18  St Kilda 7.5 (47) v Carlton 6.2 (38)
Saints on top but not conmverting half-chances. Armitage big mark close to goal ruled a push in the back by an umpire 80 metres away. Miler amiss with no pressure snap from 30 was more culpable. Russell is runnign with Goddard and keeping him quiet.

Q2 15.19  St Kilda 7.4 (46) v Carlton 6.2 (38)
GOAL. St KIlda. Koschitzke.
Both teams make inroads into their forward lines after kick-outs, but Walker misses a simple shot for Carlton, and Koschitzke marks and goals from 25 metres out for St Kilda. Denis Armfield doing a solid tagging job on Nick Dal santo - five touches only.

Q2 18.06  St Kilda 6.3 (39) v Carlton 6.1 (37)
GOAL. Saints. Saad.
The small forward skips out of trouble, bounces half-way through his evasive work, then curls a long drop punt around the corner. Brilliant individual effort makes something out of nothing.

Q2 18.53  St Kilda 5.3 (33) v Carlton 6.1 (37)
GOAL. Blues. Kreuzer.
Hampson kicks it inside 50, Russell gathers and handpasses to Kreuzer, whose immediate snap from 30 is perfect.  Carlton's big man advantage in a nutshell.

QUARTER TIME St Kilda 5.3 (33) v Carlton 5.1 (31)
The Saints missed some straightforward chances, and butchered the ball a few times going forward, but the Blues looked to have weathered  the early storm and were getting on top through their pace and high-tempo ball movement. Then the Saints pushed forward again, Milne's goal and antics seemingly distracting the Blues late in the first term.

Q1 0.01  St Kilda 5.3 (33) v Carlton 5.1 (31)
GOAL. Saints. Ray.
Dubious free kick for a chop to the midrift paid to Wilkes 65 metres out. He kicks long towards the goalsquare where another free kick is paid in the pack to Ray. Directly in front, point blank range; he converts.

Q1 0.59  St Kilda 4.3 (27) v Carlton 5.1 (31)
GOAL. Saints. Milera.
The Saints clear the zone and Milera is last in line and runs into the goalsquare.

Q1 1.59  St Kilda 3.3 (21) v Carlton 5.1 (31)
GOAL. Blues. Judd.
Off the ground from just outside the goalsquare after a crowded stoppage. Nine touches for the champ, who is not being tagged tonight, with Murphy the focus of Clinton Jones.

Q1 4.41  St Kilda 3.3 (21) v Carlton 4.1 (25)
GOAL. Saints. Milne.
Joseph can't grab a poor pass overhead and Milne pounces, delivering a trademark curling snap. His celebrations taunting Joseph cause a melee, leaving Milne with a ripped jumper. The Saints girl with the 'IM FREE FOR THE BROWNLOW' banner has secured a prime position on the wing, ensuring the TV cameras pick up her important message.

Q1 5.17 St Kilda 2.3 (15) v Carlton 4.1 (25)
Gram blazes away and misses badly under no pressure, 35 metres out. The Saints have had their chances, all three behinds were gettable.

Q1 6.49 St Kilda 2.2 (14) v Carlton 4.1 (25)
Armitage miskick opens the door for Carlton, then his high tackle gives Garlett a chance at half-forward. Carlton's intensity is lifting, as their confidence rises, they are definitely a momentum team. Aaron Joseph is blanketing Stephen Milne.

Q1 9.19 St Kilda 2.2 (14) v Carlton 4.1 (25)
GOAL. Blues. Walker.
Brilliant double effort from Hampson, initially in a 1 on 2, on the wing wins possession for the Blues. Walker marks 45 out, plays on and delivers the major with a low drop punt.

10.19 St Kilda 2.2 (14) v Carlton 3.1 (19)
GOAL. Blues. Simpson.
Riewoldt misses by a long way from close range on a severe angle after three Blues went to Koschitzke, freeing up David Armitage. Carlton is lethal on the kick-in - a long kick from Jamison is roved then Simpson's long running shot is right through the middle.

11.15 St Kilda 2.1 (13) v Carlton 2.1 (13)
The Blues work the footy around the backline, freeing up Robinson in space. he picks out Simpson directly in front 50 metres out. The kick drops short and goes off hands for a behind. Murphy zero touches opposed to Jones.

13.32 St Kilda 2.1 (13) v Carlton 2.0 (12)
GOAL. Blues. Betts.
Throw-in, forward pocket, Hampson taps straight to the accelerating Betts, who fires through on his left from 25 metres. Great ruck-work the key.

14.13 St Kilda 2.1 (13) v Carlton 1.0 (6)
Saints on-baller Jack Steven has been busy, with four early possessions. No Blue has more than two.

