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Live: Melbourne v Collingwood

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Demons captain Jack Grimes versus Magpie midfielder Dayne Beams.
Demons captain Jack Grimes versus Magpie midfielder Dayne Beams. Photo: Paul Rovere

FULL TIME - Melbourne 3.10 (28) Collingwood 8.13 (61)

A defensive grind and forgettable game ends with Collingwood breaking away in the last quarter to beat Melbourne by 33 points. 

Melbourne appeared to be threatening late in the third but a gift goal for the Pies and early strike in the last quarter put the match out of reach.

As much as Melbourne were competitive, they ultimately lacked the scoring power to threaten once Collingwood opened up an arms-length lead. 

Travis Cloke booted two goals while Dayne Beams had two to go with 19 possessions. 

Clinton Young and Scott Pendlebury collected 26 possessions each, Dane Swan 25. 

Nathan Jones had 29 touches for Melbourne and Bernie Vince 25. 

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FULL TIME - MEL 3.10 (28) COLL 8.13 (61)

The Pies win by 33 points!

Q4 23.30 - MEL 3.10 (28) COLL 8.12 (60)

Clinton Young is given the freedom of the corridor and spears a pass to Goldsack. 

Goldsack misses from 40m out in front. 

Q4 22.30 - MEL 3.10 (28) COLL 8.11 (59)

Three minutes to go. We're in junk time now. 


Q4 17.30 - MEL 3.10 (28) COLL 8.11 (59)

Collingwood go end-to-end from the kick-in...Cloke marks!

Cloke kicks a set shot goal. 

Keeping Melbourne to such a low score could mean a handy percentage boost for the Pies as they try to bridge the gap to Sydney and Hawthorn. 

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Q4 16.00 - MEL 3.10 (28) COLL 7.11 (53)

Melbourne showing a bit more dare. A string of short passes ends with Viney 40m out on a 45-degree angle. 

Viney shanks lands in the forward pocket and Collingwood are happy to rush a behind. 

Q4 13.45 - MEL 3.9 (27) COLL 7.11 (53) 

Cloke marks 52m out on the lead. 

He thinks he's within range. 

Cloke goes for the set shot...just falls on the line and is off hands for a behind. 


Q4 10.45 - MEL 3.9 (27) COLL 7.10 (52) 

High free kick against Jetta as he tried to spoil Elliott. 

Elliott gets a set shot 35m out on a 45-degree angle. 

Elliott goals! 

Q4 7.45 - MEL 3.9 (27) COLL 6.10 (46) 

Pederson marks 48m out on a slight angle. 

He's going with a set shot. 

Can't get the journey and it's off hands for a point. 

AFL behind

Q4 6.30 - MEL 3.8 (26) COLL 6.10 (46) 

Watts breaks into forward 50m with a running bounce. 

He lines up from 35m...and puts it across the face. 

A bad miss!


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Q4 4.30 - MEL 3.7 (25) COLL 6.10 (46) 

Kennedy-Harris takes a set shot from 45m out wide in the right forward pocket. 

He can't bring it across and it stays wide right for a behind. 


Q4 2.00 - MEL 3.6 (24) COLL 6.10 (46) 

Pendlebury roves the spill in the left forward pocket and hands to Blair. 

Blair squares to Beams 45m out on a 45-degree angle. 

This would just about seal it. 

Beams kicks the goal!

Melbourne will have to double their score to win from here. 

Q4 START - MEL 3.6 (24) COLL 5.10 (40) 

So is 16 points a match-winning lead? It feels like Collingwood are only a goal away from getting out of Melbourne's reach. 

3QT - MEL 3.6 (24) COLL 5.10 (40) 

It was an ugly quarter and Melbourne's resistance broke late after a contentious umpiring call denying Bernie Vince a goal and then two horrible clangers to gift Collingwood a goal for a 12-point swing. 

Collingwood is now leading inside-50s 37-27, contested possessions 82-77 and tackles 43-39. 

Nathan Jones leads all players with 26 touches while the other other two players on the ground with 20 or more are Clinton Young and Scott Pendlebury. 

3QT - MEL 3.6 (24) COLL 5.10 (40) 

Both subs were made in quick succession with Luke Ball replacing Alex Fasolo for Collingwood.

Jay Kennedy-Harris came on for Mark Jamar

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Q3 25.30 - MEL 3.6 (24) COLL 5.10 (40) 

Collingwood go end-to-end with Pendlebury marking in the pocket. 

He squares to Elliott who marks 40m out. 

Elliott kicks a behind. 

Terrible kick in, to Elliott, he goes to Pendlebury with a short pass but it's not 15m!

Pendlebury hands back to Elliott who runs to 40m and puts it out on the full!

Now the kick-in goes to Beams after Kennedy-Harris dropped the mark!

It's a horrible mistake and Beams snaps a goal!

Melbourne gave Collingwood so many chances they couldn't miss! 

AFL umpire

Q3 23.00 - MEL 3.6 (24) COLL 4.9 (33)

Big, big moment!

Mark was taken Jetta. 

He handed off to Vince who kicked a 50m goal on the run. But the umpire said Jetta had wandered off his line! Ball has to come back over the mark. 

Jetta hands off to Dunn...who blazes away for a point.

That's a huge decision by the umpire with only 2.20 to go in the quarter. 

AFL behind

Q3 20.45 - MEL 3.5 (23) COLL 4.9 (33)

McDonald feeling the pressure...his clearing kick went straight to three Magpies!

Collingwood high into the forward line but it's off hands.

Swan roves and snaps a behind. 

3.30 to go until three-quarter time. Can Melbourne make it? 

Q3 19.00 - MEL 3.5 (23) COLL 4.8 (32)

Goldsack drops a gimmie 25m out after a pass from Lumumba!

Melbourne scramble clear but it's coming back via Fasolo.

He snaps high and Dunn marks uncontested on the goal line. 

Melbourne under siege and still holding out! 


Q3 17.30 - MEL 3.5 (23) COLL 4.8 (32)

Melbourne are resisting Collingwood attacks but they can't create any free players ahead of centre. 

Tyson runs straight into trouble and gets caught holding the ball by Cloke. 

Cloke goes into forward 50m but Dunn spoils his pass intended for Goldsack. 

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