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A team to stake your life on


WHICH team will stand up best to the intense physical and psychological pressure that goes with an AFL grand final? And which individuals will find that little bit extra required. Which champion will move into an even higher gear, or which lesser light will play the game of his life?

They're questions that will be answered tomorrow, and have been answered annually on this weekend, in a game that consistently makes, breaks or enshrines reputations for performance on the biggest of stages.

If you had to pick a grand final team of the post-1989 AFL era to play for your life, who'd make the cut and who'd miss out? I've had a crack, the result in some cases obvious, in a few more out of left field, but the bottom line is that any opposition side would have a hell of a time finding any weak spots.

Let's start with some automatic choices. Like Andrew McLeod, winner of two consecutive Norm Smith Medals in 1997-98, with a 31-disposal midfield effort against St Kilda, backed up by 30 more in the upset of North Melbourne the following year, pivotal to both Adelaide flags. And his teammate, Darren Jarman. Quiet for Hawthorn in the 1991 grand final, he sure made up for it with his second club - six goals, five of them in the match-winning final-quarter burst in 1997, five more, a couple of them again clutch efforts, in '98.

Two more walk-up starts have to be Brisbane pair Michael Voss and Nigel Lappin. Lions' skipper Voss was named one of Brisbane's best three in each of its hat-trick of flag wins from 2001-03, and might well have won the 2002 Norm Smith Medal with an absolutely commanding final 15 minutes had not the votes already been collected, that anomaly forcing a change in the voting procedure. Wingman Lappin similarly was in Brisbane's three winning grand finals with prolific ball-winning and run, then again in the 2004 play-off the Lions finally lost.

There's a few more Eagles besides Dean Kemp, who won the 1994 best-on-ground and had also been in the best in 1992; and spearhead Peter Sumich, who kicked five goals in the grand final West Coast lost in 1991, six in their ice-breaking flag success the following year, and a couple in the 1994 win.

Perhaps the biggest eyebrow-raiser in this side is yet another Sandgroper, too. Remember Tony Evans? The West Coast rover finished an eight-season and at times injury-afflicted career with only 108 games, but two of the very best just happened to be winning grand finals.

In 1992, it was Evans' ball-winning and a couple of critical goals just on half-time that got his side back into the contest against Geelong. He'd finish with three goals, as he did again two years later, along with a stack more possessions in a far easier win over the Cats.

You could argue similarly with Shane Ellen, an Adelaide spare-parts man who played the game of his life in 1997, finishing with five goals for the Crows.

Starting up forward, Ellen booted two early. Moved to half-back, he would surge forward to kick another three as Adelaide ran all over a tiring St Kilda. To that point, he'd managed just two in his entire career.

There's plenty of Geelong representation, of course, Norm Smith winners Paul Chapman and Steve Johnson, along with full-back Matthew Scarlett, he of the famous 2009 toe-poke to Gary Ablett, and three more solid grand final performances besides.

Ruck honours go to ''Mr September'', Brisbane's big man Clark Keating, a part of all three Brisbane flags, and a supreme centre-square presence in the last two, when in either season he played just a dozen games, easily the best in both cases being the last. There's some big names not in this 22. Chris Judd was a Norm Smith winner in one grand final, and solid in the other, but ultimately was just shaded. Ditto Nathan Buckley, while James Hird only scrapes onto the bench in spite of a poor 2001 grand final. He was saved by a solid effort as a ''Baby Bomber'' in 1993 and a dominant, Norm Smith-winning performance in 2000 with 29 disposals and two goals.

Of course, they'd all be in a best-qualified grand final team. But this is a best-performed 22 of grand final greats. And Hawthorn and Sydney would love any of them, given what they did on the biggest of stages.


  • Wayne carey at CHF? Yes a champion of his generation, and one of the best ever to play the game. But played well below his best in both 1996 and 1999, and to be honest was embarrassingly woeful in 1998. Wasn't even close to getting a Norm Smith in 96. I would have thought that Kernahan with 7 goals in 93 and I think about 5 goals in 95 was more appropriate. Jonathan Brown didn't do much in the Lions 3 flags, but still did more than Carey.

