Crows cop raw end of AFL draw, says Brenton Sanderson

Coach Brenton Sanderson says his Crows cop a raw end of an AFL fixture favouring Victorian clubs.

And Sanderson has also taken aim at the AFL's cap on interchange rotations, saying it's causing more injuries.

Sanderson's Crows thumped Brisbane by 105 points last Sunday in 27 degree heat – the fourth consecutive year Adelaide played a Gabba day game.

"If you crunch the numbers ... Collingwood, it has been 14 years since they have played a day game at the Gabba," Sanderson said on Friday.

"Essendon, 18 years. Hawthorn, seven years. Richmond, 13 years.

"For some reason Adelaide are OK to play a day game in Brisbane in the middle of the hottest time of the year for them."


Sanderson said the Brisbane heat strained his players, who host Richmond on Saturday night at Adelaide Oval.

"That puts pressure on our boys coming back for a six-day break," he said.

"It's a desperate time of the season when wins are critical. The fixture hasn't helped us in our ideal preparation."

Adelaide's lobbying of the AFL to avoid the Gabba sunshine timeslot had been ignored, Sanderson said.

"Sometimes you have got to use this forum to get a message across. Emails and phone calls don't often work," he said.

Sanderson, who lost two players to injury during the Gabba game, linked the issue with the new cap on rotation numbers of 120.

"Unfortunately the interchange cap of 120 has seen an increase in injuries," he said, adding he'd like 160 changes a game.

"They (the AFL) thought it wouldn't.

"They thought it would decrease collision injuries – there's more concussions and there's more calf injuries, so has it worked?"