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Rival clubs reject drugs allegations

West Coast coach John Worsfold has joined Collingwood president Eddie McGuire and Hawthorn chief executive Stuart Fox in brushing off allegations that their players are involved in any wrong-doing over supplements.

The clubs were implicated in the drugs controversy on Tuesday on the ABC's 7.30. The program stated that Essendon coach James Hird told the club's former biochemist, Stephen Dank, he believed Collingwood was on a secret human growth hormone program. Hird is also alleged to have said in a text message to Dank that West Coast was ''definitely up to something''.

Dank is also alleged to have told Hird that ''tissues are biologically advanced'' at Collingwood, West Coast and Hawthorn.

Fox said on Wednesday he was flabbergasted by the claims and they were not worth responding to.

Worsfold also rejected the allegations and said they were not a reflection of the Eagles because there had never been a suggestion the players had taken peptides or any other growth hormone. ''It's pretty basic, because they didn't do it,'' he said. ''Let's get this straight: that's just two people talking to each other who have, as far as I know, no employment here at West Coast.

''People's private conversations really have no influence on what we do.''

McGuire said the allegations were a ''total shock''. ''I nearly spat my cornflakes across the room [when I saw it],'' he said. ''It's got nothing to do with us and ... the story was more about giving an insight into what was happening at Windy Hill or their thought process at the time.''