Phil Lutton

Sports reporter

Suns CEO Andrew Travis.

Suns stand by Bennell

A defiant Gold Coast Suns have rallied around Harley Bennell in the wake of a damaging series of images that showed him allegedly sniffing lines of speed during a wild night out in Tasmania two years ago.

Former Brisbane Broncos star Karmichael Hunt has been charged with supplying cocaine.

Accused players grilled in Star Chamber

Queensland's Crime and Corruption Commission investigators have started face-to-face meetings with some of the footballers facing cocaine charges as intrigue continues to grow around which domino may be the next to fall in the unfolding scandal.

Young star: Karmichael Hunt in 2004.

Hunt: the sporting prodigy who had it all

Until the news hit with the force of a tropical cyclone on Friday morning, Karmichael Hunt's reputation in whatever sport he touched appeared to be virtually spotless.