No Pies on me, says Buckley

New Collingwood coach Nathan Buckley has denied rumours of player discontent at his club, but former AFL great Wayne Carey insists they are true.

Buckley performed impressively at a media conference yesterday after an extraordinary three days of fallout from the Magpies' Friday night shocker against Carlton.

But Carey went on a radio show hosted by Magpies president Eddie McGuire to back up his original claims made on Sunday.

Carey said six or seven Collingwood players ''don't get along'' with Buckley.

''I am 100 per cent right … I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true,'' Carey said. .

''Players weren't happy with the pre-season this year.''


McGuire responded by saying he trusted Carey.

''Wayne isn't the person to come out and go silly on headlines … [he] actually posed it and positioned his premise in a perfectly logical way,'' he said.

McGuire volunteered Dane Swan might be one player not totally happy with the new regimen, but noted the Brownlow medallist signed a contract extension a year ago.

Swan is one of more than a dozen players still on Collingwood's list to have played alongside Buckley, who retired after the 2007 season.

McGuire strongly backed Buckley and the tougher pre-season undertaken by the playing group.

''There's going to be a step up, it's called the evolution of the game,'' McGuire said.

Simmering tensions between McGuire and Malthouse exploded into some angry exchanges through the media on Sunday and Monday.

''[There was] a bit of personal umbrage yesterday, big deal, we're grown men, have a spat, shake hands and get on with it as far as I'm concerned,'' McGuire said.

Buckley said he had seen or heard no signs of player discord and was confident he would know about such problems.

''I don't know where that's coming from,'' Buckley said. ''I've had no awareness or understanding - nothing has cropped up like that.

''No rumours concern me, the only thing that concerns me is our performance on the weekend and the fact that we need to be better on Saturday.''

Buckley stayed out of the McGuire-Malthouse spat, saying his president was a passionate defender of the club.

And he said no-one outside the club had a better knowledge of the Collingwood team than Malthouse.

''I take note of his comments … he's very accurate,'' Buckley said.

''We should listen to what he says.''

Buckley admitted the last few days had been ''not great'' for Collingwood and said a miscommunication between McGuire and Malthouse had inflamed their stoush. AAP