Labor frontbencher Martin Ferguson has urged the embattled party to stop its in-fighting, move on from the leadership spill and focus on next Tuesday's budget.

"There was a ballot a couple of months ago - life moves on," the resources minister and supporter of Kevin Rudd told reporters in Perth on Tuesday.

"Australians are more concerned about the strength of the economy and whether or not they've got a job.

"Let's be frank. (Federal Opposition Leader) Tony Abbott is economically illiterate."

"In the end, we've got to focus on our strengths - economic management."

Mr Ferguson said the party had to learn from past mistakes, insisting Labor should never have lost the state elections in Western Australia and Victoria.

"I look at WA - we should never have lost government in WA," he said.

"We didn't run on our (strong economic) record.

"We threw government away in Western Australia and in Victoria, I might say.

"We should never have lost in those two states, whereas in NSW we knew what was coming our way."

Mr Ferguson said Labor's opinion poll woes - the latest putting the party's primary vote at an almost record low 27 per cent - meant nothing until the next election.

"Opinion polls come and go - there's only one poll that counts and that's on election day," he said.