Emma Quayle

Emma Quayle joined The Age as a cadet journalist in 1999 and has been covering football since 2001. She has won awards from the Australian Football Media Association and AFL Players Association for her feature writing, and specialised for many years in covering junior football and the AFL draft. Emma's two books - The Draft and Nine Lives (the story of former Essendon wingman Adam Ramanauskas' battle with cancer) - were published in 2008 and 2010.

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Big hearts: Age sport journalist Jesse Hogan and his incredible mum Maree.

Jesse's story: brave, big hearted and many more things to do

The first thing we needed to know was that he was going to make it, that he was going to live. It still seems such a ridiculous thing to have had to wish for: 33-year-old people are not supposed to have strokes, not the ones who sit at the next desk over. The next thing we wanted to know was whether Jesse would still be our Jesse and he answered that question for us quickly, too.