Two AFL players earn more than $1 million a year

In 2000, AFL players reached a pay milestone when two of them broke the $500,000 mark for an annual wage.

Just fifteen years later, that club was not so exclusive - it numbered 95 and the top couple were earning more than $1.2m.

The AFL's annual summary of total player payments, released on Friday, details the steady growth in player wages.

It showed that clubs paid a total of $200.2m last year before deductions allowed for injury allowances, finals incentives and other factors.

That was a 5.96 per cent increase on the 2014 total of $188.9m and the first time the $200m barrier had been broken.

The annual release of the figures is becoming a none-too-subtle return of fire at the AFL Players Association, which is campaigning for a greater share of AFL revenue.


The comprehensive figures were attached to a Friday media release ahead of their publication in the AFL annual report.

That report will outline AFL executive salaries, another regular source of keen media interest.


1990 - top eight player salaries between $100,000-$200,000

2015 - 95 earning more than $500,000, two earning more than $1.2m

* Gross player payments

1998 - $62,186,000

2015 - $200,199,169

* Average listed player salary

2000 - $126,996

2015 - $302,104.