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Live: West Coast v North Melbourne

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FULL TIME - West Coast Eagles 6.8 (44) North Melbourne 12.10 (82)

North Melbourne consolidated its hold on a top eight spot with a dominant 38-point win against West Coast at Patersons Stadium on Sunday night.

Both teams exploded out of the blocks with seven combined goals by the 21-minute mark of the first quarter.

The game went rapidly downhill as a spectacle thereafter, with West Coast aimless going into attack and North Melbourne far more effective using the ball. 

North won clearances 39-32, lost inside-50s 52-44, won contested possessions 155-135 and lost tackles 90-78. 

Nick Dal Santo racked up 34 possessions but only at 58.8 per-cent efficiency, Ben Cunnington had 33 touches with 17 contested, Levi Greenwood 33 touches, Brent Harvey and Ryan Bastinac 27 each. 

Matt Priddis collected 32 possessions, Andrew Gaff 27 and Mark LeCras 20 with 13 contested. 

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FULL TIME - WCE 6.8 (44) NORTH 12.10 (82)

Priddis marks seconds before the final siren and lines up 40m out directly in front.

Priddis goals to save West Coast from its lowest ever home score at Subiaco Oval/Patersons Stadium. 

Small mercies at the end of a horror night for the Eagles! 

Q4 24.30 - WCE 5.7 (37) NORTH 12.10 (82)

The home crowd is that quiet at Patersons Stadium that the North supporters singing the song early can be heard ringing around the ground. 

2.15 to go on the count-down clock. 


Q4 20.30 - WCE 5.7 (37) NORTH 12.10 (82)

The game has slowed down significantly. 

Petrie is able to collect the ball in forward 50m after a pass from McDonald...turn onto his right and snap a goal!

With 5.22 to go it'll be a sweet countdown to victory for North Melbourne fans. 

Q4 18.15 - WCE 5.7 (37) NORTH 11.10 (76)

Josh Kennedy stayed down after being crunched in a pack of four, mainly by his teammate Naitanui. 

Trainers attend to Kennedy on the field and he eventually gives in to their demands and runs to the bench. 

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Q4 14.30 - WCE 5.7 (37) NORTH 11.10 (76)

Harvey takes a contender for mark of the week, leaping above Priddis on half back!

In the spirit of this last quarter, his kick is a turnover.

West Coast go forward where Cripps marks in shooting range. 

Cripps goals from 35m out in front. Just their second major since quarter time. 

Q4 11.00 - WCE 4.7 (31) NORTH 11.10 (76)

Courageous from McDonald to back into Kennedy's leading space and get a hand on the ball. He's bowled over but able to get to his feet. 

Q4 9.00 - WCE 4.7 (31) NORTH 11.10 (76)

Cripps snaps from the forward pocket but puts it into the post! Eagles can't buy a goal! 

Q4 6.16 - WCE 4.6 (30) NORTH 11.10 (76)

Swallow hits the post!

Confusion at the stoppage and Swallow was allowed to escape and run to 25m out!

But his kick was pressured at the last second. 


Q4 5.15 - WCE 4.6 (30) NORTH 11.9 (75)

Liam Anthony breaks into open space 45m out from goal up against the boundary.

He runs to 40m and buries the chance!

That should seal the points for North! 

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Q4 3.30 - WCE 4.6 (30) NORTH 10.9 (69)

Selwood is taken high in the forward pocket by Swallow. 

He's 50m out on a tight angle...and can't make the distance. 

The ball lands 10m from goal and is spoiled out to the back pocket. 

Mullett's clearing kick goes straight to Bennell...but his high kick to the hotspot is spoiled and cleared again. 

Q4 START - WCE 4.6 (30) NORTH 10.9 (69)

Lindsay Thomas has been handed the red vest under suspicion of a hamstring injury. Liam Anthony is into the game. 

West Coast replaced Xavier Ellis (suspected corked thigh) with Josh Hill during the third quarter. 

THREE-QTR TIME - WCE 4.6 (30) NORTH 10.9 (69)

North Melbourne kicked 4.3 to 1.2 in the third quarter and have held West Coast to just 1.3 since quarter time. 

Ben Cunnington is leading the way for North with 22 touches, 13 of them contested possessions. Levi Greenwood (26) and Nick Dal Santo (25) are the high-stat men while Leigh Adams has two goals to go with 18 touches. 

Matt Priddis (23) and Andrew Gaff (21) are West Coast's only players with more than 20 touches, with Priddis going at just 56.5 per-cent efficiency. 

THREE-QTR TIME - WCE 4.6 (30) NORTH 10.9 (69)

Patersons Stadium has been silenced by another good North Melbourne quarter. Up by 39 with a quarter to go it looks like one-way traffic. 

Q3 29.00 - WCE 4.6 (30) NORTH 10.9 (69)

West Coast now have the jitters. 

Jack Darling misses a set shot from close range. 

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Q3 27.45 - WCE 4.5 (29) NORTH 10.9 (69)

Hurn marks 45m out and lines up for a chance at a rare West Coast goal.

His 52m set shot goes across the face for a point. 

Q3 26.30 - WCE 4.4 (28) NORTH 10.9 (69)

Lindsay Thomas attempted to come back on after his hamstring scare but it did not last long. He's now back on the sidelines receiving treatment. 


Q3 24.00 - WCE 4.4 (28) NORTH 10.9 (69)

Great goal from the pocket by Petrie!

It's North's day!

Adams tumbled a ball into the right forward pocket which Petrie collected on the bounce...he looked up, assessed his options and decided to send a banana shot at goal!

West Coast subs off Xavier Ellis with Josh Hill coming on. 

Ellis suffered a suspected corked thigh earlier. 

Q3 22.30 - WCE 4.4 (28) NORTH 9.9 (63)

The game is drifting. North have moved Daw back pefectly to assist Hansen in denying a number of long bombs to Kennedy, Darling or both in the West Coast forward line. 

Q3 19.00 - WCE 4.4 (28) NORTH 9.9 (63)

Lindsay Thomas has a sore hamstring and is walking the boundary. Still no action with the sub for North but it is a midfielder, Liam Anthony, waiting in the green vest. 

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