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Live blog: question our draft expert


Emma Quayle Our resident draft expert Emma Quayle is run off her feet chasing the big stories during the AFL trade period.

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Live blog: Time for the big one

Rohan Connolly's Footy Fix

Rohan Connolly There were echoes of Geelong's massive preliminary final fright against Collingwood five years ago in Hawthorn's near disaster against a gallant Adelaide at the same stage of the season on Saturday...

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Live blog: Preliminary discussions

Live blog with Rohan Connolly.

Rohan Connolly Two weekends ago, some long-standing finals football maxims looked set to be seriously challenged. They weren't.

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Live blog: Are you jumping off the bandwagon?

Rohan Connolly opinon dinkus

Rohan Connolly It is pretty easy to jump off the bandwagon of a qualifying final loser. Easy and almost always wrong. It is worth repeating the figures ....

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Live blog: History is bunk ...

Rohan Connolly History is bunk. So said Henry Ford, founder of the company which has been Geelong Football Club's major sponsor for decades now. It's a nice link.

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Live blog: Connolly on Thursday

Rohan Connolly

Rohan Connolly There are plenty of reasons Hawthorn now seems a premiership standout; top spot on the ladder and a percentage a fair bit healthier than all its rivals merely the most obvious.

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Live blog: All eyes on the eight

Rohan Connolly We're approaching the business end of the season, and while we'd like to concentrate on the footy and the final eight, there are a few too many off-field distractions.

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Live blog: Sensational round 17

Rohan Connolly opinon dinkus

Rohan Connolly Round seventeen promises several season-defining matches.

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Live blog: a dream run home (for fans, at least)


Rohan Connolly With about two-thirds of the season gone, as it's been shaping all year, we're set for some sort of run towards the finals.

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Live blog: Umpires the key

Rohan Connolly Do we really need another twist on another recent rule change to clear up moveable scrums? Which might lead to yet another unintended consequence and another rule change to counter it?

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Live blog: Round seven rule out the window?

Rohan Connolly Three weeks ago, in my Monday column for the Age, I outlined the reliability of the ''round seven rule'', and came up with a final ladder.

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Live blog: Noon Thursday with Rohan Connolly

Live blog with Rohan Connolly.

Rohan Connolly Does Carlton have what it takes to regroup and contend for the premiership?

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Live blog: Noon Thursday with Rohan Connolly

Live blog with Rohan Connolly, noon Thursday.

Rohan Connolly Can Geelong defy recent history and win the premiership despite not being in the eight after round seven?

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Live blog: High noon with Rohan Connolly


Rohan Connolly When Essendon trudged off a soggy Carrara in round three, having only just outlasted a determined Gold Coast, you could mount a solid case that the Bombers' unbeaten status flattered to deceive.

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Live blog with Rohan Connolly: round one ruminations

Live blog with Rohan Connolly.

Rohan Connolly Discuss the footy topics that matter to you with Age blogging guru Rohan Connolly this Thursday, 12 noon, and every Thursday after that in 2012.

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The dust settles on the draft

Live blog with Emma Quayle The dust has settled on the 2011 AFL draft and with a few days breathing space to ponder our thoughts, it's time to assess which clubs emerged as winners from the annual footy 'yearling sales'.

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Live blog: the 2011 AFL draft


Edited by Scott Spits The draft certainly seemed less eventful than previous years. GWS dominated. But that's like saying the Giants will lose many games in their first season.

Live blog: Emma Quayle previews the AFL draft

Emma Quayle

Emma Quayle The 2011 AFL draft will be dominated by Greater Western Sydney, but there are plenty of opportunities for other clubs to find some talent.

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Live AFL grand final blog: Collingwood v Geelong

AFL premiership cup

Scott Spits In round 24, both teams faced the same conundrum - how hard to go at the contest with their ladder positions settled and a likely meeting to come in the finals.

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Live prelim blog: Geelong v West Coast Eagles

Jared Lynch West Coast has played two murderously tough thrillers: Geelong had a surprisingly easy confidence-builder, then a week off. Historically, this is a recipe for a one-sided preliminary final.

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