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Nick Maxwell describes 'scary' car accident

Former Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell has described as the “scariest” of his life the moments immediately after hitting a pedestrian with his car on Saturday night.

Maxwell detailed the events of the accident in a television appearance on Sunday, describing how the 36-year-old male pedestrian “ran out from behind a tram”, leaving him little chance to avoid the man.

Although the pedestrian walked away unharmed and Maxwell was cleared of any wrongdoing by police, the Magpies player admitted he was “shaken” and unsure what the outcome would be as the pedestrian lay on the road “for about five minutes”.

Maxwell was driving home from his wife’s birthday celebrations when the accident occurred just after 11pm on Queensbridge Street in Southbank.

“Fortunately he was alright, but I didn’t know for about five minutes there so I was pretty shaken about it all and had to go through the whole process with the ambulance and the cops,” Maxwell said on Channel Seven.

“So it was a very scary moment, and one I hope I will never have to relive again," he said.

The pedestrian was taken to the Alfred Hospital as a precaution, and Maxwell said it was his understanding that the man would be charged with jaywalking.

“I hadn’t been drinking, so I went through the breathalyser and all the process, and there was a heap of witnesses there who backed up everything,” Maxwell said.

“Even the guy himself said he was trying to get across [the road] and misjudged it.”