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'Paddle Pop Lion' goes to a vote

The Brisbane Lions may be without a coach but members will be able to have a direct say in one of the club's most divisive issues – the jumper.

The Lions have announced they will start consulting with members over whether there is a genuine desire to change the club jumper, a matter certain to be met with applause from fans who want to see an end to the controversial 'paddle pop lion'.

The new lion was introduced in 2009 in place of the traditional Fitzroy Lion, which still appears on the heritage strip.

After consistent pressure from members and, in particular, advocacy group The Lions' Roar, the club will put the matter to the fans to see if the paddle pop lion's days are number.

"The Brisbane Lions will this month begin consulting with its members on whether there is a genuine desire for a change to the club's guernsey," the Lions said in a statement.

"The club today wrote to its members, where they were informed that every member would get a say on the guernsey, as part of the Lions' annual membership survey."

In a letter that will be sent out to members from September 16, the Lions will simply ask whether the design of the jumper should be changed.

Members will have until October 4 to respond, after which the fate of the paddle pop lion seems certain to be sealed.


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