Greg Baum

Greg Baum

Greg Baum is chief sports columnist and associate editor with The Age


Essendon ignores drama to notch memorable win

Dustin Fletcher celebrates his 379th game.

Greg Baum In the beginning, there wasn’t really a beginning.


Bump's life passes before its eyes

Greg Baum dinkus

Greg Baum Last week, the bump had a near-death experience. Now its vital signs are being monitored again as six players digest the match review panel's verdicts on their bumps.

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Wounded Magpies call on plan B, and C and ...

Tagger: North's Jack Ziebell tries to cling to Collingwood's Dane Swan.

Greg Baum This was a tale of the best laid plans of mice and football clubs.

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Dockers force a passage to final frontier

Arm wrestle: North Melbourne's Michael Firrito takes hold of Michael Barlow.

Greg Baum Fremantle settles top eight with shock 53-point win over North Melbourne.

Roos bust flat Cats

Drew Petrie

Greg Baum Ruthless Kangaroos take full advantage of a mentally and physically tired Geelong.

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Accidents do happen, and are often unavoidable


Greg Baum The match review panel has developed such a mania for finding not just cause, but culpability in every heart-in-mouth happening on the football ground that it is wonder it did not prefer a charge of...

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If the hissy fits, or not

Greg Baum Either tribunal is taking a softer line, or review panel is pressing speculative charges.

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Greg Baum

He who hesitates is lost, here endeth the lesson

Greg Baum A footballer's instinct, training and obligation is to go for the ball, of course, but how?

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