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Live: Gold Coast v Sydney

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Ben McGlynn marks in front of Dion Prestia.
Ben McGlynn marks in front of Dion Prestia. Photo: Anthony Johnson

FULL TIME - Gold Coast Suns 10.14 (74) Sydney Swans 17.7 (109)

An accurate Sydney punished Gold Coast to win by 35 points at Metricon Stadium this evening. 

Harry Cunningham's career-high bag of four goals and a three-goal spurt from Sam Reid early in the third quarter were the game-breakers for Sydney. 

Sydney's star on-ballers all performed, with 30 touches for Jack and Hannebery, 28 and two goals for Kennedy and 26 for McVeigh. 

Buddy Franklin chimed in with three goals. 

Gary Ablett's 11-possession final quarter got him up to 37 for the match, while Dion Prestia (28), Jaeger O'Meara (26) and Kolodjashnij (18, two goals) were other better suns. 

For ongoing live coverage of AFL Round 12 check out the North Melbourne v Richmond live blog from 7.10pm tonight. 

FULL TIME - GC 10.14 (74) SYD 17.7 (109)

A comfortable margin for the Swans but a hard-earned win in actuality. 

Q4 29.00 - GC 10.14 (74) SYD 17.6 (108)

Day hits the post with a 45m set shot from a 45-degree angle on the right. 

Down to 1.30 to go. 

Q4 26.00 - GC 10.13 (73) SYD 17.5 (107)

Clay Cameron is sitting on the bench with an ice pack on his head. Albeit not in the area that Franklin bumped him in the first half. 

But that bump could yet attract the attention of the MRP. 

Q4 23.30 - GC 10.13 (73) SYD 17.5 (107)

Ablett cuts through the middle with a pass to Lynch...who kicks a set shot goal from 30m. 

These late goals will ensure Hawthorn keeps second place on percentage from Sydney for the time being. 

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Q4 21.15 - GC 9.13 (67) SYD 17.5 (107)

A flowing move ends with Kolodjashnij kicking his second goal of the game on the run, this time from 30m. 



Q4 18.00 - GC 8.13 (61) SYD 17.5 (107)

Jetta kicks a running goal! Sydney still running hard to exploit the Gold Coast defence. 


Q4 16.00 - GC 8.13 (61) SYD 16.5 (101)

McVeigh kicks from the right forward pocket into the corridor for Parker who marks!

Sydney has been running hard to create an option in this final quarter.

Parker wastes no time lining up from 35m on a slight angle...and puts it through!

The points are safe now with 9.24 to go! 


Q4 12.30 - GC 8.13 (61) SYD 15.5 (95)

Brilliant kick by Franklin from the left pocket, back into the corridor to find his teammate Lloyd!

Lloyd lines up from 40m in front...and kicks the goal!

Goal for goal in the last quarter! 


Q4 10.45 - GC 8.13 (61) SYD 14.5 (89)

Grundy is holding Dixon in the goalsquare as they wrestle under a high ball, free kick from point-blank range!

Dixon goals to get the instant reply for Gold Coast. 

With 12.57 to go they're back within 28 points. 

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Q4 9.15 - GC 7.13 (55) SYD 14.5 (89)

Derickx with a kick into the forward 50m...marked by Cunningham on the lead!

For goal number four...from 35m on a 45-degree angle...he puts it through!

Sydney stay clear. 

Q4 7.30 - GC 7.13 (55) SYD 13.5 (83)

Broughton jumps on the wing above McGlynn who was bracing for contact. 

McGlynn wore a knee to the back of his head!

It's a nasty knock! No fault of Broughton who got hands to the ball as he jumped for the grab. 

McGlynn is up on his feet and is being walked off by the Sydney trainers. 

Q4 6.15 - GC 7.13 (55) SYD 13.5 (83)

Long running goal for Kolodjashnij! 

Ablett was integral in the build up with two handballs through the corridor. 


Q4 4.30 - GC 6.13 (49) SYD 13.5 (83)

Sydney chipping around the defensive half killing time. 

At Patersons Stadium, Fremantle 3.9.27 trails Adelaide 4.5.29 at half time. 

Q4 START - GC 6.13 (49) SYD 13.4 (82)

The final quarter starts with Kurt Tippett handed the red vest for Sydney with a left knee concern. Jake Lloyd is into the match. 

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THREE QUARTER TIME - GC 6.13 (49) SYD 13.4 (82)

Sydney's mids are all prominent, with 24 possessions for Dan Hannebery, 23 and two goals for Josh Kennedy and 21 for Kieren Jack. 

Gary Ablett leads Gold Coast but has (by his standards) been held to 26 touches. Harley Bennell (21) is Gold Coast's only other player with more than 20 touches. 

Sam Reid, Harry Cunningham and Lance Franklin have all kicked three goals each for Sydney. 

THREE QUARTER TIME - GC 6.13 (49) SYD 13.4 (82)

Gold Coast clung on but Kennedy's late goal and a triple-treat from Sam Reid may have decided the game. 


Q3 28.45 - GC 6.13 (49) SYD 13.4 (82)

Throw-in in Sydney's forward 50m. 

Tapped down to Kennedy who breaks free and kicks a goal from 40m on the run!

Sydney asserting their authority on the contest with just 20 seconds until three-quarter time.

Kurt Tippett is getting his left knee assessed on the bench. 

Q3 26.00 - GC 6.13 (49) SYD 12.4 (76)

Sydney scrambling the ball forward with Franklin and May the key duel. 

Franklin is dumped to ground but no free!

Gold Coast clear from half back. 

Q3 20.30 - GC 6.13 (49) SYD 12.4 (76)

Bennell marks in the left forward pocket where the 50m arc meets the boundary.

Another difficult kick...can he do it again?

Bennell goes back for a set shot...rolls out onto his right goes to the line and is spoiled through for a point. 

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