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Huge clashes make up round 12

Rohan Connolly delivers his tips for round 12 from the home of the Carlton Football Club.

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We'll leave it there for today everyone. Thanks for the questions and comments, and Rocky for the Monty Python routine! Doesn't look like a rip-snorter of a weekend with some ordinary games over the next few days, but last time we said that a couple of weeks back we had a round full of upsets. You just never know! Have a good weekend, we'll catch you back here at midday next Thursday.

Do we really need another twist on another recent rule change to clear up moveable scrums? Which might lead to yet another unintended consequence and another rule change to counter it?

Here's a not-so-radical idea. How about umpires stop giving players days to clear the area, blow the whistle, move in and ball it up?

Watch any game from a couple of decades ago and one of the first things you'll notice is how quickly the umpires call a stop to play when it's locked up, then how quickly they bounce down, get out of the way, and let the players get on with it.

The AFL claims that's no potential solution, that ball-ups just lead to secondary ball-ups and even more congestion. But that depends on how quickly umpires act.

Join a live blog with Rohan Connolly from midday Thursday to discuss congestion in footy and other hot issues. Send in your questions and comments now.