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It's been a big week in art... with Jim Pavlidis

That the grandson of the father of psychoanalysis should paint himself wearing nothing but laceless boots and with his tackle resembling road-kill is nothing but, well, Freudian.

The painting, Painter Working, Reflection (1993) is classic Lucian Freud, sculpted with a palette knife guided by the searing gaze of an uncompromising master.

That a couple of high-profile footballers, handsomely paid and with loads of spare time, should send naked photos of themselves is, frankly, underwhelming.

And while the predictable public outrage ensued, expressed over the airwaves and in glossy magazines, the real drama would have been at the players' homes the night the news broke.

Dane Swan and Travis Cloke might be lucky to escape from a less than artistic palette knife sculpting.