15.15 St Kilda 2.1 (13) v Carlton 1.0 (6)
GOAL. Saints. Milera.
Stoppage at the top of the 50 arc knocked towards goal by Steven. Milera's lightning quick left foot snap is spot on.

16.06 St Kilda 1.1 (7) v Carlton 1.0 (6)
The Saints have butchered a couple of forward thrusts with errant handballs and miskicks, but they are winning their share of the footy.

17.26 St Kilda 1.1 (7) v Carlton 1.0 (6)
GOAL. Saints. Riewoldt.
Long kick to the goalsquare and Riewoldt outmarks Henderson. he can't miss from there. Carlton were more worried about the nearby Koschitzke. Sean Dempster is matched up on Eddie Betts.

18.06 St Kilda 0.1 (1) v Carlton 1.0 (6)
GOAL. Carlton. Waite.
A kick out of bounds on the full and Waite's drop punt from the boundary from the ensuing free kick bends back perfectly. Spot fires all over the ground.

19.09 St Kilda 0.1 (1) v Carlton 0.0 (0)
Saints clear from the first bounce and Hayes pinpoints Riewoldt on the lead. He misses a relatively simple set shot. Clint Jones is tagging Marc Murphy. Plenty of early niggling.

7.40pm: Pushing and shoving at the first bounce, and Channel Seven making sure we see Liz and the kids (and Shane Warne) in a  corporate box.

7.39pm: Carlton goes top of the ladder if they win. That hasn't been the case since 1996.

7.38pm: Beware those of you who have not yet got vision of this match. Our photos will feature that startlingly un-Navy Blue Carlton clash jumper. The Blues are light blues tonight, and they will wear the controversial clash strip against Port Adelaide as well.

7.37pm: Carlton has won two of the past three matches between these teams, but had lost 12 on the trot to the Saints before that. Overall, it is Carlton 158, St Kilda 48 and two draws.

7.35pm: Current betting: St Kilda: $4.75; Carlton $1.20

7.30pm: For St Kilda to win: they must keep the game tight and low-scoring and win the contested ball at stoppages, then get good games out of forwards Justin Koschitzke, Nick Riewoldt and Stephen Milne.
For Carlton to win:
dominate the ruck, enabling their A-grade midfielders to slip the Saints taggers. Take opportunities up forward to keep scoreboard pressure on the underdogs.

7.25pm: The subs for tonight: St Kilda: Arryn Siposs; Carlton: David Ellard.

7.10pm: Injured Carlton defender Jeremy Laidler tells SEN radio that he is due to begin running work tomorrow, and he is progressing well in his recovery from a knee injury. He says the Blues need to concentrate on their kicking skills tonight and not be "too safe with the ball" against St Kilda. The key he says is to make the Saints accountable with their ball movement. Laidler has 'sacked' maligned TV reality show WAG Nation, and says that participant, teammate Jarrad Waite, isn't so keen on the concept of having his life invaded any more.

7.00pm: Some of the footy issues being discussed tonight:
- Magpies injury crisis easing despite Nathan Brown's demise
- Geelong coach Chris Scott backs his charges to win the flag even if they miss the top four
- North ruck Hamish McIntosh cleared of serious damage to his knee
- Buddy Franklin backed to end his inaccuracy
- Adelaide's dream run ends with key forward and leading AFL goalkicker Taylor Walker suspended
- Eagles look to regain their forward pressure to bounce back from big loss to Essendon

St Kilda is missing key playmaker Sam Fisher and impressive ruckman Ben McEvoy, probably the two players they need the most against the Blues. Carlton is welcoming back superstar midfield and captain Chris Judd, running option Ed Curnow and key forward Jarrad Waite, but is missing key midfielder Andrew Carazzo and running backman Chris Yarran.

The Blues were less than impressive against GWS at home last week, taking until the final quarter to break the shackles of the determined newcomers. The Saints stuck to the task against Hawthorn but could not sustain their scoring pressure in the final term.

The Blues look to have the mixture of tall targets, in Shaun Hampson and Waite, and nippy crumbers - Eddie Betts and Jeff Garlett, to trouble the Saints defence. And Michael Jamison and Lachie Henderson will be primed to counter key Saint targets Justin Koschitzke and Nick Riewoldt, who shared eight goals last week

The game as always, will be decided in the midfield, where the Blues look to bat a little deeper, even with Carazzo out injured. If players like Kade Simpson, Heath Scotland, Curnow and Mitch Robinson are having an impact, St Kilda will need a major lift from the likes of David Armitage, Leigh Montagna and Farren Ray.

