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Fevola claims interest from AFL clubs

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BRENDAN Fevola says he would love another chance to play AFL football and claims some clubs have contacted his management about a possible comeback.

Fevola said something similar last year, but he was not picked up, and instead played for the Yarrawonga Pigeons, who he helped win the Ovens and Murray League grand final last month.

Fevola last played AFL football for Brisbane Lions in 2010 before being sacked. He played for Casey Scorpions in 2011 and kicked more than 100 goals for the Pigeons this year.

"There has been a bit of talk to my management," said Fevola on Nova FM this morning. "There's a few teams but it's very unlikely.

"I'd love to play football, I'd love to get another crack," he said.

"The worst thing about not playing football (at the top level) is when you retired you know you are finished, obviously I didn't get a chance to retire.

"The fact that I can still play football, still hurts a bit, I know I could be out there and I know I could play well.

"The body is sound. I'm a full-forward, full-forwards don't get out too much ... The body is intact. The mind is good."