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Blues' blue: wardrobe malfunction sees Carlton in wrong shorts

It was the Blues’ blue not to wear blue. Only minutes before Friday night’s AFL game was to start, Carlton players were hastily changing shorts in the race under the stand at Etihad Stadium.

The Blues had run out for their warm-up in white shorts, only to discover they were expected to be wearing blue shorts.

A Carlton official noticed the blunder as AFL official Tess McManus also picked up on the  potentially expensive  wardrobe misunderstanding.

A driver was dispatched back to Princes Park to collect a box of blue shorts and returned in time for players to change before running out on the ground for the start of the match.

An official queried the need to bother with the change but was quickly advised the club faced a fine of $5000 per player if they wore the wrong shorts.

The Blues were the away team and made the assumption that they would be wearing the white shorts of an away team. But Geelong prefers to wear white shorts when it can, so the Blues were expected to be in all blue.