Carlton thrashed St Kilda in this fixture two years ago, but the teams shared a win apiece last season. The Blues just held out the Saints at this venue in round seven, winning by three points despite the Saints kicking four goals to two in the final term. In round 24 at the MCG, the Saints were fighting to make the finals, and the Blues, already assured of their place, appeared to lack intensity after half-time, an 11-point lead turning into a 20-point deficit by game's end.

B: Jason Gram, Sam Gilbert, Jason Blake
HB: Tom Simpkin, Sean Dempster, Jarryn Geary
C: Nick Dal Santo, Lenny Hayes, Brendon Goddard
HF: Jack Steven, Nick Riewoldt, Leigh Montagna
F: Stephen Milne, Rhys Stanley, Terry Milera
Foll: Justin Koschitzke, David Armitage, Clinton Jones
I/C: Farren Ray, Arryn Siposs, Ahmed Saad, Beau Wilkes
Emerg: Jamie Cripps, Tom Ledger, Dean Polo
IN: Farren Ray, Beau Wilkes
OUT: Sam Fisher, Dean Polo

B: Aaron Joseph, Lachlan Henderson, Michael Jamison
HB: Zach Tuohy, Nick Duigan, Jordan Russell
C: Kade Simpson, Bryce Gibbs, Heath Scotland
HF: Andrew Walker, Jarrad Waite, Mitch Robinson
F: Jeffrey Garlett, Shaun Hampson, Eddie Betts
Foll: Matthew Kreuzer, Marc Murphy, Chris Judd
I/C: Paul Bower, Dennis Armfield  David Ellard, Edward Curnow
Emerg: Bret Thornton, Kane Lucas, Joshua Bootsma
IN: Jarrad Waite, Chris Judd, Ed Curnow
OUT: Bret Thornton, Kane Lucas, Joshua Bootsma


  • Interesting that the top 5 teams on the ladder have the easiest deals in the fixture.

    Date and time
    May 14, 2012, 10:30PM
    • Interesting that the top 5 teams on the AFL ladder have the easiest deal of the fixture

      Date and time
      May 14, 2012, 10:37PM
      • Gee, thanks for your column today Rohan, i said tonight would be very tricky against the saints. I am bloody angry about carltons inability to sieze the day, top spot momentum going in against the crows, walker out for adelaide, all lost now. Ratts better give them a hell of a shake up, I do not get how many dumb decisions and poor disposals were made by the blues tonight. very very ordinary, it seems we just wanted to stuff it up...which we did!

