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Tanking: now the government is involved

VICTORIA’S gambling regulator has been asked how to ensure punters have confidence in the integrity of AFL games amid the tanking investigation centred on Melbourne.

Caroline Wilson: Senior Demons drove tanking

Gaming Minister Michael O’Brien has said he had asked the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation for advice on what measures were needed to ensure the community had confidence in the sports betting industry.

The regulator investigated the possibility of tanking in the AFL following the Demons’ four-point defeat to Richmond in 2009, but after a two-month investigation found there was no evidence to suggest tanking had occurred.

It launched a second investigation earlier this year, after former Demon Brock McLean said Melbourne had tanked games during 2009. A commission spokeswoman said on Tuesday that investigation was "ongoing".

While the official channel awaits the results of its probe, and that conducted by the AFL, punters who lost money in games where tanking is suggested to have occurred are unlikely to get their investments back.

TAB Sportsbet spokesman Glenn Munsie said the results of those matches were "all forgotten about" as far as betting was concerned.

"The final result is the final result. When they walk off the field that’s it. It’s like in the races, correct weight is correct weight. There’s no retrospectivity with anything," Munsie said.