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Jin Air passenger captures video of unsealed plane door during flight

Video has emerged of the moment passengers on a Jin Air flight realised one of the plane's doors wasn't completely shut.

The Boeing 737-800 jet, carrying 163 passengers to Busan, South Korea, was forced to make an emergency return to the Philippines when one of the plane's doors was found to be leaking air shortly after takeoff.

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South Korean plane flies with door unsealed

RAW VISION: A South Korean passenger plane has been forced to turn back after it was found out that one of its doors wasn't completely sealed.

The video - shot by a passenger on the flight - shows a clear gap at the plane door that's "big enough to put a finger in it", according to passenger Kim Jin-bae.

He later said he was "numb with a headache" on the flight and feared he "was going to die".

No injuries were reported, but local media reports said other passengers also complained of headaches and nausea during the return trip. 

Passengers were provided with accommodation and 100,000 won ($120) in compensation. They were placed onto another flight 15 hours later.

"The plane was flying 10,000 feet above ground, nearly one-third its normal horizontal flight path," according to reports in local media.

The company said its initial investigation found no defect in the jet. And subsequent attempts to close the door were successful. 

When asked whether it was a flight attendant's fault for not shutting the door properly, the company spokesperson told local media "that further investigation was needed". 

Jin Air is an affiliate of Korean Air Lines, South Korea's largest airline. 


South Korea said it will review safety at six low-cost airlines after the incident.

Late last month, a Jeju Air Co Ltd domestic flight from Seoul to Jeju island flew at low altitude after cabin pressure control malfunctioned, the airline and the transport ministry said.

In recent years, budget airlines have become popular for flights between the Korean Peninsula and Jeju island in the south of the country.

They are expanding international routes to Asian countries, heightening competition and squeezing the bottom line of full service airlines. with agencies