Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane

Samantha Lane is a sports writer with The Age's sports section. She joined The Sunday Age's sports team in 2005, where she specialised in the coverage of Australian Rules football, before joining the daily Age in 2007. She has a wealth of multi-media broadcasting experience since starting her journalism career in 2002 at She is also a panellist on Network Ten's Before the Game. Samantha covered the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and will be reporting extensively on the 2012 London Olympics.


Buying into the philosophy: a leadership approach

Samantha Lane At this unprecedented season climax, three of the four remaining teams - Fremantle, Hawthorn and Sydney - employ Leading Teams.


Gays a 'cold topic' for AFL

Jason Akermanis.

Samantha Lane The AFL's effort to combat homophobia became 'too hard' after a campaign to promote inclusiveness backfired, a former boss of the Players' Association said.

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Rocking their world


Samantha Lane Pippa Grange is a game changer. Not on the field, off it.