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Connolly's finals blog: A matter of integrity

We'll leave it there for today, thanks everyone, some good questions, feisty debate and only the odd gratuitous pot-shot! Will try to get around to ones haven't answereds over next couple of days. Thank god finals are actually here, this weekend should be a ripper. Enjoy, and catch you back here 12pm next Monday.

We've heard a lot about integrity in football these past seven months, and the Essendon drugs saga and its attendant fallout certainly had the potential to challenge a principle that should go without saying.

But it would be nice to think that those running the game make a habit of practising what they preach. That their own integrity would be beyond reproach enough to not be continually asking cynical questions about just why decisions are made. Or doubt the competence behind others.

That's a rod the AFL has made for its own back in recent years with its preparedness to wheel and deal and drive agendas in the name of expedience. And a perception it continues to foster with arrogant, heavy-handed and fly-by-night administration, particularly over the past few days.

I don't have an issue with clubs that finish high enough on the ladder hosting finals on their home grounds. But I have a big issue with the lack of transparency and notice that was evident in the decision to allow Geelong to play Fremantle at Simonds Stadium on Saturday.


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