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James Frawley wants Paul Roos to extend his contract at Melbourne

James Frawley said he hoped Paul Roos would extend his contract - taking up the option of a third year at Melbourne at least - and so make his own decision about signing a new contract with the Demons easier.

The key defender, who is a free agent when he comes out of contract at the end of the year, has put off talks on a new deal with the Demons for the time being.

Having had seven coaches in his eight years at Melbourne, Frawley has been sold the idea of hope and a fresh start before and he wanted to see how the club was developing under Roos before re-committing. So far, he admitted, the signs are good.

''We have had a lot of coaches in the past and we have had a lot of optimism coming into pre-seasons, but this year I think it might be a bit different,'' he said.

''You saw on Friday night [in the NAB Challenge win over Richmond] it is a different game style and I think the boys are playing with a bit more freedom and [are] a bit more relaxed and they are going out there and performing.

''Definitely it feels different, just the vibe around the club. Roosy instils confidence in the players, he has been really good for us with his game plan, he is very knowledgeable, his structures are really good.''


The 25-year-old All-Australian said he was in no rush to re-sign but that should not be taken as an indication he had decided to leave, pointing out that Travis Cloke (Collingwood) and Jack Watts (Melbourne) deferred contract talks last year but both re-signed.

He admitted that if the club knew who would follow Roos under the succession plan, it would be an easier decision to make.

''Hopefully this year or next year they find a nice new coach that can take over from Roosy, so hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later,'' Frawley said.

''Hopefully Roosy can sign for a few more years, that would be nice. Put it out there - Roos can sign for a few more years - he does, I will, done,'' Frawley said, seemingly only half in jest.

''Right now I am very happy at Melbourne … the club is in a good spot,'' he said. ''I am just going to concentrate on footy. I have plenty of time to make a decision and I think if we keep going the way we are … the contract will sort itself out.''