        blue from adelaide
        Date and time
        May 14, 2012, 10:52PM
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        BRI vs GCF 16:35G
        CAR vs WBU 19:25ES
        ADE vs SYD 19:40Adelaide Oval
        Sun, 17 AprTimes shown AEST
        GWS vs PTA 13:10SO
        COL vs MEL 15:20MCG
        NTH vs FRE 16:40ES
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        Round 5
        Fri, 22 AprTimes shown AEST
        HAW vs ADE 19:50MCG
        Sat, 23 AprTimes shown AEST
        SYD vs WCE 13:40SCG
        GCF vs NTH 16:35MS
        WBU vs BRI 19:25ES
        PTA vs GEE 19:40Adelaide Oval
        Sun, 24 AprTimes shown AEST
        STK vs GWS 13:10ES
        FRE vs CAR 16:10Domain Stadium
        MEL vs RIC 19:10MCG
        Mon, 25 AprTimes shown AEST
        COL vs ESS 15:20MCG
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        Round 6
        Fri, 29 AprTimes shown AEST
        NTH vs WBU 19:50ES
        Sat, 30 AprTimes shown AEST
        MEL vs STK 13:45ES
        ADE vs FRE 14:10Adelaide Oval
        GWS vs HAW 16:35Spotless Stadium
        RIC vs PTA 19:25MCG
        GEE vs GCF 19:25SS
        Sun, 01 MayTimes shown AEST
        BRI vs SYD 13:10G
        CAR vs ESS 15:20MCG
        WCE vs COL 16:40Domain Stadium
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        Round 7
        Fri, 06 MayTimes shown AEST
        RIC vs HAW 19:50MCG
        Sat, 07 MayTimes shown AEST
        COL vs CAR 13:45MCG
        GEE vs WCE 14:10SS
        SYD vs ESS 16:35ANZ
        GCF vs MEL 17:10MS
        WBU vs ADE 19:40ES
        FRE vs GWS 20:10Domain Stadium
        Sun, 08 MayTimes shown AEST
        STK vs NTH 15:20ES
        PTA vs BRI 16:40Adelaide Oval
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        Round 8
        Fri, 13 MayTimes shown AEST
        ADE vs GEE 19:50Adelaide Oval
        Sat, 14 MayTimes shown AEST
        ESS vs NTH 13:45ES
        HAW vs FRE 14:10AS
        GWS vs GCF 16:35Spotless Stadium
        BRI vs COL 19:25G
        RIC vs SYD 19:25MCG
        Sun, 15 MayTimes shown AEST
        CAR vs PTA 13:10ES
        MEL vs WBU 15:20MCG
        WCE vs STK 16:40Domain Stadium
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        Round 9
        Fri, 20 MayTimes shown AEST
        HAW vs SYD 19:50MCG
        Sat, 21 MayTimes shown AEST
        COL vs GEE 13:45MCG
        GCF vs ADE 14:10MS
        PTA vs WCE 16:35Adelaide Oval
        NTH vs CAR 19:25ES
        FRE vs RIC 19:40Domain Stadium
        Sun, 22 MayTimes shown AEST
        MEL vs BRI 13:10MCG
        GWS vs WBU 15:20Spotless Stadium
        STK vs ESS 16:40ES
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        Round 10
        Fri, 27 MayTimes shown AEST
        SYD vs NTH 19:50SCG
        Sat, 28 MayTimes shown AEST
        BRI vs HAW 13:45G
        MEL vs PTA 14:10TIO Traeger Park
        STK vs FRE 16:35ES
        ESS vs RIC 19:25MCG
        ADE vs GWS 19:40Adelaide Oval
        Sun, 29 MayTimes shown AEST
        CAR vs GEE 13:10ES
        COL vs WBU 15:20MCG
        WCE vs GCF 16:40Domain Stadium
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        Round 11
        Fri, 03 JunTimes shown AEST
        NTH vs RIC 19:50BA
        Sat, 04 JunTimes shown AEST
        HAW vs MEL 13:45MCG
        CAR vs BRI 14:10ES
        GEE vs GWS 16:35SS
        GCF vs SYD 19:25MS
        FRE vs ESS 19:40Domain Stadium
        Sun, 05 JunTimes shown AEST
        COL vs PTA 13:10MCG
        WBU vs WCE 15:20ES
        ADE vs STK 16:40Adelaide Oval
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        Round 12
        Fri, 10 JunTimes shown AEST
        ESS vs HAW 19:50ES
        Sat, 11 JunTimes shown AEST
        PTA vs WBU 13:40Adelaide Oval
        BRI vs FRE 16:35G
        GEE vs NTH 19:25ES
        WCE vs ADE 19:40Domain Stadium
        Sun, 12 JunTimes shown AEST
        STK vs CAR 13:10ES
        RIC vs GCF 15:20MCG
        GWS vs SYD 16:40Spotless Stadium
        Mon, 13 JunTimes shown AEST
        MEL vs COL 15:20MCG
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        Round 13
        Fri, 17 JunTimes shown AEST
        NTH vs HAW 19:50ES
        Sat, 18 JunTimes shown AEST
        BRI vs WCE 13:40G
        FRE vs PTA 16:35Domain Stadium
        WBU vs GEE 19:25ES
        Sun, 19 JunTimes shown AEST
        SYD vs MEL 13:10SCG
        ESS vs GWS 16:40ES
        View All Fixtures
        Round 14
        Thu, 23 JunTimes shown AEST
        ADE vs NTH 19:50Adelaide Oval
        Fri, 24 JunTimes shown AEST
