Essendon in crisis as players named in banned drugs inquiry

Essendon drug crisis dink.

Caroline Wilson Essendon called a crisis meeting of 10 senior players warning them that they would be named publicly for having taken potentially banned drugs.


St Kilda's Ahmed Saad faces two-year drugs ban

St Kilda's Ahmed Saad.

Caroline Wilson AFL investigating whether St Kilda footballer took a banned substance after an irregular sample was provided by the player early this month.


Essendon players given banned drugs


Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker EXCLUSIVE Some players given WADA-banned substances under direction of sports scientist Stephen Dank.


Essendon drugs probe: no guarantees for former players

The AFL Players' Association denies giving any assurances that former Bomber Angus Monfries, now with Port Adelaide, will escape penalty from Essendon's supplements scandal.


Essendon drugs probe: AFLPA's fury at Bombers

Essendon drug crisis dink.

Caroline Wilson AFLPA leaves Essendon's senior list in no doubt as to their grave disappointment in senior football staffers it believes failed its players.


'These drugs have been given without my knowledge': letter reveals a conflicted doctor

Dr Bruce Reid

Peter Hanlon The unearthing of the "mystery letter" penned by Essendon club doctor Bruce Reid to coach James Hird and then-football manager Paul Hamilton has the potential to absolve the veteran medico of...

James Hird 'suffered side effects from injecting drugs'


Richard Baker, Nick McKenzie The AFL charge sheet against Essendon reveals coach James Hird suffered side effects after injecting himself with a tanning drug and accuses the club of exposing players to “significant risks...


'You can't say that Essendon did not use drugs ... information suggests that you have'

Roy Masters dinkus

Roy Masters Central to the legal action taken by Essendon coach James Hird against the AFL is a claim his club was stampeded on February 5 into an Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority investigation via...

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What drugs are they on about?

Peter Brukner

Peter Brukner What are all these drugs?


Coalition may strike on AFL illicit drugs policy

Richard Di Natale

Jesse Hogan Expectations Coalition will revive bitter campaign against contentious three-strikes component.

Abbott denies targeting AFL drugs policy

Coalition does not have 'the slightest intention' to pressure AFL to stiffen drug policy: Abbott.

Drugs scandal 'not to blame' for poor result

Strong player: Essendon's David Hille at training.

Brent Diamond Essendon's VFL team was a flag favourite at the start of the season.

Self-reporting on drugs saved lives: AFL boss

Andrew Demetriou

Jon Pierik and Michael Gleeson Players Association president Luke Ball insists voluntary illicit-drugs policy has helped players.


Players fend off rants over drugs

Tim Lane The three-strikes policy upsets many despite the fact that the players gave up a lot in agreeing to it.


Drugs inquiry 'extraordinarily confronting': Tim Watson

Tim Watson

Jon Pierik As questions emerged whether Essendon's supplements program could have an impact on players' fertility, Bombers great Tim Watson, the father of club captain Jobe, says the drugs inquiry into a...


Rival clubs reject drugs allegations

Eddie McGuire

Stathi Paxinos West Coast coach joins Collingwood president and Hawthorn CEO in brushing off allegations that their players are involved in any wrong-doing over supplements.

Hird injected drugs

Essendon coach James Hird during training.

Nick McKenzie and Richard Baker Essendon coach James Hird has been accused of injecting a WADA-blacklisted drug in a program where his players were given another substance anti-doping regulators now say should be banned.


McCarthy offered drugs prior to death

Steve Larkin AFL footballer John McCarthy was drinking heavily and offered drugs before probably jumping from the third storey of a Las Vegas casino to a palm tree and falling to an accidental death.


Drugs policy 'step in right direction'

Gavin Crosisca.

Jared Lynch 'We had no idea what Gavin was going through until he explained it,' said Craig Kelly.


Drugs collision course


Caroline Wilson The AFL clubs appear on a collision course with their players over holiday drug testing, as several club chiefs confirmed they would take on the players union over target testing of suspected illegal...

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