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Commonwealth Bank compensation bill may run to multi millions

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Adele Ferguson and Ruth Williams The Commonwealth Bank could be forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in additional compensation to customers who claim they were victims of misconduct including fraud and forgery in its...


Misconduct claims widen in CBA's planning scandal

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Adele Ferguson New forgery allegations have emerged from Commonwealth Bank's troubled planning division, writes Adele Ferguson.

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It's all about hot property - for now


Adele Ferguson If there was any doubt that Australia's listed property trust sector is getting red hot, take a look at Singapore-listed Fraser Centrepoint's nose-bleeding takeover proposal for the...

CBA faces broader compensation payouts at ASIC inquiry

Adele Ferguson In another twist in the Commonwealth Bank financial planning scandal, senator Mark Bishop asked the corporate regulator to consider imposing further conditions on the bank's licences to force it to...

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Future looks clouded on advice ruling

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Adele Ferguson In less than two weeks the country's $1.8 trillion financial services sector will be presented with a new version of the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA), after months of heated debate.

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Hearing into ASIC's failure to investigate CBA's Financial Wisdom

Adele Ferguson ASIC will face the blowtorch on Wednesday over its failure to investigate Commonwealth Bank's Financial Wisdom division and a star financial planner, Rollo Sherriff.


Faux 'craft' beers causing heartburn

Generic beer

Ruth Williams and Adele Ferguson Some call them faux or 'undercover' craft beers, while Choice uses the term 'craftwashing'.


Competition probe circles beer makers Lion, Carlton & United

Beer tap.

Adele Ferguson and Ruth Williams Brewers of increasingly popular craft beers are battling to get product into pubs, write Adele Ferguson and Ruth Williams.


CBA planning victim losses may escalate

Senator Mark Bishop

Adele Ferguson and Ben Butler The number of victims of the Commonwealth Bank financial planning scandal whose cases have not been properly assessed may balloon into the ''tens of thousands'', the chairman of a Senate inquiry says.

CBA, ASIC slammed over 'sketchy' Senate inquiry submissions

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Adele Ferguson and Ben Butler The senate inquiry into ASIC has slammed the Commonwealth Bank for providing "sketchy" information and failing to keep it and the corporate regulator fully informed.

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FPA pushing for industry overhaul

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Adele Ferguson The Financial Planning Association is set to tell its members, who represent more than half the country's financial planners, the industry needs to lift its game to win back the trust of the public.

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Which bank is on notice after ASIC probe into scandal?

Adele Ferguson CBA could have licences suspended or cancelled if it breaches new ASIC conditions.


CBA told to reopen compensation for advice victims

Commonwealth Bank.

Adele Ferguson and Ben Butler Commonwealth Bank has been forced to reopen its compensation process to thousands of victims of shoddy financial advice provided by two of its planning businesses.

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Spanish giant's big Leighton plans

Leighton offices

Adele Ferguson When Leighton Holdings chairman Bob Humphris fronts the construction giant's annual general meeting on Monday it will mark the end of a turbulent era and the beginning of a massive overhaul of the...

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A federal budget where some are more equal than others

Treasurer Joe Hockey

Adele Ferguson Comment: Joe Hockey's chant that everyone must pucker up and ''contribute now'' smacks of George Orwell's Animal Farm.

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FOFA reforms sell retirees short

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Adele Ferguson If the government wants to reign in costs it should design self-funded retiree policies.

ASIC to feel heat over 'star' financial planner

Adele Ferguson Regulator to face Senate inquiry over decision not to investigate financial planner.

Insider's view to CBA financial planning scandal

Don Nguyen

Adele Ferguson and Deb Masters The man at the centre of the Commonwealth Bank financial planning scandal that sparked a senate inquiry has lashed out at the bank, claiming it never properly trained him or supervised his activities.


Rollo Sherriff and Meridien Wealth: How a rock-solid institution backed impenitent maverick


Adele Ferguson, Mario Christodoulou Almost 100 clients lost tens of millions of dollars due to Rollo Sherriff's advice, write Adele Ferguson and Mario Christodoulou.