    Date and time
    September 28, 2012, 10:58AM
    • I agree Moods. Also note Rohan's bias. Both Collingwood and Hawthorn have won 2 AFL flags and no players from either team have been included. Just so happens that Rohan supports Essendon whose three biggest rivals are Collingwood, Hawthorn and Carlton (he couldn't really ignore Kernahan after 1993/1995 but I'm sure he was reluctant). These teams are always flawed by bias just look at the AFL's team of the century. Collingwood at the time had played in the most finals and grand finals and they couldn't fit in one player? Collingwood's Jock McHale won 8 flags from 17 grand finals in 38 years and he wasn't coach of the century?

      Date and time
      September 28, 2012, 11:51AM
    • Moods, check your records. Carey was unanimous as either second or third best on ground in the 1996 GF, turned the 1999 GF with a huge third quarter and (inaccuracy aside) was hardly shabby in 1998, either. Greg, are you serious? Yes, of course, it was all an elaborate conspiracy to exclude Collingwood and Hawthorn players. I actually selected the team from a grassy knoll, too!

      Rohan Connolly
      Date and time
      September 28, 2012, 2:26PM
  • So I guess jimmy bartel hasn't played in any grand finals...

    Date and time
    September 28, 2012, 11:20AM
    • Rohan, normally a big fan of your work. But if we are just judging by the performance in a GF wouldnt we go for every Normsmith winner? Also every grandfinal is different so producing a team over 2 decades of performances with the change of tactics doesnt do these players justice.. I mean find me a coach who would willing walk out for a GF without Gary Ablett snr (or one that would take sumich over Gary ablett).. No Judd? No Buckley? Im glad this isnt another article about Travis Cloke and signing with Collingwood and definitely worth the read :)

      Not Sold
      Date and time
      September 28, 2012, 11:24AM
      • G Ablett did Sweet Fanny Adams in the era under review

        Date and time
        September 28, 2012, 3:06PM
    • How did you come up with this team? How can you not have Tony Shaw in it when he virtually willed Collingwood to a flag in 1990? No Lenny Hayes after his 2010 drawn GF almost won the Saints the flag? Either of these players would have been more valuable that Tony Evans (who?). Why so may Brisbane players? Yes they won three flags but there weren't many challengers in that era.

      Date and time
      September 28, 2012, 11:42AM
      • Luke Hodge's game in 08 was better than Hart's 2 combined, n the same position. No Collingwood players, despite them appearing in 6 grand finals in the allotted time period? And surely Hird played 1 good game out of 3, with '01 cancelling 00?

        Paul Dear
        Date and time
        September 28, 2012, 12:52PM
        • Simon Black would have to be 1st rover in this side Rohan. Blacks 2003 grandfinal was the best individual effort in an AFL/VFL grand final ever. Over 40 touches, all qualiy at that. Black for whatever reason, never gets the praise he should by most. I'm not biased as i'm a Tiger, but Wayne Carey and Simon Black are the two best players i've seen in 44 years,although Little Gazza is not far from joining them

          willowgrove sth
          Date and time
          September 28, 2012, 1:09PM
          • Moods you foolm Carey was fantastic in the 96 granny and had he kicked straight in 98, he would have won the flag for North. If ya gonna comment Moods, know what your'e talking about mate..

            willowgrove sth
            Date and time
            September 28, 2012, 1:14PM

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            Team P W L D % Pts
            Fremantle 8 8 0 0 155.29 32
            West Coast Eagles 8 6 2 0 158.17 24
            Sydney Swans 8 6 2 0 127.36 24
            GWS Giants 8 6 2 0 118.87 24
            Collingwood 8 5 3 0 129.90 20
            Adelaide Crows 8 5 3 0 116.32 20
            Hawthorn 8 4 4 0 145.81 16
            Richmond 8 4 4 0 107.64 16
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