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Giants' picks up for grabs

GREATER Western Sydney has placed its early draft picks back on to the trade table. Having angered rival clubs after amassing picks 1, 2, 3, 12 and 13 in next month's national draft, the Giants are now offering to trade the bulk of those picks for experienced star players.

Giants list manager Stephen Silvagni last night confirmed he had attempted to trade an early pick with one club yesterday, only to be told the player was off limits.

''Other than pick one, I'm happy to talk about anyone for any of the other picks,'' he said. ''We'd be happy to trade the picks, but you'd want to get a very good player in return.''

Silvagni threw the picks back on the table as the trade period entered its second week with no deals being reached. With 10 days remaining, clubs already have admitted this year's three-week exchange timetable is too long.

The Giants' move comes after it swapped one of its tradeable 17-year-olds - Jesse Hogan - with Melbourne, not for an established player but for picks 3 and 13.

Silvagni's revelation will further raise the eyebrows given the Giants' clever manipulation of the rules.


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