        COL vs FRE 19:50MCG
        Sat, 25 JunTimes shown AEST
        RIC vs BRI 13:40MCG
        GWS vs CAR 16:35Spotless Stadium
        STK vs GEE 19:25ES
        Sun, 26 JunTimes shown AEST
        HAW vs GCF 15:20AS
        View All Fixtures
        Round 15
        Thu, 30 JunTimes shown AEST
        WCE vs ESS 20:10Domain Stadium
        Fri, 01 JulTimes shown AEST
        PTA vs RIC 19:50Adelaide Oval
        Sat, 02 JulTimes shown AEST
        GCF vs STK 13:40MS
        SYD vs WBU 16:35SCG
        CAR vs COL 19:25MCG
        Sun, 03 JulTimes shown AEST
        MEL vs ADE 15:20MCG
        View All Fixtures
        Round 16
        Thu, 07 JulTimes shown AEST
        PTA vs HAW 19:50Adelaide Oval
        Fri, 08 JulTimes shown AEST
        GEE vs SYD 19:50SS
        Sat, 09 JulTimes shown AEST
        GWS vs COL 13:40Spotless Stadium
        GCF vs BRI 16:35MS
        WBU vs RIC 19:25ES
        MEL vs FRE 19:40TIO
        Sun, 10 JulTimes shown AEST
        CAR vs ADE 13:10MCG
        WCE vs NTH 15:20Domain Stadium
        ESS vs STK 16:40ES
        View All Fixtures
        Round 17
        Thu, 14 JulTimes shown AEST
        SYD vs HAW 19:20SCG
        Fri, 15 JulTimes shown AEST
        FRE vs GEE 20:10Domain Stadium
        Sat, 16 JulTimes shown AEST
        RIC vs ESS 13:40MCG
        NTH vs PTA 16:35ES
        WBU vs GCF 19:25CAZ
        ADE vs COL 19:40Adelaide Oval
        Sun, 17 JulTimes shown AEST
        CAR vs WCE 13:10MCG
        STK vs MEL 15:20ES
        BRI vs GWS 16:40G
        View All Fixtures
        Round 18
        Fri, 22 JulTimes shown AEST
        COL vs NTH 19:50ES
        Sat, 23 JulTimes shown AEST
        SYD vs CAR 13:45ANZ
        GCF vs FRE 14:10MS
        WCE vs MEL 16:35Domain Stadium
        WBU vs STK 19:25ES
        GEE vs ADE 19:25SS
        Sun, 24 JulTimes shown AEST
        ESS vs BRI 13:10ES
        HAW vs RIC 15:20MCG
        PTA vs GWS 16:40Adelaide Oval
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        Round 19
        Fri, 29 JulTimes shown AEST
        GEE vs WBU 19:50SS
        Sat, 30 JulTimes shown AEST
        GWS vs RIC 13:45SO
        HAW vs CAR 14:10AS
        COL vs WCE 16:35MCG
        BRI vs PTA 19:25G
        NTH vs STK 19:25ES
        Sun, 31 JulTimes shown AEST
        MEL vs GCF 13:10MCG
        FRE vs SYD 15:20Domain Stadium
        ADE vs ESS 16:40Adelaide Oval
        View All Fixtures
        Round 20
        Fri, 05 AugTimes shown AEST
        RIC vs COL 19:50MCG
        Sat, 06 AugTimes shown AEST
        SYD vs PTA 13:45SCG
        MEL vs HAW 14:10MCG
        GCF vs GWS 16:35MS
        WBU vs NTH 19:25ES
        ADE vs BRI 19:40Adelaide Oval
        Sun, 07 AugTimes shown AEST
        CAR vs STK 13:10MCG
        GEE vs ESS 15:20ES
        FRE vs WCE 16:40Domain Stadium
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        Round 21
        Fri, 12 AugTimes shown AEST
        WBU vs COL 19:50ES
        Sat, 13 AugTimes shown AEST
        BRI vs CAR 13:45G
        HAW vs NTH 14:10MCG
        GWS vs WCE 16:35Spotless Stadium
        STK vs SYD 19:25ES
        PTA vs MEL 19:40Adelaide Oval
        Sun, 14 AugTimes shown AEST
        ESS vs GCF 13:10ES
        RIC vs GEE 15:20MCG
        FRE vs ADE 16:40Domain Stadium
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        Round 22
        Fri, 19 AugTimes shown AEST
        WCE vs HAW 20:10Domain Stadium
        Sat, 20 AugTimes shown AEST
        NTH vs SYD 13:45BA
        RIC vs STK 14:10MCG
        GWS vs FRE 16:35Spotless Stadium
        COL vs GCF 19:25ES
        PTA vs ADE 19:40Adelaide Oval
        Sun, 21 AugTimes shown AEST
        CAR vs MEL 13:10MCG
        BRI vs GEE 15:20G
        ESS vs WBU 16:40ES
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        Round 23
        Sat, 27 AugTimes shown AEST
        HAW vs COL 12:00MCG
        STK vs BRI 12:00ES
        ESS vs CAR 12:00MCG
        GCF vs PTA 12:00MS
        SYD vs RIC 12:00SCG
        NTH vs GWS 12:00ES
        GEE vs MEL 12:00SS
        ADE vs WCE 12:30Adelaide Oval
        FRE vs WBU 14:00Domain Stadium
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        AFL 2015
        Overall standings
        Team P W L D % Pts
        Adelaide Crows 0 0 0 0 - 0
        Brisbane Lions 0 0 0 0 - 0
        Carlton 0 0 0 0 - 0
        Collingwood 0 0 0 0 - 0
        Essendon 0 0 0 0 - 0
        Fremantle 0 0 0 0 - 0
        Geelong Cats 0 0 0 0 - 0
        Gold Coast Suns 0 0 0 0 - 0
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